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  1. Big_M

    Canadians abroad: February 15-21, 2019

    Nothing new about Henry..he started playing in the national team in 2012..hes less than 3 years younger then Straith..at 25 Hainault was playing in the final of MLS cup playoffs..at close to 26 Henry is still trying to make the playoffs after 6 seasons in the league
  2. Big_M

    Canadians abroad: February 15-21, 2019

  3. Big_M

    Canadians abroad: February 15-21, 2019

    Tlaxcala is in the third tier https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serie_A_de_México
  4. Big_M

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    Hes a AM and has good numbers there..would be a waste to play him at dm
  5. Big_M

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    Golubar played with various clubs in the Burgenland Liga (Austrian 4th Tier) before joining SV Stegersbach in 2008. That season, he made 15 appearances scoring 5 goals. From 2009-2012 he played for NK Varaždin, scoring 5 times in 66 appearances. Following his final season in Varaždin, he moved first to RNK Split (Croatian First Football League), then on to Zavrč (Slovenia’s Fifth Tier) where he remained from 2012-14 making 56 appearances and scoring 18 goals. The midfielder made a return back to his home club NK Varaždin in 2016. Seems they like bringing down their players or simply dont do proper research..Zavrč was in 2nd tier in 12-13 and promoted and in 1st tier in 13-14
  6. Big_M

    2019 Voyageurs Cup

    Lefevre is a cpa and working so really doesnt need to play pro..as stated he recently joined FC Sparte in plfq which is mostly Blainville players so this was predictable..took a year off, worked and still had a will to play and Blainville is probably the only interesting option for him with them being in the Voyageurs Cup
  7. Big_M

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Jozy Altidore on future with Toronto FC: "I want to stay in Toronto" “I still have five, six, seven great years ahead of me,” said the US international, who is in the final stages of recovery from an ankle problem. “I haven’t had a muscle injury since 2016 and I feel good about that. It’s been three years now and all I’ve had is a broken foot and the ligament tear in the ankle. “But surgery fixed those and I’m back to 100 percent fit. And I showed last year that I can still score goals when I’m on the field. So for me, there’s no [injury] worries at all and the club knows my situation. They know how fit I am and what the expectation is with that.” “I want to stay in Toronto. For me and my family, Toronto is home, Toronto is everything,” Altidore said. “But if the direction is something else, it’s no problem. Like I said, it would be, ‘Thank you very much for the time’ and in the summertime I’ll have to look for a new team. “I get that there is a business side and I’ve cooperated on that end as well. But I can’t do any more than say I want to be here and try to do all the right things. But I hope in the end that I’m a Toronto player for the rest of my career.” https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/02/11/jozy-altidore-future-toronto-fc-i-want-stay-toronto
  8. Big_M

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    No big mistakes but Henry careless as usual with his challenges and got a yellow..that pairing is not good enough for a playoff team..most likely Godoy as a starter and the others fighting for the second spot
  9. Big_M

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    Dos Santos as usual with a 4-3-3 and zonal defending on set plays..and opponent scored on a corner..players arent ready for that yet Bangoura good on the first action but weak execution or decision making after that..but should be one of the top offensive players of the team PC not good enough as a winger at mls level and Levis not convincing at lb..will be a battle between them for lb 2nd half not interesting..a number of players who are not even close to being ready
  10. Big_M

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    Vancouver Whitecaps FC sign Uruguayan forward Joaquin Ardaiz as Young DP Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced on Friday they have acquired forward Joaquin Ardaiz as a young Designated Player, on a year-long loan, with an option to purchase, from Swiss second-division club FC Chiasso. Ardaiz, 20, is a Uruguayan U-20 international and joins after a recent stint in Serie A. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/02/08/vancouver-whitecaps-fc-sign-uruguayan-forward-joaquin-ardaiz-young-dp Vancouver Whitecaps FC sign Argentine defender Erik Godoy Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced on Friday they have signed defender Erik Godoy, on a one-year loan with a purchase option from Club Atletico Colon. The signing was done using Targeted Allocation Money. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/02/08/vancouver-whitecaps-fc-sign-argentine-defender-erik-godoy
  11. Big_M

    Montreal Impact offseason 2018-19

    4 goals in 10 starts 3 of them game winners and they send him on loan Montreal Impact loan Jeisson Vargas to Universidad Catolica for 2019 https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/02/08/montreal-impact-loan-jeisson-vargas-universidad-catolica-2019
  12. Big_M

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Terrence Boyd "happy to come to MLS," vows to give everything for Toronto "Off the field, I’m kind of like a clown; I don’t take life that seriously. But on the pitch, I think of myself as a monster. I’m one of those guys who presses the defenders to try to force them to make mistakes, and just puts my body into everything. I just go out and kill people in the name of the team. You will see," Boyd said. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/02/07/terrence-boyd-happy-come-mls-vows-give-everything-toronto https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/time-finally-right-tfcs-terrence-boyd-come-mls/
  13. Big_M

    CPL General

    Canadian Premier League partners with Ticketmaster to provide 100% mobile tickets https://canpl.ca/article/canadian-premier-league-partners-with-ticketmaster
  14. Big_M

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    His uncle was the owner of the club in Greece..all the games he played was in the 2015-16 season (2 starts in the league) when they were not under the threat of relegation..how come he didnt appear in the 14-15 season when they were in the 2nd tier fighting for promotion or in 16-17 fighting for survival..not hard to figure things out..if his level was anything near the top tier of Greece he would have been signed and announced long ago
  15. Big_M

    Andrew MacRae

    Goalkeeper born in 1990, played for Acadia University then Ottawa Fury in 2016 and 2017 where he played 1 usl game as a sub and then with Larne FC in 2018 in the second tier of Northern Ireland In 2019 signed with Tulsa Roughnecks of USL Championship https://www.uslchampionship.com/news_article/show/990723