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  1. @SuperCanuck what a coincidence...reading your post while watching Felix play on TSN2 right now. Something to keep in mind...TSN is not producing the tennis broadcasts from RIO. What court was Felix playing on? Were those matches available on a broadcast that TSN could pick up? What else were they broadcasting during those windows. As MediaPro will be producing all the CPL matches, any broadcaster, whether it be TSN, Sportsnet or CBC, would be able to pick up that production for broadcast if they acquire the rights. Personally, I have preferred TSN's television soccer coverage to Sportsnet.
  2. masster

    CPL Season Schedule

    So just 2 games on opening weekend?
  3. I've seen you make this point a few times now, but you are missing a very key factor. These deals contain clauses with guarantees and thresholds for minimum reach and exposure. I am very aware of this from following the Serie A broadcast negotiations. CSB would/could have included requirements for a minimum number of nationally televised games, broadcast partners that reach a certain percentage of the population, broadcasts in x number of countries, etc. Clauses such as these would be standard. Now how much leverage CSB had in negotiating these clauses is a fair question, but nobody knows for sure until we see how this plays out. So while Mediapro's interests are not exactly the same as the CPL's, there is a lot of overlap. Which is why a long 10 year agreement makes so much sense. Mediapro arent going to receive a return on their investment in year 1 or 2. There is very little value in a league that has no brand equity. So it is now Mediapro's financial incentive to get the league as much exposure as possible to build the value of the properties they have just invested in, so they can hopefully see a return in the future.
  4. I want to Haha, Thanks and Like this post. Somebody tell me how to do that!
  5. Received me call. Officially have a season ticket. Will be curious to know what their numbers are like.
  6. All games on Friday or Saturday? Unlikely. Most games on Friday or Saturday. Definitely. I hope you can sell your tickets for the 2-3 Wednesday night games you cant attend.
  7. Last I heard Bryce Alderson isnt playing anymore. Also, if Caleb Clarke wasnt selected in the USport draft, I doubt anybody is interested in signing him.
  8. Fill out the survey they sent and make sure you let them know.
  9. Noticed in the video that there is still no title sponsor for the Canadian Championship. I was expecting CSB to sign a deal for this year.
  10. Whitecaps used their buy out on Juarez.
  11. I do Edit: I take that back slightly. I appreciate every advantage we can get. But how can we complain about the unfair advantages that the USA gets, when we don't recognize our own.
  12. I am not saying no team should be in ever...I am saying no team should be in for 2019. Big difference. Why should it matter? Continental competitions act as reward for success in domestic competition. If our domestic competition hasn't even started yet, what are they being rewarded for exactly? You get what you earn, and CPL teams haven't earned anything yet. That is the opposite of a defeatist attitude.
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