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  1. Wrong..3 consecutive starts in May last year https://www.transfermarkt.com/anthony-jackson-hamel/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/333093/plus/1?saison=2017&verein=&liga=&wettbewerb=MLS1&pos=&trainer_id=
  2. If he signed a pro contract theres no going back to ncaa
  3. Quality cb at usl level and great signing for edmonton but just looking at the situation it seems like it didnt go well for him down there..signed with san antonio in the off season..played the first two games where they conceded 6 goals and didnt play again..they conceded 1 goal per game or less after that and have 5 other players who can play cb: yaro ackon fenwick eboussi hernandez..so he probably went down the depth chart after that and decided it would be better to be a starter in cpl right away
  4. Didic it is https://fcedmonton.canpl.ca/article/fc-edmonton-announces-signing-of-amer-didic?fbclid=IwAR06M59wljmqZnYSja_9AvSgoOLTtiCvGQBCAJudTcgNG_omcdiUeK-e4O4
  5. Depends on the salary theyre getting there vs cpl and level of play vs cpl..Indy has a big money Turkish owner, play at Lucas Oil Stadium, had average attendance of over 10k last year and their first home game this year over 20k..hard to see some of these things happening in cpl
  6. Monday night usl soccer between Swope Park and Indy..Pasher starting and Ouimette on the bench..will be interesting to see the progression of these two
  7. Big_M

    General MLS Talk 2019

    zlatan rises again but this time fouled..converts the pk and has 2 inside 40 min
  8. Kaye scores on a header on a corner
  9. Big_M

    General MLS Talk 2019

    ..and a few minutes later kaye scores..a header on a corner
  10. Big_M

    General MLS Talk 2019

    Zlatan rises on the back of the defender on a cross and its 1-0
  11. Big_M

    General MLS Talk 2019

    kaye receives a good cross but completely misses
  12. Big_M

    General MLS Talk 2019

    dc and rsl under heavy pressure late but each take the 3 points
  13. Big_M

    General MLS Talk 2019

    a little fumbling at the back on rsl side and will johnson doesnt hesitate to throw himself and catches rimando gets a yellow
  14. Big_M

    General MLS Talk 2019

    nani does it again this time on free kick..1-2 with 10 left
  15. Big_M

    General MLS Talk 2019

    couple late games with 4 solid teams coming up..galaxy vs philly with jamiro monteiro getting his first start and lafc cincy with kaye starting as usual
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