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  1. masster

    2019 Voyageurs Cup

    Yes, I am very curious to see what format the CSA decides on, especially considering the condensed schedule that MLS will have moving forward. That could mean less open dates for the CSA to consider. I expect to hear more MLS whining about fixture congestion.
  2. masster

    Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion

    We don't know if that is the case. From everything that was speculated previously, the CPL was copying MLS in terms of setting up CSB, but not in terms of single entity.
  3. masster

    Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion

    That is all correct as far as I understand it. But in addition, if different businesses agree to set a cap on wages, is that not collusion? A cap on wages is allowed when collectively bargained, but when there is no union to bargain with, I don't think businesses are allowed to agree and set one. I am pretty sure that is the case in the US. I'm not sure if it is exactly the same in Canada. I am not claiming to be an expert, I am just asking a question.
  4. masster

    Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion

    Isn't a salary cap illegal if it is not collectively bargained?
  5. This match is available on DAZN if anybody wants to watch it.
  6. masster

    Canada vs French Guiana Sunday March 24th 2019 in Vancouver

    Like I said previously, if people need a ride from Abbotsford airport, let me know.
  7. masster

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    Paulus is very complimentary of Son Yongchan: https://ottawasun.com/sports/soccer/fc-edmonton-all-smiles-after-sniping-top-talent-at-open-trials/wcm/bb3c0ceb-f780-4446-b0ec-de8197c9f9df Article on Sarkaria leaving USports: https://ottawasun.com/sports/soccer/golden-bears-star-soccer-player-cutting-loose-for-fc-edmonton-ranks/wcm/3f1f4fd8-8c74-47fd-9bf6-12d436fa4abb
  8. masster

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    Haven't heard anything officially. If I recall the rules correctly, the player needs to train with club for a certain amount of hours each year or something like that. I'm not sure if Comsia has had any connection with the Whitecaps since he left the residency for France.
  9. masster

    Ottawa CPL Club

    So Mark Goudie, President and CEO of Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group, has been making the rounds on the radio shows today. CBC Ottawa: https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1397009987556/ He was also on TSN Radio in Montreal, but I haven't been able to find that online. If anybody comes across that, please post. I want to hear this discussion: Tony Marinaro‏Verified account @TonyMarinaro 6h6 hours ago Based on information I gathered in early 2017 The CSA had a board meeting and it was said that @OttawaFuryFC could play in NASL or USL but once @CPLsoccer started up they had to play in the CPL. John Pugh, owner of @OttawaFuryFC is on the board of the CSA and was at that meeting. All board meetings have their topics and minutes logged and typed up. So, if it was indeed said & agreed to by the CSA board members that @OttawaFuryFC could play in NASL or USL but had to join CPL in their inaugural season it will be documented somewhere. I asked @OSEGMarkGoudie Tony Marinaro‏Verified account @TonyMarinaro 6h6 hours ago if he had a discussion about this with @OttawaFuryFC owner John Pugh about this. @OSEGMarkGoudie said he was not aware of this and never had a discussion about it with John Pugh.
  10. masster

    Cyle Larin

    Here is that late chance for Larin: https://twitter.com/DAZN_CA/status/1073306267073032194/video/1 Too bad. A goal there would have gotten Besiktas through the group stage and would have gone a long way towards changing his reputation with the fans. Huge disappointment for the club overall. They were the highest ranked team in the group, so not to make it out is a huge failure, especially when you just needed a result at home in the final match.
  11. masster

    CPL General

    As of now, I would say no. A decent percentage of the players signed so far were not even playing pro soccer last year. So they will be getting more in 2019 than they were in 2018.
  12. masster

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    He was used in the midfield for 1 or 2 matches that I saw.
  13. masster

    CPL General

    Some nice tidbits of CPL info from the AJ Jakubec interview on TSN 1200 in Ottawa (starts at 21:20): https://www.tsn.ca/radio/ottawa-1200-1.1225738 Bob Young is the money behind the HFX Wanderers as well as Forge FC. He will most likely be the money behind Kitchener/Waterloo as well for 2020. CPL Salaries being offered are in the $30-35K range with no housing compared to the $60-70K with some housing that was the average in Ottawa last year. CPL has been telling players and agents for a while not to sign in Ottawa because they would not be sanctioned. My take: Which means if the CPL knew ahead of time, then Ottawa should have known ahead of time as well. This wasn't really a surprise for them. I can't blame the CPL for using this as a negotiating tactic with players either, because JDG has been telling Canadian players not to sign with the CPL because the playing level would be too low.
  14. masster

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Thanks for pointing this out. Here is a direct link to that radio segment with AJ Jakubec who is the play by play man for the Fury. Starts at 21:20 https://www.tsn.ca/radio/ottawa-1200-1.1225738 There was also an interview with JDG earlier in the day: https://www.tsn.ca/radio/ottawa-1200/de-guzman-concacaf-owes-us-an-explanation-why-we-can-t-play-in-the-usl-1.1225676 The Jakubec interview was good. Obviously slanted to the Fury side of things, but very informative. He takes a shot at this forum, so for that alone, it is worth the listen!!
  15. masster

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Fine, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will receive any of the new expansion fees that USL is getting.