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  1. I see Osorio or Kaye starting over Piette, both are more attack minded, and Hutchinson (who is a no brainer starter) can play the defensive role.
  2. I was sold on James the day Canada played Honduras in San Pedro Sula and saw how he kept frustrating both Elis and Quioto, who could find no way to get past him.
  3. David has proven to be an extremely versatile player and can play as an Attacking Mid, so yeah, having them both start and play together is very possible and doable
  4. Here's a though... why not let an actual LB *cough*Adekugbe*cough* play at LB? Crazy I know..
  5. He's been superb at keeping Diego Valeri in check all game too. Still cant believe TFC let him go
  6. I still hold that Milan is 2nd in CONCACAF only to Keylor Navas
  7. I'm pretty positive Adekugbe and Godinho are capable fullbacks... so then why does everyone keep seemingly ignoring the fact they exist?
  8. You're joking right? They play different positions... Jeong is a forward... his job is to score goals, and good thing the kid is really good at doing so which is why he is at Bayern... Davies is not a forward...
  9. This picture is was taken a few frames prior to the the picture posted above... why do I post this, to show how ludicrous it is to post an isolated frame from a video and attempt to draw a conclusion from it... is he karate chopping the guy? Perhaps he is trying to grab the shoulders to turn the guy towards him? Or maybe he just giving him a friendly tap on the back... I could always post more frames to get a better picture of what's going on sure, but that's silly since that's what we have a video for...
  10. Folk here really need to chill... Phonzie didn't move to just any Bundesliga club, he moved to BAYERN FREAKING MUNICH, of course he isn't going to be starting for them 2 months after he officially transferred.. the team isn't just made up of REALLY good player, its made up of freaking world class super stars... lets try to keep things in perspective no?
  11. Of course that still shows absolutely nothing, as the frame literally takes place AFTER he made contact. Lucas swung his arm violently, good try tho (not really). It was a half-assed karate chop, clear as day on the video, and its a deserved red regardless of how "soft" you as an observer perceive it to be (which is of course irrelevant even if you could somehow measure the transfer of energy and change in momentum involved upon contact) the contact was there and it wasn't just a "touch", stop defending it just cause he is Canadian, its hypocritical and its unacceptable behavior from a player that has no place in the sport. I'm glad Cavallini has passion, but first most he is supposed to be a professional and should know when to walk away from such shenanigans. I'm pretty positive you would not be arguing against it if it was Lucas on the receiving end of it. And newsflash, they were both hotheads.
  12. "soft red" is still a red, and I don't care that he is Canadian, but Lucas knew what he was doing and had no business touching another player while the ball was not in play. Both players should have been booted off the field.
  13. That's a solid red anywhere, he lost his composure and let the heat of the moment get the best of him.
  14. Phonzie isn't just playing Bundesliga, he is playing for one of the wealthiest, biggest, and best clubs in the world, damn right he isn't just going to walk into their starting line up. Lets keep things in perspective folk (not to mention that he literally just turned 18 a bit over 4 months ago)
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