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  1. Club Linesman

    Chants for Tuesday

    I second that. I could see it working either way - drunk or study a lyric sheet. Really looking forward to Tuesday night and my first Voyageurs experience cheering on the CMNT! Anticipating an absolute demolishing of Dominica.
  2. Club Linesman

    Scott Arfield

    Well deserved. With Hutch being out of the picture for some time, Arfield is our player with the best pedigree and his performances in the last couple of years have shown his class.
  3. Club Linesman

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    To be replaced by whom? It’s our weakest position at the moment but Henry is getting regular minutes in the best league of any of our CB’s. Need a couple guys to develop but right now we need him and James. The elder statesmen can be there to support. And finally in his defence Henry has had a horrible run of injuries so he has not had the hundreds of games that CB’s need to solidify the intellectual aspect of the game to go with his physical abilities
  4. Club Linesman

    Canadians abroad: October 5-11, 2018

    Hutch starting. Larin on the bench behind Love. David starts on the bench.
  5. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    Teibert was better than Oso tonight but Oso is having a spectacular year and in terms of overall production it is not even close. Oso may be having the best year of all of our midfielders of any club. He has blossomed this year and it is such a shame that Floro didn’t get over his issues with the man. It was nice watching a very Canadian team tonight and if someone was going to end TFC’s season, happy it was Levi’s, Teibert Henry Davies et al.
  6. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    Done and done. Nothing like bringing on a CB when you are down goal and in a must win situation. Let’s hope the 4 month rest Vanney managed to get us will pay off in the CCL next year. I really feel this year is an outlier
  7. Club Linesman

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Teal is a colour, Alex is a legend and with Millar, Davies, Tabla, Hoilett, David, Cav and Larin the man who is merely a colour is of no consequence.
  8. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    One of the better line ups we have been able to put out and the result was a great indicator of the game. Really should have been 6-1. Janson seems to be coming into his own and if he can stay on the field instead of being injured like Jozy he will be s keeper. Mavinga was excellent and reinforced how we missed him this year. Delgado finally played alright. We will probably go on a roll but too little too late.
  9. Club Linesman

    Ballou Tabla

    Fantastic! It’s hard to imagine that we will have such talented offensive players to choose from and in competition with each other for the right to represent Canada! Herdman may need to end up playing the 352 vs all of our opponents. Now if we can convince Hutch to play CB for four years and/ or get Tomori or Ferreira to commit we will be assured of 2022! Allez les Rouges!
  10. Club Linesman

    Atiba Hutchinson

    Correct. Although Trump is capable of royally screwing up so much you never know!
  11. Club Linesman

    Atiba Hutchinson

    Atiba played really well today. It’s too bad that he isn’t a couple years younger. If we had him marshalling the back line and making passes out of the back to Scotty who would then find Alphonso, 2026 would be a lock!
  12. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    Many of us thought for sure that TFC would do something last year to shore up the CB position prior to this season. If Bez had we might have be prepping for the playoffs. Aketxe was a huge bust and took away the option to get a first team CB. Knowing that we are back in the CCL the brain trust will really need to do some thinking about squad depth and having different pieces that can mesh together while still giving the stars a rest once in awhile.
  13. Club Linesman

    TFC 2018

    I don’t know how many changes there will be. Injuries are the culprit for this year. If either Mavinga or Moor are healthy each game we are in the playoffs and the narrative is much different. The interesting aspect of the roster are the dp’s. They are older and are starting to slow down and I wonder if they will need to sign at a lower rate?
  14. Club Linesman

    Jay Chapman

    Chapman should have received the majority of Delgado’s starts. He needs the opportunity and Marky’s decline this year was significant.
  15. Club Linesman

    Canadians abroad: September 14-20, 2018

    Unbelievably David came on for the last 15 for Gent and failed to score in a 2-1 loss.