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  1. Well said !!! i still don’t get why people think we can’t slaughter St.kitts without Ballou,Busti , Davies, David, Millar. We still got : Arfield, Hoilett, Larin, Cavallini, Ricketts,Hutch, Wotherspoon,Edwards, Chapman, Osorio, Jackson-Hamel, Borjan and many more! We will be just fine without those guys. We have pretty good depth now! Time to embrace the depth!
  2. SpecialK

    General Discussion on CMNT

    I don’t see Wotherspoon leaving his Hometown club. But I would love to see him play against St.Kitts. Maybe a Caribbean massacre would get his game back on track. Cuz he’s got talent.
  3. He was hurt back in March ? Any updates ??
  4. I’m kinda shocked no love for Ben Paton ? Playing in the same league as Liam Millar. U23 at the age of 19.
  5. SpecialK

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    That’s why it’s only a dream. But i believe it would beneficial for all teams if they moved though.
  6. SpecialK

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Ya I think so. Most senior fans here really don’t think we still that good. Now that’s changing but just look at past games against decent teams, we have done well. A draw against Scotland, our last gold cup was pretty good. Canada C team losing to South Korea by 2 goals. See this is problem we haven’t our Best squad vs any real competition. When we did have Friendly’s versus good teams they never bring the best squad I never understood that. Even against Scotland some our best guys weren’t there ? i think Canada will be competitive versus some of the big boys. We are gonna shock some people.
  7. SpecialK

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Faroe Island is part of the Arctic Council and a FIFA member on its own. Svalbard is part of Norway but has its own ruling government and it’s a mix up one half Norwegian the other half Russian.
  8. SpecialK

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Ya your right 2 would be a stretch. But with one at least one Caribbean team would actually make it to the World Cup. Also the local tournament would be highly competitive and it would cost way less, they wouldn’t have fly around across North and Central America.
  9. SpecialK

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Most of our European players are already flying across a crazy amount of times zones. Also look at our starting 11, it’s mainly European Club based players. So it would help them. Also they would get to play on decent pitches, not some hole in Honduras where you get pissed thrown at you.
  10. SpecialK

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Ya Jamaica is a strong team but you guys are really underestimating the other Caribbean teams. Trinidad and Tobago won against the United States, Haiti is a strong team, Bermudea is up-and-coming, Our Canadian U17 lost to Cuba U17 in the last U17 tourney. Curacao and French Guiana made it to the Gold Cup. Carribean teams versus Caribbean teams It’s competitive .
  11. SpecialK

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    A Copa America would be great ! I still love to see an Arctic confederation . That would be really competitive. Most teams would be equally matched. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Canada,USA, Russia,Iceland,Greenland,Faroe Islands, Svalbard and you probably add a few more islands. Man those games would draw and awesome to see. An Arctic Cup would awesome to watch. But it will never happen. Only in dreams haha
  12. SpecialK

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Oceana and Caribbean Need one spot at least. These countries need World Cup money. I totally agree that the Caribbean countries have been corrupt as hell and they squandered all FIFA money. Caribbean teams playing in their own tournament for World Cup spot would cut down on costs. Would make things more competitive for them. Also some of their players may come back to their home countries to play making their team better if they know they might have an opportunity to get to a World Cup easier. Yes there will be favourites but there might be some wild cards as well like Bermuda, Barbadoes, Curaçao, Cuba, French Guiana
  13. SpecialK

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Caribbean nations should break away from Concacaf and FIFA should just create a Caribbean confederation. Give them 1-2 World Cup spots and they can fight for those spot and they can receive World Cup up money and they can finally grow.
  14. SpecialK

    Best XI

  15. GK Axel Desjardins - Spezia Calcio Thomas Hasal - Vancouver whitecaps academy Gianluca Catalno - TFC 2 *Yesli Rayane - without club - was with Vibonese LB *Zohran Bassong - LOSC Lille B CB Jake Ruby - Vancouver whitecaps academy Joel Harrison - Vancouver whitecaps academy *Nikolas White - 1.FC Nurberg U19 Yoha Le Bourhis - Montreal Impact Academy M Ben Paton - Blackburn U23 *Cameron Palmer- Rangers U-20 Jordan Araujo - Brighton & hove Albion U18 ( might be still hurt) Alessandro Hojaborpour - Lokomotiv Plovdiv U19 *Dominik Yankov ( Dominic Iankov) - Ludogorets Diego Reveco - As Sora Calcio ( I thought he went to Spain ) ? Winger Glenn Muenkat - 1. FC Kaiserslautern 11 strikers Theo Blair - Vancouver whitecaps academy players with a * is a dual national