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  1. Doneil Henry

    Based on the dire expectations of our central defenders going forward its almost a must that Doneil returns to health and begins playing again. He has the tools, if he can put it all together he could be the imposing CB that anchors the line for the next few years. Just don't play him at RB.
  2. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    If this move results in more playing time then I am all for it. Sad to see him go but if he gets 2000 minutes with Montreal then it will help him and the CMNT. He is ready to make an impact at both levels.
  3. Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year for 2017

    1 Borjan 2 Arfield 3 Hoilett
  4. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Absolutely brilliant domination. What an amazing feeling and game!
  5. Huge move for the league. Add 3-4 Vazquezs to sac team and MLS will be much improved. If Canadians can play on that league we will be alright. Question is will they have the quality when MLS improves?
  6. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Looking forward to a great experience today and a big TFC win! Wife scored some tickets for me last night and a Merry Christmas indeed! Let's go Reds - lets destroy the Sounders!
  7. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Seattle is up on Houston 1-0 but Houston is playing with 10 men but Lodeiro missed the PK. Sounders definitely in the driver seat but that PK miss gives Houston some life. Would think it will be a rematch of the Final last year if all goes according to plan.
  8. Canadians in MLS 2017 season

    They did what they needed to do. Interesting that Osorio is now gets some serious playing time and outlasts Delgado on the pitch. And Raheem plays - wow where did that come from and thank goodness that he did. Wonder how many will see the field in the final games?
  9. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Complete bullshit. Only legitimate explanation is injury but why do I think that is not the case. Solid road game without major stars. Win one game at home and now back to the final. Hurts not getting the away goal but with a full team next week I would hope we dominate from the word go and put Columbus on the road to Austin.
  10. Let's hope Jordan moves on to a team that will give him a chance. Ridiculous that a guy who can't use his head at 6'5 and doesn't score goes to the bench of a game when your two best strikers are out and you have a guy who has scored in the league when given the opportunity.
  11. Tristan Borges

    At each camp though there should be a couple of youngsters to expose them to the set up and to say that we have real interest in your development and ability. We don't need to see our top guys at each camp if it will negatively impact their club situation, and we don't need to see the same mediocre players time and time again because we know what they can do ie Straith, Ledgerwood types. Call in players like Eustaquio and Borges. Oz did that with some of the younger South American players and hopefully will do this in the future to further develop the pool and commit some of the younger dual nationals to Les Rouges.
  12. Good one centurion!
  13. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Altidore's is explainable to some degree based on the sketchy information we have about the tunnel stuff, but Giovinco whining after a call knowing that Altidore had already seen a red is inexcusable at that level. Perhaps it is stuff like this that is keeping the Ant off of the Azzuri.
  14. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Now we get to see Tos run wild and the extensive depth of our team come into play. Not having Altidore and the talented but petulant Giovinco, we will truly need to use our depth and vary our tactics to at least ensure a draw in leg 1. Columbus will be a relative challenge missing some key pieces but as Dub Narcotic said above, maybe a bit easier for TFC then the Bulls of Red. Try to steal an away goal, but settle for 0-0 and come home and play with a full squad and on the the Final!
  15. Ballou Tabla

    No one in their right mind should be upset at Cristante for choosing Italy even if it is a one and done. He is not like the others raised in this country, supported by federal funds, and then running for better pastures when another country comes calling. At the end of the day him telling his grandkids that he once suited up for the Azzuri will most likely mean way more than if he was telling them that he played for Les Rouges for a few years and they had some success ... He talked to Oz so that Italy would take him and his desire to play internationally seriously and get him his call up to the team he really wanted to play for. And its not the worst fall back if like Arfield, his home nation says no thanks.