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  1. Bison44

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I did have some hopes of Bustos coming back to WPG to be the hometown face of the team.
  2. Bison44

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Isnt OKC the Dallas USL affiliate?? Maybe the promise of impressing someone and getting a shot in Dallas made them sign. I wouldnt worry about those kinds of guys (Beckie) anyway...if a CDN can make it in another league with a good deal, go for it. Its kids straight out of Usports/NCAA or academy casts offs they need to target until they can start bringing up their own youth prospects. M Chauniere is a perfect example.
  3. Bison44

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    The fact that anyone is going to give any attention to U sports soccer up here is a plus. It kind of sounds like it will be behind closed doors. Maybe there will be co-operative approach this first draft and surprisingly western kids will come out west, maratime kids will go to halifax etc etc. I dont think they can be cut throat this early when everyone is looking for local kids to help establish an identity for the club.
  4. Bison44

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Draft day....first players...woooooo hoooooooo!!!!!
  5. Bison44

    TFC 2018

    Sounds like a good list, but lets run that through the nebotism strainer and see what comes out. WHAAA???? Zavelata and Delgado are kept and given every opportunity next season??? Vanney is nothing if not stubborn, look how long he held onto Spencer, and he managed to bring back Endoh as well. Hamilton needs to go somewhere he can play everyday. Ruffian is right about Morgan, cheap good back up LM/LB. I think Hernandez retired eh?
  6. Bison44

    CPL Attendances

    Considering the USL only had roughly half its 30+ teams get over 4000 average, I think 4-5000 would be spectacular. All I am hoping for is a decent product on the field with lots of CDN exposure, and enough attendance that we dont lose any clubs before year 2 starts.
  7. Bison44

    Montreal Impact offseason 2018-19

    Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but any keeper coming from a lower level with only a handful of MLS games (where he didnt look like a world beater) isnt going to be brought in as a starter. He is going to have to go somewhere and fight for that job and probably catch a break and run with it before he can be a starter. If there is a immovable object in front of him its best to go elsewhere, but winning keeper of the year in USL (or NASL) doesnt guarantee he'll get a fair shake.
  8. Bison44

    Lucas Cavallini

    I thought for a minute it went in off Cavallini's butt. He was trying to copy Larin.
  9. As soon as people started floating the idea we wouldnt/shouldnt send Millar, Tabla, David, Davies I didnt think we would advance. Although that was more a general sense of dread (based on seemingly generations of Cdn teams shitting the bed in these situations and not any knowledge about caribean U-20 players). Not being a know it all just a super pessimist in the order of BBTB. I also cant have nice things and my glass is always half empty.
  10. Bison44

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Hmmm, I call baloney on this one. If you were at the airport, and the CMNT team is waiting for a flight....the guy you approach and talk to is Biello???
  11. I salute you sir! Very tenacious in the pursuit of your anger. I would add that our number of births were over 300,000 per year at the same time frame just to add fuel to your rage.
  12. Bison44

    Greg Ranjitsingh

    Both those keepers recently (Vikla/Ranjatsingh in last few years) made their decision NOT to play for canada and play for another country. Go ahead and make your pitch, I agree it cant hurt, but the horse is out of the barn, the time to make the pitch was 3 years ago. I'd love for a 1 time switch to bring us some depth (Leutwiler) but I doubt these 2 that just started off with their respective countries will switch anytime soon. Time to move on and focus on other targets.
  13. Bison44

    Greg Ranjitsingh

    Go ahead, try and stockpile every 18-21 year old dual prospect and see how successful you are at getting them to commit to a team where they wont get a game. We barely play enough games to get the guys we have poached off other countries into the program (Leutwiler). What kind of story were you going to spin in 2016 to USL back up Ranjatsingh that was going to make him turn down a real chance with T+T, we sure werent calling him up at that time. Maybe if you pan out 3-4 years from now if we have an injury or two you might get a friendly?? Give me a break. Me not wanting depth or not cap tieing guys out of any sense of altruism is crazy. Hell, go ahead poach as many dual kids as you can get, and aim higher than USL please. Snag me a some high profile dual CDN CB while you are at it. Oh right they dont want to commit to canada either.
  14. Bison44

    Greg Ranjitsingh

    Sure more is better, but why would they all say yes and burn their dual chances, just to be 6th or 8th on our depth chart?? And when would we have cap tied these guys?? We cant stockpile all these young dual keepers in the hopes they will become something, I'd love to have a deep pool of guys getting lots of minutes, but when would we have played Ranjatsingh ahead of the guys we did play?? We have enough trouble finding games to cap tie any goalie (Leutwiler/Creapeau/Busti) Its a fact of life that some guys with other options and a shorter journey to the top keeper spot will will choose another country (Vaikla). Just like Leutwiler choose us over Switzerland. You win some, you lose some.
  15. Oliveiri ran the show with the womens U-20 program and was coach there under Herdman (assistant coach) for the senior womens side. The same logic in bringing Herdman over (to the mens side) works with bringing oliveri over to guide the mens U-20. He is only there because Herdman wants him there. Seems to me that Biello should have been handling the coaching like at Touloun, but what do I know?? I guess someone prioritized Touloun more than the U-20 WC qualifying.