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    The people I played with use to called me tree trunks due to my huge Roberto Carlos-esque thighs
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  1. Macksam

    CPL General

    Bro, I just wanted to make you smile and laugh. Had I known it would have derailed this thread and ruined your day in particular, I would have refrained. Perhaps one day I will explain my reasoning for why I said what I said but....not today.
  2. Macksam

    CPL General

    I am disappointed UT. I thought you would be better than this. I never meant fascism like it was a bad thing. Little Jack Horner? I'm sorry, I'm not sure what the reference is or what it's implying. You probably know Google's definition of fascism but not the true underlying tenets of it. I am no Trump supporter but I'm not surprised you would accuse me of being one. That's what happens when one gives an honest fair assessment of his actions, he gets labelled a Trump supporter/apologist (usually from an irrational leftist) when all that person is doing is stating facts and speaking truth.
  3. Macksam

    CPL General

    It's quite ironic then how the club you're a paid voting member of is inherently fascist in nature.
  4. To add to what dsqpr said, it was a sentencing where this happened, the jury had already made a verdict.
  5. Thank Goodness we have Tucker though red pilling masses. He might be our best hope in this battle. https://youtu.be/ue5i_9b7Bm4 @RS @El Hombre @Grizzly @Blackdude I know these red pills are hard to swallow, it goes against all the evil leftist brainwashing you’ve gone through you’re whole life but think of it like Buckley’s, it tastes awful but it works, and you’ll feel better.
  6. I believe the inspiration behind this thread to help people seek the truth was initially from Tommy’s unjust treatment. I think the UK government is a tyrannical regime and the fact they have to arrest people for mean tweets and in Tommy’s case, covering a criminal proceeding show how dark the political situation has become in the western world.
  7. Was Edmonton owned by the people who own The Brick furniture store? And was Calgary sponsored by Leon’s? Was this the dienette set derby or something? Da fuck....
  8. Macksam

    CPL Stadium Thread

    I am wondering the same thing. I am boisterous and opinionated but passing off statements/opinions as facts...that’s BBTB’s specialty...not mine. But, I am still only a club captain.....patiently awaiting my national team call up.
  9. Macksam

    CPL Stadium Thread

    You’re doing it wrong...
  10. Macksam

    CPL Stadium Thread

    I haven't measured the crowd noise decibel levels of all the stadiums if that's what you are getting at. It sounded the loudest from what I recall but, I don't know, it's been a while, I could be mistaken here. However, the most important thing is for you not to get overly concerned over minor, insignificant details like this one. Seems like that's one of your vices you need to work on.
  11. Macksam

    CPL Stadium Thread

    I don’t like MLS, you can even say I dislike the league. It’s not my cup of tea. However, I have never said I hate it or want it to fail.
  12. Macksam

    CPL Stadium Thread

    I do nothing but speak truth and if that sounds like I’m shitting on MLS, that’s just where the chips fall. I am no MLS hater.
  13. Macksam

    CPL Stadium Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU74A8RCYPs Was just watching a video of FC Midtjylland and was surprised that venue only holds 11,800 people. The noise level trumps anything I have seen in MLS minus a packed Saputo maybe. Scale this baby anywhere from 12,000 to 16,000 seats and you will have a blue print for the first permanent SSS built for a Canadian CPL club. Looks expandable to if need be afterwards.
  14. I totally agree with the EPL thing, no arguments there. When it comes to the bolded, my take on MLS is the young guys (even some veterans) don't take risks, chances...they're way too scared if they hold onto the ball for more than 4 seconds. Obviously this doesn't apply to DPs and seasoned foreigners. I think it's a league wide thing where mistakes are punished by restricting their game time. Davies was an exception where his explosive athleticism and hype gave him a creative license to fail, and he did numerous times with runs that went no where and runs where the opposition stopped him dead in his track. However, every other young Canadian/American doesn't have the luxury to do that. This is where the CPL must be different. Creativity, adventure and confidence needs to be pushed and emphasized throughout the league which is no easy task, but if the league can push that culture successfully to the member clubs, the CPL will be producing a lot more quality, even world class players than MLS which will result in us leaving the USMNT in the dust.
  15. Culture is heavily rooted in it as historically, contact sports were not prevalent. Soccer is just gaining traction. The most popular sports in those countries have traditionally been things like Cricket, badminton, squash and table tennis for example. Those countries don't have the historical upbringing of kids that know how to deal with an athlete on a physical level. They don't have high level experience in knowing the vast amount of effort, sheer will and determination it takes in outmuscling a grown man in his athletic prime. No outlier can pop out until that environment is developed in those countries.
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