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  1. The Saleh issue is a strange one, unceremoniously removed from all recent squad listings, even scrubbed from canpl.ca's player tracker weeks ago. York 9 social media has also avoided responding to any of my questions regarding Saleh.
  2. Are you sure you don't mean Australia? I don't remember anyone bringing up New Zealand, especially since they also don't have a pro league.
  3. I figured out (from looking at another mod) how I might do a 10 match/18 match split. I hate that's not an even 14/14, but I should probably keep it realistic - so I'll probably release that soon. Maybe I'll leave both options. I also fixed the problem with Pacific and HFX rarely using away jerseys. And am beginning work on USports/Draft
  4. http://blog.yellowsweatygorilla.com/post/183122995843/canadian-megapatch-2019 Here you go.
  5. I've been trying to look through Rocket Robin's archives, but can't find it at the moment. I remember Preben Ganzhorn had announced at the event that they were bringing 2000 (or was it 5000?) York fans to Hamilton. I remember thinking that this was overly optimistic at the time, but boy am I wrong.
  6. Agreed. I was really surprised to hear in that interview though that they want Telfer in a free role at CAM. Maybe it's just bs to throw Forge off lol.
  7. I still kind of like my regional -> champ/relegation split. So, 16 team league. Spring Season: split in half East and West, each team plays home and away. Fall Season: Best 4 teams from each conference are placed in a 'Championship Conference' to contend for the title. Worst 4 teams from East and West join the 'Relegation Conference '. Might be a bit convoluted/not explaining things properly (tired from a long day's work), but I like this idea given it cuts down on travel costs allowing smaller towns to support teams, and creates more drama.
  8. Don't get more wrong. i'd be willing to pay that, but it'd be a hard sell for the general public for basically 3 CPL games, 1 L1O game a week for six months; 6 Voy Cup games a month for 3 months, and then 6 more Voy Cup games, and a smattering of National Team games. I am excited to see the other shows being produced, but I can't see how much content they can make for just Canadian soccer.
  9. I would go with Cox, but the hype seems to have Adjei starting. And seeing as they'll have a CAM with Telfer playing that role (I prefer him at LW with Murofushi at CAM), I think we'll have one striker.
  10. Just noticed Christian zaccardo had signed for a San Marinese club in January so I guess he's not coming to York. Also makes me wonder what happened to the rumoured Dane who had already signed. Maybe someone mixed Sweden up with Denmark?
  11. I think it's a reasonable summation even though evidently untrue. At the very least, the presumption may be that Canadian supporters don't care about this issue. But ultimately, we shouldn't just be doing or not doing something for fear of perception. Here, we literally have a group of players calling for accountability... is our support limited to having them entertain us on the pitch? But indulge me - what is the current sticking matter preventing a consensus on even a general condemnation of harassment/sexual violence such as what The Ref suggested?
  12. And that in itself would be a good start. it's better than saying nothing, which can be perceived as tolerance for what has happened. How can we say we support women athletes when it's being suggested that we can't even come to a consensus to condemn sexual violence. Another statement came out today, this time by former U20 player Hana Taiji. https://2008u20statement.wordpress.com/2019/04/08/a-personal-statement-by-hana-taiji/
  13. Nathan Ingham has officially signed for York 9. Now, I noticed in FM that he's set as "Native American" or Indigenous... but is he actually? I am not sure if one of the FM scouts weren't from here and misunderstood what that ethnicity was. If he is - he'd be the first First Nations player to sign to the league, which is exciting
  14. Unfortunately regen names are only generated from existing players - it's a constant frustration I have with the editor (which means that the smaller Canadian pool leads to the same names coming up over and over again). A weird way that works though is if you create and delete a player. I am happy to do it for free though 😛 But tempting to start a patreon.
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