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  1. Yeah, I don't want to put a hex on the Jets but they are doing us a massive favour right now.
  2. My point was that often it is the "uninspiring" unsung heroes who are the backbone of a successful team, so that bringing in such players is often a crucial move that goes unappreciated at the time. It is possible that Valour's unappreciated signings will not turn out to be such players. It is also possible that they will. Which is why the suggestion that they are "underwhelming" may be very misleading. Glad you understand Warnock's nickname although I fail to see what it has to do with this discussion. Other than to show us all how clever you are of course. (For those not in the know, "Colin Wanker" is an anagram of "Neil Warnock".)
  3. I liked what they did with season ticket prices for those two centre sections: it was a nice little jump from $28 to $39 (+GST) to get the "best" seats. So $29.40 to $40.95 all in). Surely there are a bunch of fans who want the best seats and are willing and able to pay a BIT more for them. But for single game seats, things have changed: now the price change is from $30.32 to $53.32 (+ fees of $4.25)! I was shocked when I saw that. Applying the same percentage increase as for season tickets (just over 39%!) the price should be $42.23 (+ fees of $4.25), which again I think would make sense. It smacks of the "Bomber gouge" to me. Never mind what is reasonable, let's just squeeze the fans for every penny we can get. Seems like they miscalculated here. And the price we all will pay will be not having a sell out for the inaugural match, which is so short sighted it is absolutely infuriating.
  4. Adam Mitter looks like a very solid signing to me: he fills a massive hole in the squad in that he plays CB and DM and those are the two areas where Valour desperately needed some depth. Appears to be a like-for-like replacement for Navia. Not easy to find a good replacement when someone you had signed suddenly lets you down so kudos to Rob for this one. We will have to wait to see how good Mitter is but transfermarkt gives him a non-zero value, unlike the majority of CPL players. As for "uninspiring", we have to understand where we are financially. In these early years, journeyman imports are exactly what I would expect. You seed that international experience into your squad and the Canadian youngsters will all be better for it: which is why I think it is important to try to fill every one of those import places. There are 13-16 places on each squad for Canadian players and that is more than enough to accommodate all those who are good enough. Further to "uninspiring", a little anecdote: In 2010 QPR appointed Neil Warnock after struggling the previous season. Most fans expected a relegation battle. Warnock brought in 4 journeyman players, who were almost universally called "uninspiring": Paddy Kenny, a vertically challenged keeper, Clint Hill, a journeyman defender, Shaun Derry, a journeyman midfielder, and Jamie Mackie, a young-ish striker with a less-than-inspiring scoring record. All 4 players had one other thing in common: "character". QPR won the (football) league.
  5. dsqpr

    CPL tickets

    There is a "View Barcode" button underneath the ticket. I just checked and it appears to work.
  6. dsqpr

    CPL tickets

    When you have worked in software development, you understand the pain that comes with being on the bleeding edge. I will take a look at the Centre Circle app when other poor souls have worked out the kinks. In the meantime, I can login to my Valour account and see all my Valour tickets, and my TicketBastard account for the others.
  7. dsqpr

    CPL General

    Valour are being sold out by the Bombers but I'm not sure that is what you meant. Best estimate on season ticket sales for Valour is probably 2,850-ish. Home opener still has lots of seats available but the "optimal price point" ones are all gone. Probably looking at around 7,500 or so right now. Third home match against Forge on a Thursday night is wide open in all sections: my guess is around 4,200 tickets sold right now (just eyeballing the TM screen).
  8. Exactly. Or indeed what level it will be at a month from now, which could be very different. Keep in mind that Valour have only signed 19 players, including only 4 internationals, so surely there are at least a couple more signings to come. Particularly in midfield, where we only have 15 players so far.
  9. You must be new to this whole football supporter thing!
  10. Setting aside for a moment my qualms about the lack of defensive midfielders and the lack of depth in defence: From what I have seen (and I watched a few Valour practices at U of M) and read, I consider Rob Gale to be a very progressive and technical coach. It takes time to get these types of ideas across to the players and to get them implementing the desired strategy and tactics. And after many years of following QPR, I have concluded that even in average circumstances, the correlation between pre-season results and competitive results is....zero. So, while I am concerned about how competitive Valour will be, this result does not feed that concern at all.
  11. dsqpr

    CPL General

    It was a bit obscure. I took it to be jocular disrespect to the quality of VW, as in "we are threatening to give you a VW".
  12. I am appalled and I just assume that everybody else is too. No need for anymore to be said.
  13. dsqpr

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Game day notes from a real fan.
  14. Excellent. Another midfielder. We needed a few more of those for the 1-8-1 formation we appear to be working towards.
  15. dsqpr

    CPL General

    Don't forget CFL-ish. And NBA-ish. And NHL-ish. And AHL-ish. And UFC-ish. And every-other-timed-sport-in-the-world-ish! Time (no pun intended) to put an end to "Fergie time". Everybody should know when a match is over. It should not be the ref's little secret, to be arbitrarily manipulated on his whim.
  16. dsqpr

    CPL General

    VISIBLE CLOCK! How is it possible that in 2019, there is still no consensus on when a time-limited football match actually ends? Utter madness. There are certain stoppages that are not considered part of the game. Identify them explicitly and stop the DIGITAL clock (yes, we have those now!) when they occur: when a player is down, when a goal is scored (so no need for the unsightly grabbing for the ball), when the referee deems it is taking too long to put the ball back into play, to name but three. There are other tweaks that could be made but that would be an excellent start. I would LOVE for CPL to be world leaders on ending this madness.
  17. Wait a second. If the training tops are one size smaller, wouldn't that mean a training top medium would be the same as a match top small? So that the match top medium is one size bigger than the training top medium? Not that it matters if you get to try it on. I hope they have a 4XL available for me, just in case!
  18. The only way to draw that inference is by assuming that none of the CPL matches are "key matches", which is pretty hard to justify.
  19. This has to be done. Choose your favourite 2019 CPL jersey. You may choose more than one. Votes are public. https://canpl.ca/article/gallery-a-full-look-at-all-14-inaugural-cpl-kits Edit: Poll is open until season kick off in Hamilton -- at which point we will declare the top 3 in the Voyageurs "Shirt Cup" 😁 (with apologies to @rob.notenboom).
  20. Never had to before. My flabber was definitely gasted.
  21. If you expand the picture of Skylar Thomas in this article you can really see the red pinstriping on the Valour home shirt. https://valourfc.canpl.ca/article/theyre-gorgeous-absolutely-gorgeous-valour-reveals-inaugural-kits
  22. Home shirt is usually the club's "main" colour, which for Valour is the wine red. That said, I do hope we play a few home games in the black (and the opposition wear their home shirts) and conversely away. I'm usually XL or maybe XXL depending on the brand. I tried on a XXL hoodie and was worried I wasn't going to be able to get it off again. Ended up with a 4XL. And I may not be exactly trim but I ain't no bat fastard (yet!) either. Based on the Macron sizing chart, I ordered 3XL shirts. We shall see.
  23. The main thing that makes those shirts look similar is the sponsor logo. Completely different shade of red, which is already a huge difference, unlike Liverpool / Arsenal / Notts Forest / Bristol City / Middlesbrough / Swindon Town / Charlton Athletic / Wrexham? (off the top of my head) who are all more similar to Man U. because they use the same shade of red. Also black sleeves and no black on the shirt torso. Not to mention the subtle piping/stripes, which does not show up in a picture but is striking when you see the actual shirt. Change the sponsor and they would not look very similar at all, particularly in "the flesh", so to speak. I cannot think of another team (in England anyway) that plays in maroon as a main colour. Burnley would be the closest but their shirts are "claret", which is more purple; whilst the Valour shirts are maroon.
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