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  1. Do we know who is broadcasting the Gold Cup games? Is it Onesoccer? Edit: Looks like TSN Edit 2: We are confirmed for Yates St Taphouse on the 15th and the 19th. (PFC KO is same time on the 23rd so we are going to be there.)
  2. The Canada v Cuba game on the 23rd KO at exactly the same time as Victoria v Edmonton. There really should a be a blackout for pro games within an hour each side of a CMNT game. 😠
  3. Welcome! Maybe you can come over here to the Island for a game or two? If so, see you in the Supporters end!
  4. Not yet. Thanks for the tips. I'll probably put mine on my jersey. I like the plain wavy bars too much to obscure them.
  5. We designed our 2019 scarf to be very plain on one side as a place to sew each year's badge on going forward. Some of us have talked about putting them on our jerseys or jackets or vests. We got our patches from Zone West. They are a huge supplier to Scouting groups which is where I knew them from. They do great work very fast and for reasonable prices. I think they are just sew on. You can also buy something like Badge Magic which works really well at any Scout Shop across the country.
  6. I guess as someone who will be a member and pay the membership, I don't expect to get a discount at the pre-game merch table. I'd like access to some member exclusives but general game-day merch? I'd rather support the Vees by paying "full price". But as we all know I'm odd.
  7. Why do we have two prices? Are we really going to be selling a lot of merch to non-Voyageurs? If people want some "exclusives" for members we can do those by pre-sale. But if we must have two-tier pricing, getting the member discount for pre-paying seems reasonable. One price for cash at the merch table makes things easier.
  8. Yeah, no idea what I would do with coins. Small pins would be better. We are doing embroidered membership patches for the Lake Side Buoys.
  9. I forgot about Canoe! That was the online source for news and Soccer Saturday with Graham Leggat was my go to TV.
  10. I think he was talking about a "donation" that could be added on top, which seems odd to me to attach it to ticket sales but I guess if you are already sending money, adding an little extra is easier. Reminds me of the cashier at the grocery store asking me to add $1 for X charity as they are ringing me up. In regards fundraising directly we have four main ways to raise funds to support our mission: membership fees - annual dues which I would set around $10 by itself Ticket add-ons - any ticket sold through us should include a $2-5 "profit" for us Donations - make it easy
  11. So a while ago we created Voyageurs "chapters" in local communities. Here in Victoria we went with an identity we have been half-jokingly using for nearly 20 years: Fort Victoria Voyageurs (FVV). Today the reality is that virtually everyone who shows up for CMNT matches is also at the same time a member of the Lake Side Buoys. The overlap is 100%. It makes it hard to promote things like the viewing party when I have to play with two different identities and multiple social media accounts. Is there a way we could formally affiliate local supporters clubs with the Voyageurs? We are already
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