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  1. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    Delgado made a great pass on the goal but in the vast majority of games he is a turnover machine. He will be no where near the USMNT with play like this. Most of the time he is sub par and he hurts TFC this year when he is on the pitch.
  2. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    How the hell us Delgado still playing. Last year I begrudgingly acknowledged that he deserved time over Osorio and Chapman, but this year he has been absolute shite. Team does look much more in control tonight with the return of Mavinga, VDW and Jozy. 1-0 in the 54 th.
  3. Club Linesman

    CPL General

    Perhaps the minimum 6 Canadians is designed to ensure you start 7 or 8 so that when a coach is making changes he can put whoever he wants on without worrying about the quota. Maybe it s subliminal Jedi mind trick to give Canadians more playing time without having s coach lose their autonomy once the game starts.
  4. Club Linesman

    Position Group: Centre Backs

    No way James is 6th. How can Edgar who is off a major injury and unattached ahead of him? I love Henry bu he has what played 6 games in 2 years? Not a fan of Jakovic but he did play this year at the start. Was happy when Vitoria joined but he hasn’t played. Probably need to start playing Cornelius with James and Henry and hope the three stay healthy.
  5. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    2-0 three minutes in. Playoffs will require us winning every home game and stealing a couple on the road. Very disappointing MLS season, reminds me of a few years ago when it was hard to be a fan.
  6. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    Once again down 1-0. Gio had a couple good looks in the first half so far but hasn’t hit the target. Only good news is we have 7 Canadians involved, 3 starting, and Jozy is on the bench. This is practically a must win.
  7. Club Linesman

    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    Isn’t Millar pretty well guaranteed to play for Canada? If he is good enough to play for the team then by all means but we don’t need to take him for the purpose of cap tying him.
  8. Club Linesman

    Alphonso Davies

    To even have a Canadian in the mix for that title is mind boggling. Let’s hope he keeps his upward trajectory and works his ass off, and there is no reason to think he won’t, and that we can all watch him tearing it up in a big 5 league and leading Canada to greatness!
  9. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    FFS down 2 in 19 minutes. What the hell is being done to right this. Unless they come back and win this think playoffs are done.
  10. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    Thought I read management was who wanted the CCL. Pretty sure they didn’t think we would suck this badly in the league and maybe they would change their minds knowing how badly the season went. For what it is worth the DC game was a midweek redo for a cancelled game during the CCL run so 23000 was not bad. And playing a legitimate game against Real Madrid would pay off in a number of ways!
  11. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    Without a doubt. First MLS team to win CCL. Trophy case has a spot open. Don’t think they will rest until they win it and if the league crushes us then so be it.
  12. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    Unfortunately he is demonstrating that he isn’t worth 6 or 7 million a year going forward in his current form and as he is getting older doubt TFC will pay him that kind of cash. Will be interesting to say the least. Then we need to figure out where an aging Bradley fits in.
  13. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    Had four great chances and scored none of them including a Giovinco pk. Our vaunted depth only exists when we have our starters available and the backups are on the bench. Delgado shouldn’t play again this year. Bono lets in a howler. Bradley is gassed. And Hernandez isn’t MLS back up caliber anymore. Vanney isn’t the puppet master I thought he was. Barring a return for the rest of the year of Mavinga, Vasquez, Altidore, Auro, Van Der Wiel we are done. Guess we can focus on the Canadian Championship and give the Concacaf Championship another run next year.
  14. Club Linesman

    Alphonso Davies

    No you have the world at your fingertips. Davies has the world at his feet.
  15. Club Linesman

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Every team is in need of a player like Davies. He is 17 and starting to consistently outplay men in a legitimate league. With his upside the question will be who will pay the most or who is he most comfortable with. Tabla ended up at Barca and in what I saw of him in MLS, he was not nearly as good as Davies.