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  1. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    I talked to Josh the day he ordered the jerseys. They will not be here in town until the new year. There will be plenty of merchandise available. They will make lots of sales before Christmas and then get to sell Jerseys to the same people in the new year. The point of opening the outlet is to create buzz ans sell tickets. IMO merchandise is not so much a revenue stream at the moment, but a way to promote the team by making it mores visible in the community. Every person wearing PFC gear is a walking billboard for the team.
  2. ted

    CPL -- Friday & Sunday Double Headers

    And I think you have it totally backwards. They need to get media, sponsors and fans onside as fast as possible. And because there is the perception this will be bush-league from some quarters, it is essential that they don't behave in a bush-league manner. They have to be prepared to spend a reasonable amount to maintain a professional status or all the above will write the league off before it gets a chance to grow.
  3. OK, we seem to have sorted it out: Victoria - Yates St Taphouse - http://www.facebook.com/events/2481589411881549/
  4. ted

    CPL -- Friday & Sunday Double Headers

    Are you on drugs? Seriously, this comes up as a complaint every bloody year in every conceivable media. It is such a cliche now that no one debates it, they just roll their eyes and take the opposition as given. Say the words "fixture congestion" and anyone with a clue will roll their eyes or groan, or both. Do we have to prove to you that the field can be called a pitch? That's the level of absurdity in your claim. So yes, running two games in a three-day span on a REGULAR basis will make the CanPL look bush-league. For a special occasion or circumstance (ie. having to reschedule games due to natural disaster) it will not be a problem. Doing it because it's week three, five, seven, and twelve of the season and it looks like we are not a professional league with professional standards.
  5. ted

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    We are trying here in Victoria but I cannot seem to get reliable info. The CSA website says KO is at 5:00 pm Pacific Time, the Nations League website says 4:00 pm and both contradict the first time I saw listed which was 2:00 pm Pacific time. Sadly the time makes a huge difference when Yankee Pointy-Ball is on and bringing in way more people to the bars.
  6. It is amazing the topsy-turvy world that Peterson et al are inhabiting. Trump is more honest for being totally dishonest and a moron? Clinton somehow wanted people to be happy working for slave wages at the dollar store? What is the point of even talking about Clinton in late 2018? Oh right, I forgot she is the straw woman who is preemptively guilty of all sorts of imagined crimes she would have committed. We must talk about her endlessly rather than face the triumph of the security state and the erosion of personal liberty. Whatever she might have wanted to do in secret must be worse than the slow-moving coup (as Bill Maher calls it) that is unfolding before our eyes. Anyone who believes Trump can possibly "lose" the 202 election needs to take one of those "red pills". The voter suppression and propaganda will be supported by the third leg of the stool: war. In 2020, if the polls show any chance that Trump might be challenged, there will be a " National Security Emergency" to whip up support and even delay or suspend the election. By then Ginsburg will be off the court and he will have legal cover to do as he pleases. But by all means, keep harping on about emails.
  7. ted

    CPL General

    Yeah, I've lived in Toronto. Once they have seen the West Coast I don't think we'll have a hard time drawing players to PFC.
  8. ted

    CPL -- Friday & Sunday Double Headers

    28 possible Saturday match days from April 6 - October 26, 2019. Including Cup ties, and international breaks, then I can see it may be necessary. But two games on the same weekend will be an attendance killer IMO. As a supporter of a PDL team for the last decade let me point out that it sucks for spectators. Especially in the summer months people have places to go. I missed two weekends the year before last and missed half the bloody season. I know that CanPL teams will play more games but I think on most weekends people go to one game or the other. That said, I don't know that mid-week games would be any better. Basically it is a marketing problem for the home teams to sell both games.
  9. ted

    CPL - WORLD CUP 2026

    Really? Alphonso Davies' story is fantastic and interesting because of his ethnic background and how he came to play. I like hearing about players histories and especially stories of how they overcame disadvantages or "whatever happened to" etc.
  10. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    They have. No more than 5 non-Canadians on the pitch during games I believe. Oh, they were happy with local talent. I think they know who they are going to sign from the local community. They just weren't going to say. They want to make the announcement of signings a promotional thing.
  11. ted

    CPL new teams speculation

    You had me at, "4M people". Seriously, that sort of population should easily support two teams.
  12. ted

    about those open tryouts......

    It was all in the editing. Jason makes me look good. I assume we will have a good blooper reel at the end of the next season.
  13. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Not a clue. Anyone we talked to was being very cagey. Rob Friend seemed to have some names on his mind and I think James Merriman did too. I couldn't pick a player to save my life, which is why I don't coach. LOL
  14. ted

    CPL - WORLD CUP 2026

    I think you are asking the wrong question. It should be, "How crucial is it to Canadian soccer that the CPL does not fold?" And my answer to that would be: Extremely This is a once-in-a-lifetime shot IMO.
  15. ted

    Alex Bunbury

    Got to meet him in person and interview him this week. He said it was the first time he has been here since 1986. What a great guy and really professional. Before the interview I teased him about trying to recruit Teal. He said Teal told him he would come play in Montreal to be near his grandma. The best part was after we had done our interview he was talking to someone else but, knowing we could hear, Alex joked that the guy should not ask us (gesturing to me and my crew) about how we felt about Teal. LOL