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  1. ted

    CPL TV Contract

    I trust my source and it will be HUGE, far beyond what I would have imagined possible.
  2. ted

    CPL Jersey Outfitter

    We begged for stripes (or hoops) at PFC. I am 99.9% sure we won't be getting them.
  3. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Yeah, that's what happens if you take the red pill.
  4. ted

    Noah Verhoeven

    Not so much a link as "poaching" apparently. I have heard that the Caps are a little put out that we are scooping up "their" players.
  5. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    I should have posted about the Lake Side Buoys last Sunday before it happened, sorry if anyone missed it. That said, we had a great turnout, about 25 people gathered to have a pint, chat about the team, play a FIFA tournament on a Playstation we set up and most importantly to collect their 2019 membership packages including our brilliant new scarf. Oh, and people got to talk with Josh Simpson and Michael Silberbauer for a couple of hours. We are looking to do another social night next month, Lake Side Bowls, if we can secure a booking for the private lanes at the bowling alley next to the stadium. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and now, Instagram accounts.
  6. ted

    CPL General

    It serves no purpose to discuss the "single entity" idea here any longer. They are doing some things collectively (ie. TV deal, kit suppliers) and they are doing some things as clubs (ie. signing players). How about we argue about the merits of what they are actually doing and stop a pedantic debate that serves no useful purpose? Maybe after the inaugural season we can come back to critique how the league and clubs did when we actually have something worth talking about in regards to league and cub operations.
  7. ted

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I would think Callum Montgomery would be a good bet.
  8. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Yep, I would respect any player who took a small pay cut to play for us, but I would never expect them to, or criticise them for not doing it.
  9. ted

    CPL General

    I think it is, on a time-delay. Once the CanPL is actually up and playing Canada will be given a second spot in the CCL. Giving it to us this year, before the league has even kicked a ball, makes no sense. Within the next two years (given how bureaucracies work) I am 100% confident we will have a second spot to be allocated as the CSA decides and I cannot see them doing anything other than giving it to the CanPL Champions.
  10. ted

    Voyageurs Coins - Membership Item

    Not yet. Thanks for the tips. I'll probably put mine on my jersey. I like the plain wavy bars too much to obscure them.
  11. ted

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Why not? I would assume that players would be "cup-tied" for that season if they play in a cup game for one team. That's how they do it in the FA Cup in England. BTW sometimes it means that loan agreements in England specify that a player cannot play in cup games in case the "home" club needs them later in the tournament.
  12. ted

    Voyageurs Coins - Membership Item

    We designed our 2019 scarf to be very plain on one side as a place to sew each year's badge on going forward. Some of us have talked about putting them on our jerseys or jackets or vests. We got our patches from Zone West. They are a huge supplier to Scouting groups which is where I knew them from. They do great work very fast and for reasonable prices. I think they are just sew on. You can also buy something like Badge Magic which works really well at any Scout Shop across the country.
  13. I guess as someone who will be a member and pay the membership, I don't expect to get a discount at the pre-game merch table. I'd like access to some member exclusives but general game-day merch? I'd rather support the Vees by paying "full price". But as we all know I'm odd.
  14. ted

    Marcus Haber

    We have been told the signing of a "current" national team striker by PFC is imminent.
  15. Why do we have two prices? Are we really going to be selling a lot of merch to non-Voyageurs? If people want some "exclusives" for members we can do those by pre-sale. But if we must have two-tier pricing, getting the member discount for pre-paying seems reasonable. One price for cash at the merch table makes things easier.