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  1. Dundo played in central midfield, heard he had some good touches but that’s a packed midfield as it is. Calum Ferguson was the lone natural striker taking part.
  2. My point was the game wasn’t against WSA Winnipeg, known to most as the PDL team and a 9-0 loss is bad optics if people don’t understand that it wasn’t their actual team. Valour would still win by 4 or 5 but would have been a better test. I just think it’s inaccurate for people to think that Valour is THAT good 4 weeks into camp.
  3. 7 players that were there today are expected to play PDL and other than a couple they are fringe players. 13 players in total are out of province right now. Valour would still beat WSA handily but it’s a stretch to say that was a real team. 3 of the players are turning 18 this year.
  4. Was not against WSA Winnipeg. Apparently a few PDL players played and the rest were from the local men’s league. Nearly all of WSA’s roster is away at school.
  5. ^ Maybe that's announced Friday along with Tyson Farago I am guessing?
  6. At first thought Moses Danto, but this adds to the Skyler Thomas theory for Valour FC. https://twitter.com/Ryan_Brandt/status/1067851138999955457
  7. Good news for a team that lacks NCAA players, former U-18 international Kyle Hiebert is back. http://wsawinnipegpdl.com/2017/02/28/kyle-hiebert-returns-for-5th-season-with-wsa-winnipeg/ Judging by their facebook page this is a new website for the team. Not bad.
  8. PDL schedule has been released. WSA Winnipeg opens the season in Des Moines on May 20th and don't play a home game until game 6 against Thunder Bay on June 3rd. Hopefully they have a pre-season tournament again with other Canadian PDL teams too.
  9. 4 members of WSA Winnipeg are on trial at pro teams. Toronto FC: Raphael Ohin Arizona (USL): Moses Danto Braden Silva Ali Musse
  10. ^ Mentioned that last month when I saw this tweet. Messaged the guy who wrote what he had heard was they might sign him to the USL team once Winnipeg's season is done.
  11. Posted this in the Canadian teams thread but figured I'd add it here. Moses Danto is going on trial with Sporting Kansas City.
  12. I guess he has clearance now?
  13. Yes. Was talking to a reporter here who said Ohin is actually from Ghana but can travel, just didn't get his paperwork in time for the trip.
  14. Unfortunately the team was missing half their roster for the road trip. And most of the players missing are the more important ones. Moses Danto (their top goal scorer), Ivan Borka (one of their few NCAA guys) and Raphael Ohin (possibly the best of them all) did not make the trip. They're in tough this year as Kokomo is an upstart club with lots of internationals and St. Louis is normally the best shot at winning at all.
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