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  1. ted

    CPL Final Table by CANNIBIS Use

    Clearly PFC wins as we grow the best in North America!
  2. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    You could sign up for Twitter and only follow {FC and Lake Side Buoys.
  3. ted

    CPL new teams speculation

    If the figures quoted are true he will NEVER make his money back.
  4. ted

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    There is an event on October 20 in Nanaimo on the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/events/1616788398622707/ It includes, "a meet-and-great at Nanaimo's Lighthouse Bistro & Pub from 5:00pm-7:00pm." No idea why nothing has gone out via email yet.
  5. ted

    Chants for Tuesday

    Um how about no! I cannot believe they still do that in 2018. As is if the name and logos weren't racist enough?!?
  6. ted

    Local affiliates?

    So a while ago we created Voyageurs "chapters" in local communities. Here in Victoria we went with an identity we have been half-jokingly using for nearly 20 years: Fort Victoria Voyageurs (FVV). Today the reality is that virtually everyone who shows up for CMNT matches is also at the same time a member of the Lake Side Buoys. The overlap is 100%. It makes it hard to promote things like the viewing party when I have to play with two different identities and multiple social media accounts. Is there a way we could formally affiliate local supporters clubs with the Voyageurs? We are already a member of the ISC, and it would be nice if we could just be ourselves and be an affiliate or whatever of the Voyageurs and be included in offers and promotions for events. Now, I understand that going forward the two "groups" could split and be very different memberships, but that seems remote. Is that the objection or are there other things I'm missing? Connecting local fans with the national program seems like a natural fit. It seems like a good time to sort this out, with CanPL looming and our numbers set to increase.
  7. Victoria - Yates St Taphouse - http://www.facebook.com/events/2152041568397272/
  8. ted

    CPL TV Contract

    Why? Is there not going to be a way for bars to get DAZN?!? That seems like a really basic thing for DAZN to make happen.
  9. ted

    Need an award name ASAP - as in now

    I see how "Last Portage" could be "down". I was looking at it as the last time they had to haul a ton of shit. Retirement should be a relief, I always found portages to be the total opposite of relief and would think the last one as a time to celebrate. But anyway, "Bon Voyage" works fine.
  10. ted

    Need an award name ASAP - as in now

    "Last Portage"
  11. VICTORIA, British Columbia – EPIC Sport Management has launched a club becoming the second Canadian club to join the Women’s Premier Soccer League, the largest women’s soccer league in the world, the league announced Thursday. https://www.wpslsoccer.com/news_article/show/955792
  12. ted

    General Discussion on CMNT

    I only qualify for Canada, but thanks to an immigrant father-in-law, my kids could play for Scotland.
  13. The more I think about it, the less upset I get. Think about how promotion and marketing works in the age of Twitter. She just got a ton of publicity for both games with a manufactured "beef". More people will be talking about the games and that is a good thing IMO.
  14. Thanks! I can never find anything useful on the Canada Soccer Site.