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  1. Doneil Henry

    He was still under contract, so I cant imagine they can cut him unless he was fully fit?
  2. Doneil Henry

    if he is fit, would prefer if he stays in Europe. He was good enough to impress at Blackburn and AC Horsens..albeit both were very short stints.
  3. In FA Cup action Jayson Leutwiler starts and gets the clean sheet as Blackburn win 1-0 over Crewe Alexandra
  4. Atiba Hutchinson

    cbc sports article http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/atiba-hutchinson-wins-canadian-mens-soccer-player-award-1.4446883
  5. Atiba Hutchinson

    Named Canadian player of the year https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-announces-atiba-hutchinson-wins-sixth-canadian-player-of-the-year-award-p161315
  6. Raheem Edwards

    In either case a good move for Raheem's career and development. I still think TFC made a mistake, but as a CMNT fan first, I couldn't be more pleased
  7. Atiba Hutchinson

    posted on the Canada Soccer website. I think the odds just went up that Atiba will be named Canadian Soccer player of the year https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-s-atiba-hutchinson-to-face-bayern-munich-in-uefa-champions-league-round-of-16-with-club-team-beşiktaş-p161313
  8. Unfortunately Cardiff tied Reading 2-2, so Wolves are now 4 points ahead. Hoilett played 90 mins. Cardiff tied the game in stoppage time.
  9. Jonathan Osorio

    wow incredible parade scenes...Soccer is here to stay..take that you media puck heads. by the way that was a non-alcoholic can of Bud Oso was holding
  10. Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year for 2017

    1. Hutch 2. Borjan 3. Hoilett
  11. Alphonso Davies

    Named Canadian u17 player of the year https://www.canadasoccer.com/davies-huitema-named-canadian-u-17-players-of-the-year-for-canada-soccer-p161311-preview-1
  12. Raheem Edwards

    Does anyone have the answer to this?
  13. Jonathan Osorio

    I think with Osorio it's about getting the mental toughness part of his game together. He has superb technical ability and he made huge strides in his defensive game as well as his positioning. If TFC go back to a 4 4 2, Osorio will be an every game starter, unless they go out and sign another import. It's tough to have confidence and consistency when you are out of the lineup for as long as he was this season, but kudos to him for grabbing it back towards the end of the season and finishing it off with a tremendous performance in the final.