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  1. I’m kinda worried we’ll lose a lot of users in the move but hopefully most will move with us. Will this website eventually just redirect to the new forum?
  2. I seem to be good now I’ll tell you if that changes
  3. I don’t know but I reset my password when I couldn’t log in and now it won’t let me use my new password to log in. Whatever will let me access my account would he great
  4. So I’ve tried to log in over there and it won’t let me. And now my accounts been locked for 14 minutes edit i’ve Reset my password I’m good edit 2 i can’t sign in anymore, can you help @socceronly
  5. I’m confused where’s the forum moving to
  6. Does he have a Canadian parent or does this mean he’s ineligible for Canada.
  7. It’s not even that horrible of a group of players. We just can’t play well as a team. It’s like there’s 0 communication going on between the players
  8. Honestly I don’t care if we don’t play in Vancouver all the time, but to cut us out completely is just kinda sad, especially when you’re willing to go to Victoria where I’m 90% sure there is a turf field. Also the chance of Mexico in Halifax is next to 0; there’s a better chance Winnipeg becomes the national team stadium and we play all our games there.
  9. Straith played 90 again for sportfreunde lotte in a 1-0 loss
  10. As much as I want Vancouver to have a soccer specific stadium, I'm kinda glad that the waterfront stadium was never built as I feel it would mean we'd rarely have national teams games come out here. This would be due to points other people have made such as larger flight trips from Europe and being far away from majority of Canadians. Right now what we have going for us is we have a massive stadium that can potentially hold upwards of 50,000 people, with the waterfront stadium there'd likely be no more seats than BMO, and while it would be grass and soccer specific, there'd be no reason to fly all the way to Vancouver when you can get all the same at BMO or Saputo.
  11. Don’t mean to be that guy but vela is a knob, just kick it in the net. You don’t dribble it slowly in and look like a ass.
  12. Davies, David, Millar, tabla and probably godinho will be at cnl games. Could see Cornelius going as we have James and Henry already, Kennedy might also go as he’s a 97 but wouldn’t count on it. For Gk it could possibly be busti, but I don’t think he’s been playing. I expect a few CPL guys from the teams not challenging for the championship as their season will almost be over.
  13. Twardek goes 80 for Sligo in a 2-0 defeat
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