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  1. Kent

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    Are you talking about for MLS teams? Or for a potential CPL team that gets in via the CONCACAF League? If you are talking about MLS teams, you are mostly right, but SKC is drawn against a Mexican team (Toluca) this year. Last year of course TFC and Colorado were drawn against each other, so obviously that can't be a tap in for both of them. And the Central American team's can't be completely overlooked. Last year Dallas lost to Tauro from Panama. I am a TFC fan but if I had to bet money right now I would pick Independiente from Panama to elminate TFC (no Giovinco, no Vazquez, and sounds like no Altidore yet, plus a very lackluster and threadbare preseason). If you are talking about for a CPL team getting in via the CONCACAF League, presumably they would be in Pot B, and all of the Pot A teams will be Mexican, American (MLS) or Canadian (presumably also MLS, but likely wouldn't be allowed to be drawn against a CPL team anyways). So a Mexican or MLS team will be the overwhelming favourite over Forge, or Valour or whoever in the first round.
  2. A soccer player named Bustos playing in Winnipeg. I assume that's Marco's father?
  3. Kent

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    If their spot in the 2020 CL was given to the second place team, that means they are giving up their shot to get to the 2021 CCL (outside of winning the Voyageurs Cup that is.
  4. Kent

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    But CCL and CL happen at different times of the year. But it does bring up an interesting point. It will probably be pretty common for Central American teams to play in CCL and CL in the same calendar year. 6 teams will qualify for CCL via CL, and likely most of those teams will be Central American. Then all that needs to happen is one of those teams to finish in the top 3(?) or so in their league. So they would be in, for example, 2019 CL, 2020 CCL, and 2020 CL. Depending on how deep they go in those, that’s a lot of extra soccer.
  5. Kent

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    Yes, it will be a disadvantage, just like MLS teams complain about the same disadvantage (but it’s more extreme for CPL teams).
  6. Kent

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    I don’t see how you are getting 3 Canadian teams. We get one team in CONCACAF League and if they finish top 6 they move on the the Champions League alongside the Voyageurs Cup winners. Unless you are counting the same team twice, you can’t get to 3 teams.
  7. Kent

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    I think you missed the point. CONCACAF League and Canadian Championship happen at roughly the same time. So the 2019 CPL champs have already taken the 2020 CONCACAF League spot before they win the 2020 Canadian Championship.
  8. Kent

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    I've just though of a problem (not related to 3 team fiasco) that seems to be uniquely Canadian the way things are set up right now. All of Mexico's spots are in CCL, and all of USA's spots are in CCL, and the Caribbean spots for CL and CCL are determined by the same tournament, so none of those areas have this same problem. Let's say York 9 wins the league in 2019. That qualifies them for the 2020 CL. The following year they will be competing in the CL and the Voyageurs Cup at the same time, which are both effectively qualifiers for the 2021 CCL. They could potentially qualify for the 2021 CCL two times, at roughly the same time. Now, with Mexican teams or American teams, they are able to qualify twice, but then it's easy enough to just send the next team in line. It seems a bit more messy for Canada. The best spot to qualify under is through the Voyageurs Cup because it's seeded in pot A, which means York 9 (in this case) should be given that spot. But then who goes in their place for the spot they earned through the CONCACAF League? It doesn't really make sense to send the Voyageurs Cup runner-up (because the Voyageurs Cup is already sending York 9 to the CCL), and it doesn't really make sense for the league to send its runner-up (because they didn't play in the CL). So does the 7th placed team from CL get the second spot? If that's the case, then York 9 winning the Voyageurs Cup final denies Canada from using it's 2nd spot. Any thoughts on this? Is there an obvious solution I'm missing? Am I overthinking things and we'll probably just send 2nd place from one of those competitions?
  9. Kent

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Well, it is fair in the context. If someone says "that must be a record!" and then someone else says "Well actually, this happened, so it's not a record", that is entirely fair.
  10. If we can't agree on demanding an explanation/change for discrimination against some clubs by their own FA, I can't imagine anything being agreed on by the group. And just a semantics issue, people keep asking the question "Why were these 3 teams picked?" but we've already gotten the answer to that question. Because they existed on paper first. The question we don't have an answer to is "Why were these 4 teams excluded?"
  11. Kent

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    It’s been a while since I waltched the clip but I thought Herdman was saying pioneer meaning the Canadian team will be full of pioneers because it is a team that isn’t historically successful. The current team can blaze a trail into the sporting mainstream for the first time ever (yes I know, 1986, I don’t think Soccer was big enough then for that team to actually be mainstream though).
  12. Kent

    CPL TV Contract

    That’s pretty good. Well done York 9 twitter guy.
  13. Kent

    CPL Season Schedule

    Just to make sure I understand, in this system you are describing, at the end of the season you have one "regular season" champ and a playoff champ right? Not 2 half season champs? From what you said about teams only thinking about the playoffs in the second half, it sounds like the playoff championship is the bigger deal? It's interesting. I've never heard of a format like that. Thanks for the info!
  14. Kent

    CPL Season Schedule

    I'm in the camp that believes the CONCACAF League thing was a late decision, and that the delay for the schedule is because they have to work around that. They perhaps shifted games around for their ridiculous format for choosing who represents CPL in CONCACAF League, plus they potentially have to reschedule other games that those 3 teams play on or around CONCACAF League game dates.
  15. Kent

    CPL Season Schedule

    Is there anyone out here in Voyageur land that has a team they support that won an Apertura (that’s the first one right?) I am wondering how motivated you feel in the Clausura season that follows. You are already in the super cup final or whatever it may be called. So it seems to me like it might be anticlimactic. Like if 8 games into the NFL season your team qualifies for the Super Bowl. The only thing your team has to gain in the next 8 games is to effectively cancel the Super Bowl and become champions without that championship game.