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  1. You mean the kid that was already permanently cap-tied so there was no reason to play him?
  2. Matis Romero Gribeauval

    Clarification: he does not play for CD Leganes "C", he plays for the Juvenil "C" team. Basically the 3rd team at the U19 level for CD Leganes. The cut-off for U19 this year would be 1999 birth year, so probably the A team are 99's, B team 2000's and C team are 2001's. Would assume they have a team or teams at U17 level (Cadetes?) which would be 2001's also, so not sure if it's a good thing he's on the U19 C team instead of U17 A team.
  3. Good, we don't have to give up on these guys 😉
  4. Stephen Eustaquio

    Ivan is likely asking that in response to ray's statement "worth a call to see if he's interested". My guess is Stephen would jump at the chance to rep. Canada and that he should call be called for our next FIFA window camp.
  5. Yes, at age 20 he's a washed up has-been who will never amount to anything.
  6. Concacaf Hex results (R)

    If we had more players who took defeat (figuratively, not literally in this case) in the same fashion we might actually get to the Hex once in a while.
  7. Serbia's the new Germany for our boys.
  8. Holy christ, look at this corpse you dredged up.
  9. Canada Fails for Same Reason as USA Did

    No, if a man coached professionally as a head coach for 2 seasons he was a "professional manager". Now you can say he wasn't a very good coach and i would agree with you, but your statement is incorrect.
  10. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    Ironic that 28 years ago at the same venue T&T needed only a draw to go to the 1990 World Cup and the Americans pulled off the 0-1 upset to go to their first WC in 40 years. Now the favour has been returned.
  11. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    This used to be true before the ranking system was overhauled earlier this decade. What Zem wrote is accurate.
  12. Canada Fails for Same Reason as USA Did

    I wasn't talking about Colin Miller. I was curious about his statement about Yallop being the only professional manager between 2003-13, which is of course incorrect as usual.
  13. Canada Fails for Same Reason as USA Did

    ^ What do you mean by "professional manager"?
  14. Andres Fresenga

    Uh oh, you're gonna get a scathing PM from one of his buddies like i did a few years ago!
  15. That would make the TFC thread even bigger, which is the opposite of his argument.