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  1. Bison44

    2019 CPL All-Star game.

    I've got 4 feet of snow in my yard (manitoba), not sure if it'll be gone even by May 26.
  2. Bison44

    CPL inaugural match - #1 attended match for 2019?

    I think your assumption is correct....here is Marcos canada soccer personal bio. Marco Antonio Bustos... speaks English and Spanish... soccer family (father Alex, brother Michael and sister Melissa)... his father Alex was born in Santiago, CHI while his mother Rosa was born in Winnipeg, MB... his father Alex won a Challenge Trophy national title with Winnipeg Lucania (1987 in Winnipeg)... he was four years old when he started playing soccer at the Garden City Community Center... enjoys movies, music, spending time with friends and family... favourites have included Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, FC Barcelona...
  3. Bison44

    CPL inaugural match - #1 attended match for 2019?

    I thought it was wondering about if the the highest attended game would be the inaugural match?? It must have digressed somewhat.
  4. Bison44

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Well dont get so excited at every strange rumor or tweet. Most of its baloney and trying to sign guys after the window has closed was never going to be an easy task. If there was any master plan it left with BEZ, and I wouldnt expect the new GM to jump in with 2 feet and make the most important signing in years based on a stroll around the facilities and some coffee with Vanney. Go with what we have, selfishly if Hamilton and the rest of the CDN contingent (maybe even Lareya) get more minutes until well thought out reinforcements arrive in the summer, so be it. I agree with Club linesman, having some solid DEFENSE to start the year might be able to compensate for the shortcomings up front.
  5. Bison44

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Have any of these preseason games been streamed??
  6. Bison44

    General Discussion on CMNT

  7. Bison44

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    If Villalba was on 770g salary, could we use the TAM to buy it down to 500 or less and turn him into a regular player?? Isnt this why TFC was stickpiling all this TAM for?? Thank goodness MLS roster rules are easy to interpret.
  8. Bison44

    CPL General

    An end to the arguing?? You must be new here.
  9. Bison44

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    Well Rob should be getting on the Bomber people and making sure somebody is out in the community and drumming up interest. Especially at things like the indoor facilities like Fury mentioned. You have your target audience right there, put in a little work and make sure they'll be packing the stands. It will take more than just winning games to get people excited if no one has even heard about the CPL. All of Gales work will be for naught if no one comes out to watch. THIS!! There is going to be a novelty to this first season. If marketed correctly you can get people hooked on the experience of the games before we even know if the team is going to be one of the top or one of the bottom. Valour need to take advantage of this.
  10. Bison44

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    I think TAM is only a salary thing not transfer fee thing. If Menendez wants 1.5mil in wages TFC can buy that down to 500.000 and they wont have to use a DP slot on him so he'll fit in the salary structure. Or use a dp slot on him and pay him whatever they want in wages and still only take the 500,000 hit on salary cap. If his wages are over 500,000 (but less than 1.5mil) they can buy it down with TAM to the 150 you mention or anything under 500,000 and he'll be just a regular INT slot guy and his salary will have to fit with everyone elses into the cap. I think it was originally to help clubs bring in more mid level guys (not superstar dp's). Why they didnt just raise the overall cap 500g escapes me. I think GAM can be used to a limited extent to help with transfer fees, but I dont think MLS cares to much. If TFC,NYC or Atlanta etc want to spend 10-20mil on transfer fees they can, as long as those players fit into the salary cap.
  11. Bison44

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    He probably wanted out ASAP when the transfer market was open 2 weeks ago and Genk could have made a move to replace him.
  12. Bison44

    General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams

    Wow, missed this one. https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-successfully-integrates-men-s-excel-program-across-canadian-mls-academies-p162030 "Canada Soccer’s Men’s EXCEL Program channels our nation’s exceptional players into the best soccer environments. The Canada Soccer Pathway works in collaboration with our provincial and territory partners as well as the professional clubs and academies. For Canada’s elite players, the program emphasizes player development on the pathway to representing Canada’s Men’s National Team in international soccer." Not sure how I feel about this, I hope that isnt 100% MLS academy kids. I couldnt find where it says the program is only for them. I guess it would have left out David, Larin, James and any number of other good pros to come out of non academy enviroments.
  13. Bison44

    General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams

    I wonder how many non MLS academy kids get called to the u-17 excel camp in march. I know we have complained that many of the previous camps have been too heavy on the academy kids. We know they visited the mls squads, hopefully they did their homework on Sigma (they always seem under represented) and all the other clubs too.
  14. Bison44

    Ben McKendry

    I'm glad no one but my parents were as critical and speculative about my early 20's work experience. "F&ck you dad!! I am going backpacking and I'll look for a job once I FIND MYSELF"
  15. Bison44

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    So this is the "already researched, in place, plan B" for replacing GIo?? Wait until the transfer window is closed then make an attempt to get a attacking mid??? And they want him in a week for CCL?? And Vanney doesnt want distractions?? Oh I'm sure we wont get hosed on this deal.