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  1. I think Carolis will play Left sided CB where he played last season in Sweden. Along with Hocine and John in a back 3. Sukunda and Zoom as overlapping full backs. Simmons as DM.
  2. Trust me it’s not rocket science
  3. I think the answer is once again found in the clues based on who is following who on social media. Based on this I would say either De Carolis who is a wing back and played in Sweden or Zela Langwa who is also a wing back or winger and has been in Italy and Spain by looks of things.
  4. I’m sorry but that is not the case. Yes an English National league north player that trains 2/3 a week is not going to be anywhere near as match fit as a Championship or Premier league player. However a Spanish German or Scandinavian 3rd Tier player who trains 5/6 a week is going to be very close. CPl players will only train 3/4 a week max once the season starts due to the traveling schedule so will not be any fitter than a third tier player in Europe. Someone put out some interesting stats last week on a signed CPL player last week who was playing in the third tier in comparison to a national team player I will find them and attach
  5. Sweden have a structured 10 tier league system and the players in tier 3 train full time ( ie.4-6 times a week) get food and accommodation paid for on top of their wages so it’s probably a little insulting to refer to them as part time just because in General there is not a great deal of money outside of the Allsvenskan and Superettan league but the quality of player exists all down the top 4 tiers. Yes some also have let time jobs as well. The CanPL is paying wages of around 30-35k to a high proportion of players and not providing food or accommodation to most So actually many players in Sweden tier 1 are financially better off than thier Cpl peers ! Food for thought !
  6. My monies on Alex De Carolis and keeping the Scandinavian theme going
  7. Because squads are so big these days numbers become less identifiable to positions. But in old currency 2. right full back 3. Left full back 4 CB or DM 5 CB 6 DM or CB 7 Right wing 8 Centre Mid 9 Striker 10 attacking centre mid 11 left wing
  8. Look at this video available on you tube of simmons when he was at Dalkurd U19 two years ago, deployed as a deep lying pivot but appears to also join the attack when deemed appropriate. Albeit MP in Finland appear to have him playing both DM and No8 as per his shirt number last season
  9. John as CB with Simmons Holding mid or simmons and John both holding midfielders.
  10. It will be a promising young domestic player or two today as they already said before Xmas they were going to announce 4 internationals and a couple of younger players.
  11. Yes MLS has definitely raised the technical level of the elite few in these three clubs. Point I was trying to make is that the Scandinavian lower tiers are full of quality players. Recent example below, this is a 4th Tier team in Sweden who have just signed a 3rd Ex English Premiership club player released. Finland tiers 1-3 is abundant with Brazilians and Nigerian players trying to get noticed by Italian clubs that extensively scout this environment English Players Abroad (@EnglishAbroad1) 28/12/2018, 10:31 Another former #CPFC player has also joined ⁦‪@SkellefteaFF‬⁩. Defensive midfielder Will Hoare featured alongside ⁦‪@Jordan_Palmer94‬⁩ & ⁦‪@Rod8Young‬⁩ in a Red Bull TV show last year and is now headed off to Sweden #englishabroadpic.twitter.com/v8CCPh3B2S
  12. Well said sir! Having lived in Sweden for two years I’m a bit biased but I don’t think Canadians (inc myself) should knock the standard of Finnish or Scandinavian football or even try and compare it to what we think the CPL standard will be until we have seen the product on the field in 2019. Finland has a 6th of the population of Canada and yes Hockey is the number one sport but it’s currently 20 places higher than Canada in the FIFA world rankings and its Youth and National teams are actually doing very well in Europe. Iceland and Sweden also punching well above Canada. The CPL and Canadian soccer has it all to prove moving forward. If this guy has been playing 2nd Tier in Finland he will be a good player and the fact that he was able to secure a contract in Scandinavia over a European player should tell you about his quality as he would have had to have been paid a minimum wage as a non EU. Some ( not all) of these players returning from Europe will be technically and tactically way ahead of many domestic players coming in from the USL/NCAA/LIO so we should be pleased they have taken the opportunity to return to Canada.
  13. Many teams in the Finnish 2/3rd Tier train full time ie 6-8 times a week and it’s a very professional environment. The technical quality of player is actually very high, however the money is crap. This will be more than the Canadian Premier League teams will train due to the game and travelling schedule. I doubt whether CPl teams will train more than 4x a week once the league starts.
  14. I think the corporate sales manager at HFX might have just dropped a subtle hint on twitter with a retweet this afternoon of a CPL transfer player rumour ! 😂
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