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  1. Talk about inflation, eh? Back in 1990, the price I paid for a World Cup semi-final ticket to see the Argentina (Diego Maradona) versus Italy (Roberto Baggio) match in Naples was only $50 Canadian. Kinda makes you wonder what a World Cup ticket 25 years from now will cost. I guess at the same rate of inflation (10 times) it will cost around $5,000. Holy shit! If that's the case, my next book better be a best-seller.😊
  2. The math is, what the math is. I didn't make-up those attendance figures, and you are free to interpret those numbers any way you choose. I see the number of bums in seats directly correlating to what is being displayed on the field. Personally, every ticket that I have ever purchased to see Canadian Women's National Team play (and that includes a $500 ticket to the 2015 World Cup Final to see the U.S.A. and Japan) was only because I wanted to see Christine Sinclair play. Jessie Fleming, Kadeisha Buchanan, and Ashley Lawrence are just like any other player who dons the Maple Leaf, and until they prove themselves at a Women's World Cup Final tournament, I will not be investing my time and money. It's not just about Jessie Fleming, Kadeisha Buchanan, and Ashley Lawrence! It's about their daughters and granddaughters too!!! For now, I'm just looking forward to attending a great match in Reims, on June 20, 2019.
  3. Given that the Canadian National Women's Team has only played 4 of its last 22 home internationals at BC Place, I would say that drawing over 50,000 spectators in 50% of those matches could be considered as being fairly regular. In fact, the total attendance at those 4 BC Place matches equals 158,407 paying customers, for an average of just under 40,000 per game. The total attendance for the 9 internationals that the Canadian National Women's Team played immediately prior to Christine's debut totaled 33,058 spectators, for an average of 3,673 spectators per game. That's 40,000 spectators per match with Sinclair and 3,673 spectators per match without Sinclair. Talk about star drawing power. That must be right up there with Tiger Woods. No wonder that organizers of tour events want Tiger playing in their tournaments, even if he is playing poorly. At an average cost of $35 per ticket, the CSA is cashing in $1,271,445 more per game just off of tickets sales alone when Christine is in the line-up. Just imagine what the attendance figures will be like for the Canadian Women's National Team at home match in the future if they lack the proper preparation for a successful 2019 World Cup campaign and perform poorly in France, AND Christine retires? The CSA won't have to think about renting BC Place any more if that happens. The time to think about the future of Canadian women's soccer is right NOW!!!
  4. It's always a good thing to have people in your corner who believe in you. Especially when its the media.
  5. Canada has played eight friendlies in Canada since the 2015 World Cup, and only two of those have been in Vanacouver. The six games played in Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa were all in stadiums that had capacities of less than 50,000. The two matches in Vancouver attracted crowds of 22,508 and 28,017, which is very respectable considering they were a pair of friendlies that were played in November and February: 1) 2018-09-02 Ottawa, ON CANADA - BRAZIL - 16,128 2) 2018-06-10 Hamilton, ON CANADA - GERMANY - 22,826 3) 2017-11-09 Vancouver, BC CANADA - U.S.A. - 28,017 4) 2017-06-11 Toronto, ON CANADA - COSTA RICA - 20,628 5) 2017-06-08 Winnipeg, MB CANADA - COSTA RICA - 14,434 6) 2017-02-04 Vancouver, BC CANADA - MEXICO - 22,508 7) 2016-06-07 Ottawa, ON CANADA - BRAZIL - 23,588 8) 2016-06-04 Toronto, ON CANADA - BRAZIL - 28,604
  6. I was one of the 54,0270 in attendance, sitting in the upper bowl, at Canada's match against England, in Vancouver: 1) 2015-06-27 Vancouver, BC CANADA - ENGLAND - 54,027 2) 2015-06-21 Vancouver, BC CANADA - SWITZERLAND - 53,855 3) 2015-06-15 Montreal, QC CANADA - NETHERLANDS - 45,420 4) 2015-06-11 Edmonton, AB CANADA - NEW ZEALAND - 35,544 5) 2015-06-06 Edmonton, AB CANADA - CHINA - 53,058
  7. Never mind coming up with a top 100 list, cause honestly, I can't even name 100 women soccer players. However, I do agree with you on the odds part. Like what was the longest shot to ever win the FIFA Women's or Men's World Cup? Japan in 2011? Germany in 1954? The odds-makers almost almost have the winner in their top four or five picks. WOMEN 3 United States (1991, 1999, 2015) 2 Germany (2003, 2007) 1 Norway (1995) 1 Japan (2011) MEN 5 Brazil 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002 4 Italy 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006 4 Germany 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014 2 Uruguay 1930, 1950 2 Argentina 1978, 1986 2 France 1998, 2018 1 England 1966 1 Spain 2010
  8. Christine Sinclair is on the verge of becoming the all-time leading international goal scorer. The Canadian Women's National Team has never won a World Cup Final match without her in the line-up. In the last nine home internationals before her Women's World Cup Final debut the Canadian women drew the following attendances: 1) 2002-11-03 Victoria, BC CANADA - COSTA RICA - 3,256 2) 2002-11-01 Victoria, BC CANADA - JAMAICA - 1,834 3) 2002-10-30 Victoria, BC CANADA - HAITI - 1,531 4) 2002-09-28 Victoria, BC CANADA - AUSTRALIA - 2,656 5) 2002-09-26 Burnaby, BC CANADA - AUSTRALIA - 2,653 6) 2002-07-17 Etobicoke, ON CANADA - NORWAY - 4,000 7) 2001-06-30 Toronto, ON CANADA - U.S.A. - 9,023 8) 1999-06-12 Toronto, ON - CANADA - AUSTRALIA - 4,639 9) 1999-06-09 Etobicoke, ON - CANADA - AUSTRALIA - 3,486 Well, how times have changed, EH? The Canadian Women's National Team since the arrival of Christine Sinclair regularly draws crowds of 50,000 at BC Place, Vancouver, BC, which has done wonders for the CSA's annual bottom line, EH? Now considering that this will more than likely be Christine's World Cup Final swan-song, wouldn't it be appropriate if the CSA showed its appreciation for everything that Canada's all-time greatest soccer star (women or men) has done for the beautiful game in this country, by arranging a number of home internationals in the 6 months leading up to France 2019, to give SINC the best possible chance of retiring as a WORLD CHAMPION, EH?
  9. Following the recent run of positive results by the Dutch national team, could Dwight Lodewegen now be considered as being the most successful Canadian-born coach?
  10. Canada's record at FIFA World Cup Finals without Christine Sinclair in the line-up: 6 matches played 0 matches won 2 matches drawn 4 matches lost 8 goals scored 25 goals conceded Canada's record at FIFA World Cup Finals with Christine Sinclair in the line-up: 17 matches played 6 matches won 3 matches drawn 8 matches lost 22 goals scored 24 goals conceded
  11. By comparison, if we take a trip down memory-lane to see how the Canadian Women's National Team fared at the FIFA World Cup Finals prior to the Christine Sinclair era, the results were as follows: Canada failed to qualify for the inaugural FIFA Women's World Cup that was hosted by China in 1991. 06-06-1995 Canada - England 2-3 08-06-1995 Canada - Nigeria 3-3 10-06-1995 Canada - Norway 0-7 19-06-1999 Canada - Japan 1-1 23-06-1999 Canada - Norway 1-7 26-06-1999 Canada - Russia 1-4
  12. Robert

    2018 Voyageurs #CanWNT Player of the Year

    https://www.canadasoccer.com/christine-sinclair-honoured-with-14th-canadian-player-of-the-year-award-p161973 Christine Sinclair honoured with 14th Canadian Player of the Year award Posted on 11 December 2018 in Awards & Recognition Christine Sinclair has been voted the Canadian Player of the Year in recognition of another successful season highlighted by scoring the winning goal that qualified Canada for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™. It was the nation’s most important goal of the year as Canada Soccer’s Women’s National Team qualified for the FIFA Women’s World Cup for a seventh consecutive time. Sinclair from Burnaby, British Columbia was honoured from a vote shared by Canadian media and Canadian coaches. She is one of two winners of the 2018 Canadian Players of the Year award. Her co-winner from the Men’s National Team will be announced on Wednesday 12 December. “Christine Sinclair showed that you can continue to add layers to your performance, regardless of age, if you work hard,” said Kenneth Heiner-Møller, Canada Soccer’s Women’s National Team Head Coach. “Her great physical shape helped her play every minute for Portland Thorns FC and also led Canada to yet another FIFA Women’s World Cup™.” “Her ability to lead her line as well as the players around her while at the same time performing at her level is simply remarkable and unique. Sinclair is a notorious goalscorer, but she should also get credit for her ability to set up goals. She is an important part of the build up play for both her club and our Women’s National Team.” In 2018, Sinclair played all 2,160 minutes for Portland Thorns FC as they finished second in the league. She scored nine goals, finished second in the league with seven assists, and won the Thorns Supporters’ Player of the Year award. In the playoffs, she helped the Thorns reach the Championship Final. At the international level, she led Canada in goalscoring for the 15th time in 19 years, scoring eight goals and two assists in 12 international matches. She finished second on Canada with 979 minutes played as the Women’s National Team won eight of 12 matches, including a 7:0 win over Panama on 14 October to qualify for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™. With a second-place finish at the Concacaf Women’s Championship, Sinclair collected her eighth Concacaf medal since 2002 (one gold, six silver, one bronze). With 177 international goals to her credit in all competitions, she is in second place just seven goals back of all-time leader Abby Wambach (184). 2018 Canada Soccer Player Awards This marks the 26th edition of the Canada Soccer Player Awards, with the 2018 Canadian Players of the Year to be announced on 11 and 12 December. Amongst women’s footballers, Christine Sinclair finished first in voting ahead of runner up Kadeisha Buchanan, third-place Jessie Fleming, fourth-place Janine Beckie, and fifth-place Ashley Lawrence. As part of the 2018 Canada Soccer Player Awards, Derek Cornelius and Jordyn Huitema have been named Canadian Youth International Players of the Year, Jacob Orellana has been named Canadian Futsal Player of the Year and Damien Wojtiw has been named Canadian Para Soccer Player of the Year. James Pantemis, meanwhile, has been named the 2018 winner of the Allstate Canadian National Teams Good Hands Award. Following the Canada Soccer Player of the Year Awards, the 2018 Canada Soccer Moment of the Year fan voting will run from 17 to 30 December across Canada Soccer's digital channels. Fans will have the opportunity to choose from a top-10 list of moments over the past 12 months. Throughout the holiday period, fans can follow as the top moments are featured on Canada Soccer’s digital channels: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. From there, they can vote for their favourite moment on CanadaSoccer.com.
  13. Of course, it was the year preceding Christine's debut at the Women's World Cup Finals that she really exploded onto the international stage during the 2002 U-19 World Cup: 18-08-2002 Canada - Denmark 3-2 (1 goal) 20-08-2002 Canada - Japan 4-0 (2 goals) 22-08-2002 Canada - Nigeria 2-0 (2 goals) 25-08-2002 Canada - England 6-2 (5 goals) 29-08-2002 Canada - Brazil 1-1 (4-3 pen.) 01-09-2002 Canada - U.S.A. 0-1 (a.e.t.)
  14. Sinclair's at the World Cup Finals: 20-09-2003 Canada - Germany 1-4 (1 goal) 24-09-2003 Canada - Argentina 3-0 27-09-2003 Canada - Japan 3-1 (1 goal) 02-10-2003 Canada - China 1-0 05-10-2003 Canada - Sweden 1-2 11-10-2003 Canada - U.S.A. 1-3 (1 goal) 12-09-2007 Canada - Norway 1-2 15-09-2007 Canada - Ghana 4-0 (2 goals) 20-09-2007 Canada - Australia 2-2 (1 goal) 26-06-2011 Canada - Germany 1-2 (1 goal) 30-06-2011 Canada - France 0-4 05-07-2011 Canada - Nigeria 0-1 06-06-2015 Canada - China 1-0 (1 goal) 11-06-2015 Canada - New Zealand 0-0 15-06-2015 Canada - Netherlands 1-1 21-06-2015 Canada - Switzerland 1-0 27-06-2015 Canada - England 1-2 (1 goal)