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  1. Kadenge

    Herdman new head coach

    I think that Arfield has played with a lot of passion in a CMNT shirt. I get what you are saying and it does have merit, but it all depends on the individual. Many would say that Will Johnson is not committed but when he has played for Canada he leaves everything on the field. Hopefully JH will be able to sift the wheat from the chaff.
  2. Kadenge

    Alphonso Davies

    Should starting for a team/getting max minutes be the #1 priority for Davies? As many have pointed out he still has some holes in his game that he has to develop. Will this be best accomplished playing under pressure with an EPL team or would he be better off developing those aspects of his game with a reserve team for 1 yr or so before making his debut for the first team...like Larin for example? Being exposed to top level coaching and training with the first team may help the transition?
  3. Kadenge

    Canada vs Dominica Tuesday October 16th 7pm in Toronto

    No worries @Tg11. If you sit with the voyageurs in the south side, you will experience what it's like to be a hard core CMNT fan. You may be a little hoarse after the game with the non stop cheering but I guarantee you will have a great time. Look forward to meeting you and wear your Canada red shirt.
  4. Kadenge

    Position Group: Centre Backs

    I was surprised that Dunn got more playing time than Sadiki at the Toulon tournament. I think he only played 1 game? Only watched the highlights. How did he perform?
  5. Kadenge

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    He plays for an American team
  6. Kadenge

    Alphonso Davies

    Watched this last night. When he speaks he does so from the heart. There is no prepared narrative.. no stay on message type answers, just refreshing humility and honesty. He is truly a special person....unlike the typical modern day athlete. Such a likeable guy...you can't help but want to see him succeed and I really hope he does.
  7. Kadenge

    Doneil Henry

    There could be another MAK type player out there ?
  8. Kadenge

    Herdman new head coach

    Other than right back, and there are a number of young players that have emerged in the last year that could slot in at RB, Centre back had been the achilles heel for the CMNT. We don't have a single CB that can both play out from the back and the mobility to not get burned by speedy forwards. How are we going to deploy 3? While I agree we currently have an abundance of wing back type players we would be accentuating a major weakness by using a 3-5-2 . Although it's tempting to want to see both Larin and Cav out there we would be dropping a midfielder to do so. Besides Hoilett is not a wing back so if he plays as a second forward one of Larin/ Cav would sit.
  9. Kadenge

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    This is good news for the CMNT. I was a little concerned that Jnr might take his foot off the pedal after signing that new deal with Cardiff, but it appears he is hungry to perform well in the EPL and return back to his form with Blackburn
  10. Kadenge

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Jnr will go to the club that offers him the most lucrative contract and I would not blame him for doing so. His career could end anytime with a serious injury. He proved he can perform at a high level at Blackburn (albeit a few years ago) and has just had a top notch season with Cardiff. I don't think he is fixated on staying in the EPL...been there done that. From a CMNT perspective there is reason to be concerned though as his form dipped after signing that fat contract with QPR
  11. Kadenge

    General Discussion on CMNT

    After watching Australia vs France/Iceland vs Argentina/ Switz vs Brazil, and given the talent gap in squads, it just proves once again that a tactically prepared squad that is fully fit & disiplined can get results in any given game. The talent differential between us and Honduras/Panama/Jamaica etc is minimal and one could argue there is none. Yet we have failed to get the away results in Concacaf. So is it just a mental thing? Have our sqads not been tactically prepared...thought Benito set us up for a tight defensive system? Is the weather (3 pm starts at Honduras) a significant factor? What is going to change under Herdman because I really don't think it has been a lack of talent re the 3 teams I mentioned above.
  12. Kadenge

    Jonathan Osorio

    Unfortunately Bez and TFC shot themselves in the foot with the inflated Ager contract. If they want to keep Oso how can they offer him less than what Ager is making?
  13. Kadenge

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Hosting the WC will help us more than the US with dual nationals relatively speaking. They already have a lot of top class young players in their system.... just look at their recent performances. So it's going to be very hard to break into their squad over the next 8 years. The CMNT does not have that level or depth of quality. It's improving but we have a number of young dual nationals that could be difference makers if they sign up.
  14. Kadenge

    2026 WC Bid?

    yup. He also made a short solo on stage presentation before the final vote
  15. Kadenge

    Alphonso Davies

    What an amazing week it has been for Davies. Incredible performance for VWC, MLS team and player of the week, jettisoned to Moscow and part of the final on stage presentation for the combined bid ! I am delighted that Davies is beginning to reap the rewards for committing to Canada. This is just the start.....he is going to get a lot of corporate endorsements. I wish all 17 year olds were as nice as him. Karma is a beautiful thing.....