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  1. TFC played very well at times in the 3-2 loss. Zavaleta was taken off at half after a very shaky start. Ciman played well except for one useless slide tackle. Delbado has a couple of really nice touches and about a half a dozen horrible ones. Please for the love of God start Chapman. Chapman came off the bench with good energy and looked dangerous. Pozuelo and Jozy hook up for 2 goals and Pozuelo hit a great strike at the 93rd that forced Frei into a great save. Ciman also drilled one off the post in added time.
  2. Novillo just scored. Urriti involved in the build up. Game on TSN 5
  3. Pitch looks absolutely awful. Maybe they should reach out to TFC and gets some tips.
  4. 100%! Team is looking good and always happy when a Canadian gets pt. Actually searched out a stream for the first time ever to watch the Impact game last night when I read on here that 6 Canadians were on the pitch.
  5. Two can play at that game 😉 But ask anyone with the squad and they’ll tell you that the 23-year Brazilian’s value is sky high. “I think he has the capacity to be one of the best right backs in our league, if not the best right back,” said coach Greg Vanney. “He’s a nice weapon to have.”
  6. Interesting. Bradley drops down to TAM level and you keep Robben for one additional year at 3-4 million?! Then he’s gone and they can reinvest in a Pozuelo type who is in the prime of his career. In spite of his age his skill level would probably still allow him to contribute significantly to TFC like Zlatan in LA for a year and a half. Would love to see him in person even if only for a year and a bit.
  7. Getting lost in semantics. Happy with Laryea and pleasantly surprised with his play at RB today. I would not announce him as better than Auro based on one game Athletically, technically, skill wise whatever, if we were playing for the MLS cup I would have Auro at RB over Richie 100% of the time based on what we have seen to date.
  8. Was at the game. Just disagree that from one outing a guy who couldn’t get on the field with one of the shittiest teams in the league is miles more athletic than Auro who has consistently played on one of the top teams In the league. Great that he played well and hope for good things.
  9. Played well. Not sure he is more athletic than Auro. Why was Auro out - is he hurt? dont get me wrong happy Laryea played and well and it would be great if he could play his way into the conversation for the CMNT but doubt he unseated Auro based on one good performance.
  10. A point. Team dominated stretches of play and needs to create more chances in the final third. Pozuelo looked more human today with all 4 of his corners being terrible. Laryea looked good. Not sure what Bono was thinking on the first goal and for F$&&s sake can we nail Delgado to the bench and start Chapman.
  11. Thanks for doing this! Miss the Canadian Power Rankings - are those no longer being calculated. Believe it was done by Steven Sandor on one of the Canadian soccer sites. It is interesting to compare the number of minutes Canadians are getting in MLS and USL ... from year to year.
  12. 7-0 with 5 to go. Abysmal performance a la Caldwell.
  13. Pozuelo’s performance was in the words of Ray Hudson majesterial. Couldn’t have hoped for a better start and it is obvious he is class. Also demonstrates in my mind that injuries played a massive role in our performance last year. Moor bossing the back (Ciman on the bench), Mavinga shaky at times but getting back to his all star form and we now have a younger healthier Vazquez. Things are looking up.
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