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  1. Alphonso Davies

    Cue Caps fans defending the club and how Davies need "protecting" and has had a long year (ignoring they haven't played a game in a month)...meanwhile the reality is the Caps don't want Davies missing the start of training camp.
  2. Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year for 2017

    1. Cristante 2. de Guzman 3. Ferreira Bah! Hum bug!
  3. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    This. He'd fit well in the 3-5-2 system as a RWB.
  4. Massih Wassey

    For the entirety of Floro's stint as MNT Manager Massey was playing in the 4th tier Regionalliga, so it's understandable he didn't warrant a look. It seems this year he was given a shot at a level significantly higher and he took the chance and ran with it. I guess he may have been a really good player in Regionalliga and worthy of playing in 3. Liga, but it just took a few years for someone to finally give him the chance.
  5. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    Well that's too bad, but good news for the Academy. Guess it says something about the city when so many former players choose to stay post career.
  6. TFC off-season - 2017-2018

    Good choices by Tiny Tim. Get rid of Vanney's couch surfing stray so that Hamilton can get the minutes he deserves. I'd like to see Cheyrou back on the league minimum unless he retires. He can still give us 500 minutes of decent veteran defensive presence.
  7. Alphonso Davies

    He was still greasy as fuck. The fingers-through-the-sweaty-hair-and-flick at the crowd is still my go-to move.
  8. Octavio Zambrano

    Good article. So 3 U20 camps in 2018 as well as a U21/23 camp in January.
  9. Alphonso Davies

    Late 90's Scott Hall. Eh, yo.
  10. Alphonso Davies

    Who's nullifying what now? You asked a question, you got an answer. There are a number of long time posters who feel the same way as i do.
  11. Raheem Edwards

    Clearly LAFC got the tighter deal in all this...
  12. Alphonso Davies

    Mostly. The other part of it is the tendency of their supporters on this board to shit on Canadians when defending the Caps. TFC and Impact fans generally shit on their clubs for fucking up, but Caps excuse their clubs behaviour towards Canadians. Sometimes makes you wonder if some are club employees.
  13. Raheem Edwards

    With the amount of allocation money available for use probably half the starters are getting upgraded. Good point G-L, Molinaro's point makes no sense. If it were me you keep Edwards over Zavaleta (Vanney's nepotism), trade Morrow to a small market team, release Beitashour and upgrade both FB positions as well as the Delgado/Osorio spot. A couple of new CB's too...
  14. Impact offseason 2017-18

    Guess he thought it was a dick move too....