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  1. Mopeys

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    Oh okay my original post was referring to Valour FC gear. Thanks for the heads up though
  2. Mopeys

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    Really wish the merch was available online! I can't really justify the 8 hour drive at this point.
  3. Mopeys

    Supporters United for the CanPL

    YUP! @ValourNorth on Twitter and on Facebook it's fb.me/ValourNorthSC
  4. Mopeys

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    Full credit to @TheCanPLHub for designing the logo!
  5. We're just getting started out, but we're proud to support Valour F.C.! We're based in Thompson, Manitoba which is 8 hours (781km) from the stadium! Still working on getting a website going, but we have our twitter page and facebook page.
  6. Mopeys

    Canadians buying into Peterborough United

    They probably could have started at least one new CPL team with that money...whatever it was.
  7. Mopeys

    No posts? Not even an Italy joke?

    On one hand I don't feel like I should say anything since we aren't there either. But on the other....it's so flipping funny. At least Jozy Altidore should be fully healthy for the rest of the Toronto FC season...
  8. Mopeys

    World Cup Groups and rankings

    Here's my picks for the top two coming out of each group. A - Uruguay, Egypt B - Spain, Iran C - France, Denmark D - Argentina, Nigeria (GROUP OF DEATH!!!!) E - Brazil, Serbia F - Germany, Sweden G - England, Belgium H - Poland, Senegal
  9. Mopeys

    2018 World Cup

    As someone who has been rooting for England my whole life in the men's world cup (since Canada hasn't been there) I can't help but say they'll take it all (I think that's the leafs fan in me coming out....) but I could see either Nigeria or Senegal coming out of left field and shocking everyone
  10. Mopeys

    Penalty Kick Stutter Step

    That's dumb. I want to elaborate but I can't. It's just dumb.
  11. Mopeys

    Liverpool FC

    It looks like the Fekir might not be coming to LFC anymore....but I'm not heartbroken about it. I'm okay waiting and seeing if there's someone else available or even just sticking with the midfield that is already there. Thoughts?
  12. Mopeys

    NY Times: Morocco an Imported Team

    It's not just football that does this. In the recent Olympics, there were a few Canadian born and raised players on Germany, and even more on South Korea for the Men's hockey competition. I guess if you have the chance to play at that level for anyone you take it whether or not its your home.
  13. Mopeys

    Russia World Cup 2018

    definitely interesting picks. It'd be nice to Australia through I don't think they'll get past Denmark or Peru.