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  1. I love the draw. Now Herdman has no excuse if he can’t qualify Canada to the next round out of this group. I prayed for a tough Gold Cup draw and now I got it. Lets how the CMNT handle Cuba, Martinique and Mejico.
  2. Herdman has proved nothing yet. This Gold Cup qualification just means his job is safe until the next round. We’ll wait and see how he does at the Gold Cup. I’m praying Canada gets a Group of Death with Mejico, Honduras or USA, Jamaica or any other combination to test Canada against better opposition. If he crashes out in the 1st round, he deserves to get canned, but knowing thr CSA they’ll wait until WCQ is over.
  3. It’s sad that Morgan Quarry got let go. Maybe of internal rumblings within the CSA, not that its new anyways, but I remember he used to post on the board way back in the early 2000’s and stopped abruptly. Man, this board used to be a livelier forum and now, very divisive and alot of good people left.
  4. I thought Zambrano had already talked to alot of fence sitters to commit to Canada, including Tabla before he got canned. It would be good news if Tabla commits. Want to see how Tabla and Alphonso would fair in Gold Cup.
  5. I’m 100% all for a new logo. That logo has no history. It reeks of a 1970’-1989’s disco era label. I wish the CSA can have one like the ones in South America like https://goo.gl/images/wFtMLT or https://goo.gl/images/Bw14PL
  6. Well, to me Herdman has already lost half the team if he’s airing dirty laundry publicly. Any good coach will tell you, that you keep all locker room stuff within the locker room and don’t try to force players hand. I don’t blame some players too for turning there back on Canada. As much as you want to play for your country, you must have belief in your FA first that they’re trying to inprove the situation. When your FA has hired questionable people in the past, fired a decent coach like Zambrano, not scheduled friendlies when it should matter, you’re going to get disillusioned players wondering why make the trek for Canada. You want something to believe in that things will be different and that starts at the top. This is not the girls team that he thinks he can motivate them by teling the press other things. The men have bigger egos and haven’t had a decent coach that they actually listened with glee since god knows when.
  7. I’m not a big Herdman believer either, but I’ll give him a Gold Cup to prove himself. If he can’t make at least a quarterfinal or semi’s with Davies, Akindele, Cavallini in the lineup, deserves to be let go. But also knowing how “cheap” the CSA is that we didn’t even schedule any friendly games prior to the World cup shows that Herdman is the “only” coach willing to accept the shoestring budget and attempt to qualify for a World cup. If he stays on as a coach till 2026, I’ll give forever give up on Canada being competent in this sport.
  8. I would say Edmonton coached him 40%, they say between the ages of 7-10 is when a youth player shows abilities and great development. Davies was obviously too good for edmonton and needed a bigger pond to flourish, thats where Whitecaps FC helped out and I’d say it was 30-40% of Davies time. The last 20% is him personally training on his own and getting better. Obviously everybody that helped in his development will get rewarded, he’s miles ahead of Mattocks and Manneh at his age.
  9. I wanna see Davies and Tabla lead Canada’s attack. This positive article with big clibs rumoured can not just only peak interest in the mational team from the players but now, the younger academy kids can use Davies as a benchmark on where they could end up if they have all that talent. Still hopeful Tabla commits to Canada with us hosting and Davies being a bigger star than him.
  10. Uruguay, Chile and Argentina were rumoured to want to cohost the 2030 World Cup. So I’m expecting CONCACAF to all vote for the bid down South. Uruguay wanted the bid alone initially, but Argentina joined since they also wanted to co-host. Same with Chile. Funny how all those 3 countried hosted a World cup independantly, but now the economic situation is different that they can’t go at it alone.
  11. There’s a 2 minute video of Davies talking about to the FIFA congress about the bid. Thought it was emotional and great. Kid was confident. Just check sportsnet. They have it somewhere.
  12. Just read on my twitter feed news fhe United bid won. Seems everybody thought Morroco was a shoe in, but FIFA loves money. Now to see how they divvy up the games and spots. Isn’t the 2026 WC supposed to have 46?? Teams now?? Take away the United bid that leaves 43?? Spots open.
  13. Davies is said to have been invited by the CSA to speak about the US, Canada, Mexico bid tomorrow when they make there case against Morocco. The United bid must be desperate that MLS and rhe CSA need Davies as the poster child for the United bid. Thought it was in the bag?
  14. nolbertos

    CPL General

    Just heard from one of the Southsiders that to remove and relocate the pole for Langford stadium in Victoria, BC Hydro quoted $3million. Can anybody confirm?? Must be more than just a power pole that needs to be reconnectedz. Sounds like its a transformer or something.
  15. nolbertos

    Victoria CPL

    When the Cascadia Cup was formed all teams pitched in money for maintenance. I believe that part of the membership fees from supporters nowadays goes to upkeeping the Cup. Also, I forgot to say, but in order for Victoria to even get a shot at the Cascadia, they have to play against Portland and Seattle in an unofficial capacity for points. There is an unofficial table on who gets the Cascadia Cup. Unless Victoria finds a way to MLS, can’t see them being involved.
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