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  1. ^ Good question. Soon would be nice.
  2. I don't believe there will be a Victoria viewing party. The usual suspects are all going to BC Place.
  3. ted

    CPL General

    That is simply lazy production and an example of successful branding by TFC. They have really embraced and incorporated the "FC" part into the brand. It has got to the point fro me personally that not hearing "FC" aftet the word "Toronto" just sounds weird.
  4. Is the usual drum section happening? Now that we have switched to public transit for the trip from Victoria I want to make sure we are good to go before bringing mine.
  5. ted

    CPL General

    Actually it is quite common to refer to AFC (Arsenal Football Club) and that is the title of the main article on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsenal_F.C. As we have discussed before, it is like adding "Corporation" to a name (ie. Apple Corp. IBM Corp, etc). It is a legal descriptor usually required by the government registering the entity. It has gone out of fashion in the age of branding to use a full name but it was once commonplace. In my opinion, it is used in North America for branding soccer teams because it connects clubs to famous teams around the world and is a shout-out to die-hard football fans. It's also a hipster-ish nod to the good-natured ribbing when some of us talk about Canadian or American hand-egg or pointy-ball.
  6. We have been told Marcel is going into surgery today. He is reportedly gutted about disappointing the fans. We are hoping to arrange a delegation(s) to visit him ASAP and offer him support and wish him a full recovery.
  7. If the CanPL bought the league out (like L1O) they could easily turn it into a D3 league for 2020 by bringing in the Highlanders and Rovers.
  8. He is going into surgery today I believe. He is reportedly gutted about disappointing the fans. We are hoping to arrange a delegation(s) to visit him ASAP and offer him support and wish him a full recovery.
  9. That's some bullshit right there. I seem to remember some great "match day Voyageurs supporters culture" in Edmonton long before TFC was created. We drove a vanload from Vancouver to Edmonton, met up at the pub, hob-nobbed with Mrs Stalteiri and dealt with an invader from the away fans by chanting, 'Tas-er, tas-er" as we pointed at him, to the disapproving look of a female cop.
  10. Yeah it could be Germany c. 1970's:
  11. Oh well, if Jacques Smith from the South Shore Shooters U14 "B" team says it, it must be true! 😂
  12. Honestly that is the dumbest thing I have seen in a while. What does that even mean? The whole point of the CanPL is to create and support national team players. The league would not exist without this goal. I believe that CanPL players will be called up for competitive national team games in the next year.
  13. LAST CHANCE! (or we may have to cancel the bus) If you are on Vancouver Island and want to get on the bus with other supporters please get your ticket today! https://www.lakesidebuoys.org/p/away-trip-packages.html
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