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  1. Cornelius looked overmatched against Elis the whole time he was out there. Would not want to see that matchup again come WCQ.
  2. Did everyone get the Season Ticket brochure sent out today. Nicely presented I thought and priced reasonably. I assume Supporters Section is the place I want to be? 2019 SeaonTicketing.pdf
  3. IceCreamMan

    CPL General

    Hmm on second thought you are probably right. If it was CPL related the CPL twitter feeds would be all over it.
  4. IceCreamMan

    CPL General

    This could be good https://twitter.com/CanadaSoccerEN/status/973299768750374912
  5. Looks like TFC jumped the gun. Osorio, Ricketts, Morgan and Chapman all called. Based on this we might see a larger North American contingent than we thought. https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2018/03/12/four-toronto-fc-players-called-canadian-national-team
  6. If Wassey isn’t in the next camp we need to find out why. The guy has earned a call
  7. Hope its not Vancouver he needs to start. Would be a domestic league wide under the Canadian Home Grown rules?
  8. Game 1 starts in a half hour in San Pedro Sula. Fuck Honduras. That is all.
  9. Yes they did. My Australian buddy is saying they will be used to it after playing in hostile Middle Eastern countries. Will be an interesting experiment to see how tough Concacaf really is.
  10. Been on the bench in the Championship recently. U20 performance maybe. I mean its not a glowing resume but they clearly see potential.
  11. Anyone have a link to watch the game for those that missed it?
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