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  1. Seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. All the best to him. I wonder if the move to live with billets in Montreal will make the transition to France easier for him personally as he’s already had to adjust to living away from home.
  2. Fabulous dummy by the keeper to play the striker in behind for the goal. He is the one who really deserves the assist.
  3. Magic. Hopefully we all have many more experiences like this.
  4. Sorry I thought it was clear I was joking. I was just doing my best to crowbar any names of the Americans in as I could, as you had seemingly accidentally named them twice in your post.
  5. My favourite memory from tonight’s match was while watching it with my 5 year old son and he turned to me and said “I want to be a Canada player!” We sang Oh Canada together. Celebrated the goals together. And dreamed of him suiting up for Canada together in the future. This is why playing matches and having them televised is important. *ironically all done while wearing the Northern Ireland top my wife put him in earlier today to wind me up. Haha so proud.
  6. You may not be confident about us getting results against the US and the Americans, but surely you can see we have a decent shot of getting a result against the Yanks and Team USA
  7. maccaliam

    TFC 2019 Season

    Was anyone else surprised by how well Hamilton held the ball uptoday? Perhaps I’ve just not seen enough of him, but overall I was impressed as it’s an aspect of his game I wasn’t aware of.
  8. That makes sense about what the new “statement” which he felt forced into making is. If it is a signed document it could be considered binding, but you would assume he would have had to have been given some extra benefits for signing. If not, it sounds a bit like the Larin situation regarding the Club option to extend his contract with Orlando/MLS.
  9. My original reading of that post from Pozuelo was that it was a verbal agreement, rather than an official buyout clause. Having re-read it though, it is much less clear. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
  10. I’ve see Bojan Krkic linked with a move to MLS. He may not be a household name, but the clubs he has played for certainly are. I think he’s just denied going anywhere, but his profile does fit the description.
  11. I would also like to go somewhere that everyone can attend. The more the merrier!
  12. I’m a season ticket holder too, so I will definitely be there!
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