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  1. Twin brother Christian played the entire game for Union Espanola ( he is on loan from Colo Colo )
  2. Juan Guillermo played 90 minutes in 1 nil loss to Santiago Morning
  3. Union San Felipe Official press release
  4. Has officially been called up to the U23 Team for the tournament in Qatar
  5. 1 nil Canada. Twardek
  6. I am watching it on Facebook
  7. Until we have our own league for our young players to develop we we will continue to fall behind
  8. Not strong enough to be the number 10 at this level. Got pushed off the ball too easily
  9. To be fair it did seem the nerves got to him the first few minutes but his technical ability is usually quite good having seen him play with Palestino.
  10. Where were our two center backs ?
  11. Mexico just defeated Antigua 3-0
  12. I agree that Twardek should have been subbed off at half
  13. That's what happens when you play for a tie. I have seen this movie before
  14. Another close call by Honduras. Time to make some changes coach
  15. Not liking how we started the second half