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  1. I’d say the prime of CBs are usually from 27-31
  2. 4 starting defenders and 4 backups are pretty standard right?
  3. When we make it to Chicago for the finals i’ll be there
  4. In terms of straight qualifying out of the group, I like this group in comparison to having 3 or 4 teams competing for 2 spots (like Group C or D’a group) Might jinx it, but if we can’t advance against martinique with our current crop oh boy.
  5. A lot of MLS analysts are raving about him, some saying he has a good chance of becoming an MLS all-star
  6. Henry, Teibert, and Creapeau start for the Whitecaps. Cornelius on bench
  7. I honestly wouldn’t call our group the Group of Death. C and D are a lot more even and anything can happen in those games. Also, I might bite my tongue later, but I don’t see Cuba as a threat at all with our talent pool.
  8. The players hate it as it causes more injuries
  9. That was the last official game. We played a friendly in 2016
  10. It was sarcasm. Its perfectly fine to have the game at BC place
  11. If the States want to be really ballsy with our game they could host it in Buffalo
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