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  1. Sorry, I don't mean that CanPL is semi pro, I mean some of the players with decent pedigree that are semi-pro (like the goalkeepers we had mentioned). I am suggesting the step (and in many cases return) back into pro atheletes, isn't super inviting at the moment if they had other careers.
  2. I think one thing to consider, even if the cap is higher, is that for a lot of the semi-pro players, they may be currently working jobs that pay pretty well. I've heard of players earning $100k coaching kids for e.g. It's one thing if you're a youth player with no other careers at the moment, for them $30-50k will be super attractive, as are I am sure semi-pro players playing internationally. It's another if you have to support a family, and the only offer requires you to move to another province at a significant pay cut.
  3. 😛 I fully admit I am biased towards Cavalluzo as a person who is also rather diminutive. He was always fun to watch as it made every save that much more dramatic. Though I'll fully admit that there are question marks about his positioning, given all the acrobatic saves. He's also done coaching for quite some time and could take the load off Camilo Benzi/allow them to save money? BringBackTheBlizzard is right though, in that financial considerations may be the major reason why certain 'obvious choice' keepers haven't signed from what I've heard. I don't think clubs are willing to splash for the backup keeper position for the first year. Colm Vance could still be solid, he's played for Issacco for a long time. I just haven't seen him play as much compared to say Matt George, who had won consecutive titles with Oakville and then Vaughan last year (I wonder if him playing for Vaughan in the playoffs was a bit of a trial for York9). Was impressed with George's communication and organization of the defence.
  4. Hearing that Cavalluzzo retired? And others might have other jobs that makes it hard to move to another? Think maybe with a year of stability, we will see more signings the following year.
  5. At this point though, every team seem to have a starting keeper (except maybe Pacific but they have two on the roster). Before Vance signed, I would've thought York, with Silva dropping to the bench, but I'd have to think Silva is the starter if Vance signed.
  6. Did Cavalluzo recover from his major injury? That might be a reason
  7. Yea, this is a head scratcher. I'd rather go with cavalluzo, smits or from league 1: matt George or stillo. Vance isn't even the first name I think of for l1o. I have to trust isacco though as George and vance have played under him.
  8. Hopefully not, still think we need a couple more veterans to provide experience to the squad.
  9. Whatever the actual reason is, I am suggesting that the optics of having Telfer at a CanPL club versus Ottawa is a good one, that it would've been less impressive if it was the other way around (ie. Hundal and Daniels going to CanPL). In the end of the day Telfer is a proven quality having performed at the highest level, despite a dip in form. Finally, if it's about playing team, I seriously cannot imagine Telfer not being a forsure starter at Ottawa. I mean he's very familar with USL and has also done very well at that level.
  10. Oh don't get me wrong. I highly rate Daniels and think he'll be a very strong player given time. That said, Telfer has already performed at the highest level. I mean his form dropped but he's less of an unknown quality. I think he'll be a top 10 player in CanPL
  11. Yup, I was completely wrong re: Daniels. It's a shame, I like Daniels, but at the same time Telfer ranks a lot higher than Daniels and definitely higher than Hundal (though a player with great prospects) in the pecking order. If this becomes true, it seems like another shot across the bow at Ottawa
  12. I don't think it'd be Telfer if the clue is that he had been coached by Jim Brennan, as he came to TFC II way after Brennan had left. That said, if we mean Carmine, he was at York U - so that'd fit. That said, Aiden Daniels fits the profile a little more. Seeing as he's listed out on loan at mlssoccer.com (despite there being no announcements). I believ ehe was also around when Brennan was coaching in the academy.
  13. Ya, he was really good in that one reserve appearance I saw him in. Was hoping he'd sign for TFC II when that was founded but he went off to college.
  14. I am pretty sure it's Aiden Daniels going out on loan to York. He's listed as loan on mlssoccer.com and CPLTransfer liked my two tweets suggesting him. Good signing, have been following his career since sitting next to his parents at a TFC II game. His family's story is pretty interesting! He's also a YorkU student, so perhaps Carmine has a relationship with him (though I don't think he ever played varsity).
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