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  1. I dont get this at all. Jackson was on a MLS roster with a contract and 2 years ago and he was having his break out year. He signed a new deal (150g/season) and had a reasonable expectation for playing time but it didnt work out in 2018. Garde didnt rate him, maybe he didnt perform in training etc..who can say for sure?? If he gets a few starts and bangs in a couple of goals this year then 2018 is just a set back after a coaching change. Remember MAK was cut from TFC2...staying wasnt an option. If MAK had signed with TFC in 2016 and got some minutes with the big club do you think he would have gone on to Louisville/GC/LAFC?? No, he would have been stuck trying to make TFC roster like Hamilton or Chapman etc. 2 different players, 2 different paths, I dont see why one has ambition and the other is complacent. You are reading a lot into this.
  2. Piette made the bench on MLS team of the week after a big win at home.
  3. Not to be a smart ass, but your post is one page back in this thread.
  4. Come on, who wouldnt want to see Ottawa play London united....ooops, I mean Louondon United (wherever that is).
  5. Its strange to have so many of the youngsters dribbling at guys and showing lots of confidence. Bayiha looks exciting on the wing like Edwards did a few years back when he was breaking into MLS. Nice to have a steady stream of these guys coming out of the MLS squads.
  6. There is just Dunn at CB and I'm not even sure if he isnt with TFC2. Dont switch Ciman over to RB, give Lareya another shot at until Auro comes back. I dont see Ciman playing much better than Zav, and definitely not better than Mavinga and Moor. All I hear is our young guys need to sieze their chances when they get them and earn more minutes. Too bad we dont treat some of the mid 30 INT the same way.
  7. Very harsh. His defensive partner was the one who got beat and failed to clear when he had the chance and #2 he let the low cross in but there were 3 defenders in the box....how do u blame him on that one? Jansson and Oneil are veterans that have played in europe. Funny how Lareya got blamed last week for losing the ball at the center line, not the guys who let the cross in.
  8. Bison44

    TFC 2019 Season

    They want to keep the appearance of fair play etc. The have not teams that dont use the allocation process (ie no splash signings) might get a back up CB, a draft pick or 300 TAM now and again.
  9. Bison44

    TFC 2019 Season

    I imagine thats what happened. TFC didnt have Gonzalez as their target for that #1 spot so MLS facilitated a deal so that the galaxy wouldnt be blocked from signing a big name to help the league. These picks for back up CB, TAM money and draft picks arent going to make or break anyone. It seems like more slimy back room MLS roster "rules", that dont mean much at all. And can we stop the speculating about USMNT players. Havnt we done enough charity work for them? I cant remember what we are paying Boyd but its probably twice what he is worth. Why would we bring Miazga in? Its a big world out there, let the US clubs repatriate the US players, lets get some bang for our buck.
  10. Like BBTB says, we arent even really dipping into the market of CDN playing in NA and overseas. If the league proves itself and stays afloat after 1 year, you'll see some more migration as some worries about the league will be put to rest. And hopefully guys like Aleman, Dover, Gee, Mcleod, Didic (USL types) will help fill out any expansion teams. ANd if there is a little more money for wages in year 2 we should see some sort of uptick in quality on the field. Either by attracting the better CDN players still out there or paying for better imports.
  11. Sure you want your imports to be good, but first they have to want to come, then you need to be able to pay them. If Valour have shot their wad on paying the first import (striker hoyle) and CDN players so be it. And I dont think every team is going to have the max imports starting anyway. Pacific only has 1 signed, Y-9 has 2 etc. You'll see teams starting 8-9 CDN, the narrative of 5 great imports high above the CDN in quality starting doesnt look to apply. We'll just have to wait and see how it shakes out. Personally I wouldnt give a rats ass if the imports dont play at all and the CDN are better.
  12. Yeah stick Ciman at RB, because he stinks so far at CB. Wait, no..let him rot on the bench. Foreign internationals need to EARN their minutes, How will Belgium get any better if we just gift minutes to high priced, impressive pedigreed players?? He'll just have to sit behind a CDN until he plays a perfect error free game, and at the first flub he is scrubbing the dressing room floor. Its about time we started treating them the same way we treat CDN players.
  13. Why worry about it? Every team is in the same boat, and we'll just have to see. For me winning is not the most important thing to start with. If its a decent level of soccer, and we are competitive with good crowds, that will be enough. Oh and some sort of TV deal.
  14. JESUS!! This means we might see Ciman. Hold on to your butts.
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