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  1. I’m not sure if he is injury. I read somewhere he and the current manager are not getting along. But our LB depth is not very good. He’s young and he’s got skills, you should see his highlights on YouTube.
  2. Maybe , but Eustaquio is a better DM then Piette. Also he has more offensive skills
  3. Why is everyone forgetting Captain Scotty. Also there is Osorio and some young MF talent coming up like Fraser and Okello. I think Okello is going to be the Hutch. Kaye, Piette, Teibert and Chapman better step up their game because that MF is very crowded. It’s beautiful problem to have. Canada’s mildfield depth ( in no order and I know I’m missing some) Hutch, Arfield, Osorio, Wotherspoon, Kaye, Piette, Teibert, Chapman, Eustaquio,Fraser, Okello, Baldisimo, Choinière Now if we can get CB Ferreira , CB Tomori, LB Gutiérrez and LB Bassong our Defence will be set! Now it’s time for some game against some big boys! Come on CSA and Herdman get this fan base fired up !!! We want games!
  4. Hey what a wonderful opportunity to try to get MF/ST Marcelo Flores playing at Arsenal into the Canadian fold. Do you think he’ll switch ? Mexican father and Canadian Mother . https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/arsenal-eye-mexican-wonder-kid-12819645.amp
  5. Who hires the manager ? When was the last time Canada had a professional youth manager. It’s just been CSA bag men ! And the CSA hires them. Now it’s Herdman’s bag men! Based on past rosters, On avg how many players who are based outside of the MLS academies get called up for youth teams ? I would say 1-3 players. Look at past results. Our MLS based roster lost to CUBA last time ! The CSA is biased towards MLS Academy players and it’s a joke! They want Canadian players, from Canadian teams why because it’s cheap, they don’t have do any work and if they get a Diamond in the rough, they take the Credit for it. They don’t give a shit about winning ! And if you people don’t see it will that’s just sad!
  6. Watch another MLS Academy made roster and we won’t get out of the group cuz CSA is too lazy and cheap to scout. I’m so excited !!
  7. It could be LB Cristián Gutiérrez, he played for Chile’s U20. He’s already listed as a Canadian on Fifa 19 haha.
  8. Look likes Massih Wassey has moved on from Canada national team to Afghanistan. I wish Canada played more games so we could see more players and we wouldn’t lose players
  9. Stephen Eustáquio signed with Mexican club CD Cruz Azul. Maybe we’ll see him switch to Canada soon !
  10. Cristián Gutiérrez !!!!!
  11. Victor’s guy - Oz and Reed’s guy - Herdman
  12. I really hope so and friendly vs a good team
  13. I understand the history. But Canada has never before had the talent like we have now and everyone should see that. Also we getting better. The last gold cup should of show us that. Also same with the Scotland game, earning a draw was huge and with none of our top strikers and Davies. There should a an expectation and maybe even a higher one because of Herdman hire. There are more qualified canadian Managers out there then Herdman so ya it should be high!
  14. With the pool of players we have, we should qualify for the World Cup and we should be competitive. What I am saying we have such low expectations that it’s pathetic. Also the CSA is too scared to really test this team and Herdman. But they weren’t afraid to throw Findlay and Oz to Scotland right away interesting ...
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