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  1. Strike Is a little generous- rarely seen a keeper bumble like that.
  2. Clearly this will be the all time test of what city best supports the team and deserves everything. Can’t wait!
  3. He may not be calling out ads for local stores, but Generic Concacaf announcer makes up for it in personal and Concacaf-pumping fashion.
  4. This TandC venue is one of my favourites. The 4 foot fences behind the nets separating parking lot and forest, the portapottys being filmed in use. The calls from the sidelines.
  5. I've lost track of what the pregame arrangement is in Vancouver. I'm coming from out of town and think it was Doolins? ETA?
  6. I'm going to be in Banff on the Friday and will take a hike and hot spring break for the Honduras game. If anyone knows the most footy sympathetic pub in that town let me know. Hopping over to Vancouver to clinch the hex
  7. Its true. As goals change games, games change hexegonal qualification
  8. If we do make it, crunch time is very early- those first four matches have the 3 home games against "rest of Concacaf".
  9. Our Matchdays are set as we'd be A2- my guesses based on likely finishes A1 Mexico A2 Canada- Locked in. B1 Costa Rica B2 Panama- Can't see Jamaica making it, and Costa Rica playing Panama to qualify in the late round C1 United States C2 T&T- The US will likely be qualified before the last matchday v T&T, so might not play at full tilt, Match day 1 (November 7-15, 2016)United States vs. MexicoCanada vs. PanamaTrinidad & Tobago vs. Costa Rica Match day 2 (November 7-15, 2016)Costa Rica vs. United StatesPanama vs. MexicoCanada vs. Trinidad & Tobago Match day 3 (March 20-28, 2017)United States vs. CanadaTrinidad & Tobago vs. PanamaMexico vs. Costa Rica Match day 4 (March 20-28, 2017)Panama vs. United StatesCanada vs. Costa RicaTrinidad & Tobago vs. Mexico Match day 5 (June 5-13, 2017)United States vs. Trinidad & TobagoCosta Rica vs. PanamaMexico vs. Canada Match day 6 (June 5-13, 2017)Mexico vs. United StatesPanama vs. CanadaCosta Rica vs. Trinidad & Tobago Match day 7 (August 28 – September 5, 2017)United States vs.Costa RicaMexico vs. PanamaTrinidad & Tobago vs. Canada Match day 8 (August 28 – September 5, 2017)Canada vs. United StatesPanama vs. Trinidad & TobagoCosta Rica vs. Mexico Match day 9 (October 2-14, 2017)United States vs. PanamaCosta Rica vs. CanadaMexico vs. Trinidad & Tobago (*) Match day 10 (October 2-14, 2017)Trinidad & Tobago vs. United StatesPanama vs. Costa RicaCanada vs. Mexico (*) simultaneous kick-off
  10. The road to world glory, eh? Wait for the tweets I suppose. Reminds me I should shave, though.
  11. The livestream keeps going back to the start of the event - I can't get it to run live.
  12. Thanks for this! Can't wait to see the path that lies ahead. I'm sure the pre draw gala performance will be spectacular! http://www.concacaf.com/video/official-draw-final-round-concacaf-qualifying-for-fifa-world-cup-russia-2018?sf30498970=1
  13. All the 4th round games have the same schedule pattern for all 3 groups, so I doubt there were any agreements by the associations.
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