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  1. Impressive header, specially since he was moving away from the net.
  2. lol, too bad the rest of the team is terrible
  3. Oh, Jozy is worth 5M for TFC fans... Treble speaks for itself
  4. Larin is still European caliber and young. He needs to get out of Turkey, even if on loan, and get playing time in any of France, Belgium, Denmark, or The Netherlands, not give up on his European ambitions and return to the comfort of MLS. He needs to learn by Atiba's example and build his way up to progressively more competitive clubs. Again, he is still super young and has his whole career still ahead of him, but he needs to be playing.
  5. well, we need something to do until the Gold Cup starts
  6. Well, I guess Herdman gets another crack against the Yanks
  7. Give Toronto an important opponent like the USA or Mexico, promote the hell out of it, and watch it sell out.
  8. Seeing as Vancouver got Mexico in a competitive game, it's only fair Toronto should get the USA
  9. I wouldn't be against against it tbh... too small tho
  10. Or we could give it to the actual stadium built for soccer... just saying..
  11. So.. BMO or BC Place for the game vs the Yanks?
  12. or to give the illusion that it's not fixed...
  13. lmao, glad I wasn't the only one who noticed
  14. I'm just glad that for the first time in a very long time we have actual right back and full back options to play those positions...
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