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  1. I'm looking forward to someone explaining what a snapchat is. Seriously though, the canucks abroad thread is the first thing I read when I come on, excellent content.
  2. I hope the forum stays. I can see that it isnt really a part of the purpose/mandate of the Voyaguers and their message. But from a guy living in rural manitoba who has to almost no soccer watching friends, this site has been an god send. Where else can you find so many knowledgeable people with similar interests. I dont live and die with Man city, Barcelona etc and Neymar/Ronaldo/Messi are not my heroes. Having this forum focusing on CDN content in whatever league it is in, and informing us about youth teams/players, upcmong matches and the burgeoning CPL all in one place is exactly what I love about the site. Forums like this are part of the grassroots interest and appeal that needs to keep growing along with all the other more tangable aspects of the game. The tone and vitriol of parts of the forum can turn people off, but other than moderating content a bit more and banning the real GOOBERS that are trying to derail rational discussion I dont know how you can control it. There will always be a**holes who actively try to sh*t disturb things. And I am surprised at how many posters (grown men) who admit that they do it knowingly. We can all clean up our act a bit so as not to turn people off the forum.
  3. Did he smell good? Fresh bread, or maybe new car?
  4. CMNT and a TFC fan? You poor poor guy! Well things might turn around for you now. At least we can cry on each others shoulders. Glad to have you aboard!!
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