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  1. Do we know who is broadcasting the Gold Cup games? Is it Onesoccer? Edit: Looks like TSN Edit 2: We are confirmed for Yates St Taphouse on the 15th and the 19th. (PFC KO is same time on the 23rd so we are going to be there.)
  2. The Canada v Cuba game on the 23rd KO at exactly the same time as Victoria v Edmonton. There really should a be a blackout for pro games within an hour each side of a CMNT game. 😠
  3. ted

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome aboard!
  4. ted

    General MLS Talk 2019

    BECAUSE THIS IS A FORUM FOR SUPPORTERS OF THE NATIONAL TEAM!!!!!!!! WTF would we want the activity feed clogged with pages of one or two line updates from any other games?!?!?!?! A discussion forum is no place for live game updates of any sort IMO but most certainly not for league games in ANY league. If this sort of crap is allowed to clog the feed I am fucking done. I quit.
  5. Given the population in the Westshore, I can see lot of families almost literally walking up at the last minute.
  6. ted

    General MLS Talk 2019

    OMG are you going to this every game day?!?!? Wait, let me try again: PLEASE DON'T EVER DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!!! This isn't Twitter nor an MLS forum. Not in any way appropriate to clog the activity feed. Thank you.
  7. Yes easily. There could have been 10 teams to start this year but Ottawa went mental and a couple of other bids didn't come together in time. I could see Montreal and/or Quebec and one other team (Saskatoon?) enter for 2020. Ottawa and one other team (Surrey?) could be aboard in 2021. Easily anywhere from 3-5 teams in two years.
  8. ted

    CPL General

    Like... Westjet?
  9. Yeah, not really on the topic i was addressing. He said he wanted an 8-team D1 AND an 8-team D2. That still requires 16 coaching staffs and players. And NO ONE is talking about 16 teams next year - at least no one with any sense. I'd say we can grow by an average of about 1.5 teams per year maximum so it would be at least 2024 or 2025 before I could see us at 16 teams. That gives us some time to develop players and coaching staff.
  10. Gross. 🤢🤮 I am willing to accept the non-standard schedule for the early years until we build the league, but our goal should be a basic, standard, home-and away schedule. I would much prefer 16 teams in the first division and a knockout-style league cup competition alongside the Voyageurs Cup (which should be expanded to include teams down to D3).
  11. Not a dumb question and technically, the modular stands could be moved leaving the concrete foundations behind. It won't happen because the City of Langford owns the stadium. They paid for it and I doubt they would want to sell it. A renovation of RAP would probably use a new design.
  12. I love RAP and to make that our home down the road is my hope. That said, given the "risky" nature of the league, I estimate we would see, at best, 20% more tickets sold if we were using RAP. I think the main factors in the ticket buying decision right now are: lack of awareness of the league generally; the unfinished stadium, and; transportation issues (parking, getting to Langford), in that order.
  13. We have easy access to Vancouver and high level amateur sport in Victoria. We will make progress as the only professional team in town once the team actually starts to play. This is a pretty cynical town as it is full of politicians. This is already at least triple, if not quadruple what Highlanders sold for the opening last year. Pretty sure they were in the 500 - 600 range and were doing incredibly well to get that after the problems of the last few years. Mark et al have done a great job and I think they will find their niche under PFC.
  14. ^ Without sponsor logos too! Oddly they don't have the larger sizes.
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