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  1. Then he starts getting interest from Italy and he changes his mind and then we all accuse Herdman of not capping him and blah blah blah begovic this begovic that
  2. LeoH037

    Herdman new head coach

    The hardest thing to watch about that 8-1 trounce was the players giving up. They did not look like a team who had to play for their lives, it was a do or die moment, and a team with a never give up mentality goes down there and leaves everything on that field. They did not do that, they looked like headless chickens. It was pathetic.
  3. LeoH037

    Ballou Tabla

    Really enjoyed the interview, even if his pro careers takes him to another club in the future, the experience at Barcelona and training alongside the likes of Messi will surely help Tabla grow as a player, both on and off the field.
  4. LeoH037

    What is our CB depth

    Going from 17 to 20 is not the same as going from 20 to 23
  5. LeoH037

    What is our CB depth

    Hmm.. Davies is a prospect, Millar is a prospect, Busti is a prospect... Didic is not a prospect
  6. LeoH037

    Lucas Cavallini

    IMO Larin and Cavallini strike me as too similar of players for a 2 forward formation to be effective.
  7. LeoH037

    Lucas Cavallini

    This man cannot seem to stop scoring. Scored today again vs Lobos. I'm a huge Larin fan, but I am officially convinced, the starting spot with the CMNT is Cavallini's to lose right now, and the best part is that he now seems genuinely committed to the program and helping to take Canada to the 2022 World Cup.
  8. LeoH037

    Kyle Bekker

    He wouldn't spray anything, Bekker is a USL level player and gets lost at any level higher than that, plus he doesn't deserve the spot over any of the guys currently called up, who are all in good form and play at a higher level. Happy he is doing well, but keep him away from the CMNT please. Furthermore, a purpose of facing the minnows right now is to give the guys who will form the backbone of the CMNT in the future the opportunity to get games together and start to build chemistry. It makes no sense to bring in someone who will not be called up again in the future once the stronger competition begins.
  9. LeoH037

    What is our CB depth

    At 25 years old Henry is no longer a prospect and he is likely as good as he is going to be. He is very much still the same defender for Vancouver that he was for TFC, brilliant at time, but just as bad at times... If he hasn't improved on his decision making by now then Its questionable if he ever will.
  10. LeoH037

    Herdman new head coach

    Lots of world class coaches were never good players, nor players at all...
  11. LeoH037

    Christine Sinclair calls out CSA

    Where is Tg11 anyway? I was hoping to see what he had to say about the latest Ballou Tabla developments
  12. Most definitely Eustaquio and Tomori
  13. LeoH037

    Ballou Tabla

    Nah, Tabla actually grew up in Canada... that other Calgarian had never evn stepped foot on England
  14. LeoH037

    Ballou Tabla

    We haven't had a true Attacking Midfielder since Dero ... Tabla could very well be his successor