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  1. LeoH037

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    oh buy you can be sure them Yanks will somehow include Pulisic into a conversation if there's too much mention of Davies
  2. LeoH037

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Bayern has their M'bappe indeed. Once Phonzie starts to better acclimate to the speed of the Bundesliga, gains more confidence, and starts developing chemistry with his team mates then moves such as the one he displayed will be common from him. Many have their doubts still since he hails from MLS but if he can do stuff like that now while he is new (and clearly a bit nervous still) then wait to see what he'll do in a year or two. So far Phonzie has gone beyond expectations at every stage in his career, Bayern wont be any different
  3. LeoH037

    Cyle Larin

    Nor should he go back to MLS. He might be having a hard time at Besiktas, but Larin is still very young, clearly has quality and still has a lot left to give and prove
  4. LeoH037

    Cyle Larin

    Their system of contracting players is shady at best
  5. LeoH037

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Is that Ribery at 45 seconds? Cause damn whonever it was Phonzie just smoked him
  6. LeoH037

    Cyle Larin

    Larin should stay away from MLS IMO. He is still young and has thr ahility to carve out a good career in any other European league if given the chance
  7. LeoH037

    Jonathan David

    honestly, personally I'm okay with the way Gent is managing his minutes right now. Sure he might not always be starting, but he is still a young player and is clearly taking his chances well, making an impact when given play time. It seems that he is being protected, much like Davies was with Vancouver
  8. LeoH037

    Ottawa CPL Club

    but the sledgehammer approach IS CONCACAF!
  9. LeoH037

    Herdman new head coach

    Oh it's different alright, the CWNT is actually competitive... as for the CMNT, it remains to be seen. Ultimately an athlete is an athlete, and sex does not fall into the equation if said athletes are competing with other athletes on level terms. Ultimately soccer is soccer, and it's not just "some" tactics that are similar, its all of them
  10. LeoH037

    Steven Vitória

    Hmm, no. Vitoria is clearly the better defender, and experience will not make up for below part defending. I like Edgar, but if at the time of a call up Vitoria is clearly the better player and in better form, and I'll go with Steve in a heart beat. Besides, the ONLY way to get more NT experience is by actually playing with the NT...
  11. LeoH037

    Hanson Boakai

    Sick, looks like Boakai's career has been back on track then. He's extremely talented and still someone I'm certain will return to the CMNT fold if he keeps playing well
  12. LeoH037

    Hanson Boakai

    He's been doing really well lately it seems, had a good last season with Ekenas IF and is apparently on the move to FC Inter Turku in the Finnish first division (can someone further look into this? I cant find much myself). Still only 22 and seems to have finally matured. Im still rooting for the kid!
  13. LeoH037

    Gold Cup 2019

    Err.. based on what exactly? Cause a sure hell of a lot that assumption has gotten us no..?
  14. LeoH037

    Gold Cup 2019

    I'll take Herdman over Berhalter ANY day
  15. LeoH037

    Herdman new head coach

    hell, advancing at the expense of any of Honduras or Panama would just make it that much better