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  1. Kent

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    To elaborate on that point. https://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/971590 "Men's Division MVP - Dylan Sacramento (Vaughan Azzurri)" And of course he also made the first team 11.
  2. Kent

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    Um, except this is what he actually said. "...very Calgary Foothills looking so far. A lot of people will argue that something extra is needed with the 14 or so signings still to come to justify the ticket prices, but I guess on the flip side that winning the PDL championship suggests they were more than a typical PDL team last season in preparation for what was to come." I am pretty sure if any other poster said exactly what BBTB said there wouldn't have been any uproar. I get it, he has frustrated me plenty over the years as well, but I think it's worthwhile for people to not have "outrage" as their default setting before reading his comments.
  3. Kent

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    Bunbury mentioned this in a video interview that was linked somewhere on the forum here a few days ago. I forget which thread though. It was a reddit link and the video was by someone named AFC Curtis.
  4. Kent

    CPL League Future Format and Table Structure

    It’s very possible that you are right about cost cutting being at least part of the rationale behind CL and how the teams are split across the two competitions. I thought it was more because when those teams played against MLS and Lisa MX teams, the bigger teams didn’t take it seriously and the fans didn’t care. So they concentrated the competition at the top level but still gave some meaningful international games to the next tier of teams (and perhaps you are right about helping them avoid a trip far up north to play in front of few fans only to lose anyways). Either way, I am excited for the journey ahead of us. I can’t wait to see how CPL in CONCACAF evolves
  5. Kent

    CPL League Future Format and Table Structure

    None of what I am suggesting is about CSA/CPL taking a moral high ground or us being humble and nice. I am talking about things that aren’t in the CSA’s control, but rather CONCACAF’s. I am talking about CONCACAF cleaning up their act. They have already made some baby steps. They no longer have the ridiculous rule about not allowing Mexican and American teams drawing each other in the first round, and they have created the CONCACAF Club Index for determining pots instead of having them politically decided. As I have said in other threads, the math behind how CONCACAF Club Index points are awarded in CCL and CL seems to point to me that they want a scoring system that is weighted to be able to compare teams/countries across both competitions. So I firmly hope and believe CONCACAF will implement the changes I am talking about. And if these changes are done it will allow for things like Canada growing to the point where we have 4 teams in CCL. So I am not trying to say we should be meek or subservient. I am saying we shouldn’t be afraid of competition and a system where we have to earn our own way.
  6. Kent

    CPL General

    Very shocked about this news. I am going to hold off on celebrating because it seems like this could go a lot of different ways. Hopefully there is desire and enough time for them to join CPL for 2019.
  7. Kent

    CPL League Future Format and Table Structure

    No, that's not what I'm getting at. Your previous post goes on and on about how to make CCL and CL best serve CPL specifically, and at the expense of other federations. My position is for a more CONCACAF centric point of view. I think that right now CPL has done nothing to earn that CCL spot over other federations. I also feel that the Caribbean hasn't done enough to keep their CCL spot, and that El Salvador hasn't done enough to get a spot in CCL over a second Panamanian or Costa Rican spot, and I think if USA's results drop enough that they shouldn't have an eternal birthright to having 4 spots, etc. I'm just advocating for a UEFA coefficient style system that will take the politics out of deciding which nations get how many spots in which competitions. Let the results determine it! That's not my take on it. My take is that it is our version of the Europa league. It's the 2nd tier of continental competition in CONCACAF. Just like the Europa league, the champions get a spot in the Champions League, but it's still it's own competition and the point (I believe) is to have similar level teams compete against each other. As for whether the region gives financial assistance to teams in this competition, I have no idea on that.
  8. Kent

    CPL General

    I think all this speculation about what type of internationals will be signed is a product of being trained by MLS to think of each roster spot as having specific rules that a player must match this, this, this, and this in order to be signed. I think the international spots will be used by CPL teams to sign international players, and that their age, experience, position on the field, leadership qualities, etc, will vary from player to player.
  9. Kent

    Marcus Godinho

    Wow, that game looks crazy. Interesting that David Wotherspoon was in that game and also a guy who just happened to be named Liam Millar.
  10. Kent

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I didn't think Darren O'Dea was good for TFC, but I'll be happy if he comes to CPL. I think he's still a very good level for the league to be attracting.
  11. Kent

    CPL League Future Format and Table Structure

    In my opinion it would make 0 sense for the CPL to be awarded it's own spot directly into the CCL right off the bat. Apologies for the broken record I've become on the topic, but I'd like to see a CONCACAF League spot if not in year 1, soon after. Then I want to see a mechanism using the CONCACAF Club Index that allows for spots to promote and relegate between CONCACAF League and CONCACAF Champions League (and for new spots to be berthed into CONCACAF League). That way CPL can find its appropriate level in continental competitions.
  12. Kent

    CPL League Future Format and Table Structure

    So that addresses the intra-regional games. About the inter-regional games you said "Travel by aircraft is mandatory for games between inter-regional teams." I think this would probably happen naturally, and shouldn't be made mandatory. If it's mandatory then you would be forcing Ottawa to fly to a game in Montreal, which I would argue doesn't make sense to be forced onto a team.
  13. I put a laughing reaction because there is no shocked option. I had read about the blowout, and then found out Florida is actually supposed to be pretty good. So this explains some things. But seriously, is it really that hard to come to Canada to play a pro game? Is this Florida team filled with felons or something? I am totally ignorant to this stuff.
  14. Kent

    At least the Whitecaps and Impact could join CPL

    Oh crap. It’s beginning to happen as I foretold it. This thread should probably be locked before irreparable harm is done to this site.
  15. Correction. This past Wednesday. There was another thread that mentioned her 4 goal game earlier in the week, so I was surprised to read your post thinking it happened twice in one week!