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  1. My barber has bein which you require a smart tv to watch. Lots of football content. He did say they show everything including Euro qualifying matches. I'm not sure that is necessarily true but I'll take him at his word. $12 per month. Can anyone comment on this?
  2. I've been off and on this forum for awhile and just hearing about this after receiving an email regarding the match this afternoon. It's very emotional for me although I never did meet him in person. I do remember him as one of the original members and very active with this forum that helped bring our community together. What he did is amazing. Im glad that we will be honouring him this afternoon. RIP Jarrek. Deepest sympathies to his family.
  3. How is everyone watching the Euro 2020 qualifying matches?
  4. Very cool to see Atiba get one in a Canada shirt before he hangs them up. Too bad it won't be seen by many Canadian footy fans outside our forum.
  5. Exactly, and then after the game he mentioned that they had scored 1 more goal than they did the last time they beat Dominica as if they had improved under his leadership. Quite odd for sure. Improvements aren't always measured in goals especially against small island nations. Its always nice to see our guys score goals as it gives us something to cheer and boosts their confidence. We need that for sure. For a manager to point to it out in an interview makes him seem a bit naive.
  6. I believe that playing counter attacking football suits this team more,given the players we have at our disposal. Obviously couldn’t play that way tonight. Had a tough time breaking down the 9 Dominica defenders at times. I’m happy that the new players enjoy putting on the red jersey. I’m happy that we have Atiba to bring along the youngsters and that we’ll be able to benefit from his leadership through the Gold Cup.I’m not so sure about Heardman though. Not a fan of the way speaks to media. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. As long as the players want to play for him, I guess that’s what matters most.
  7. This move is tough to understand. If they really thought that Herdman was their guy could he not have been brought in after the Floro departure? Surely they must have known there was a possibility that Herdman would get job offers elsewhere months ago. Zambrano was getting good results and bringing in promising young talent. This makes no sense even by CSA standards.
  8. If we look at the first round results in the 7 matches between the 8 remaining teams, 5 were draws, a 1 nil win (Costa Rica over Honduras) and the 3-1 win by Mexico over El Salvador. It shows what a tight tournament it has been and will most likely continue to be. It is a reason for optimism among us Canada fans but it also a reason to be cautious.
  9. Wont matter when we kick the Hondurans out of the tournament on Friday.
  10. Proud of how the boys came out and played their hearts out. Confidence should be high going into the Honduras match. Can't wait.
  11. We are by no means overmatched against this 2nd ranked CONCACAF side. This match can go either way.
  12. I'm encouraged with the way Canada is playing hard and not backing off and letting Costa Rica have a lot of possession. Adekube and Petrasso are good additions. Both look confident. We're trying to go toe to toe with the Ticos. We may not end up getting the result we want but I'd rather see them play this way than trying not to lose.
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