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  1. PhillyJawn-guy

    CPL General

    When CPL quality surpasses MLS 5 years from now should CSA or Monty force the 3 Canadian MLS teams to switch over? They can't treat the Fury as an isolated incident, right?
  2. PhillyJawn-guy

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Now force the 3 MLS teams over to CPL too. Also CONCACAF should force MLS and USSF to adopt pro/rel and get rid of the single entity of MLS or de-sanction MLS and suspend USA. Monti needs to show some balls and go tough on USSF because FIFA isn't doing anything.
  3. PhillyJawn-guy

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    OK, a non-trolling question: Is Davies an anomaly/generational talent or is he the expected norm for future crops of Canadian players? I'm just wondering if Davies is more like Salah of Egypt or Mkhitaryan of Armenia (once in a lifetime standouts for otherwise mediocre NT's) or is he one of many future prospects for the next generation?
  4. So do you know what the 2 countries were like from the 1950's-80's? I know obviously neither country was a soccer power or done much in international tournaments but going by old records Canada had the advantage both H2H and vs other countries. How different were CAN and US at that time?
  5. This time I'm asking a real question about the CAN/US relationship and rivalry in soccer. I promise I won't rant or troll on anything.
  6. I also asked this in the CPL subreddit: I just have a bit of curiosity after reading about US and Canadian soccer history learning that Canada was considered superior to the US from the 1958 WC cycle to the 1986 one, which Canada qualified. From match records it looks like every time the US and CAN entered WCQ's together Canada always got further or finished with a better result. Also in the Pan-Am games and Olympics Canada had better performances. Based on Elo ratings (FIFA ranking didn't exist) Canada was consistently ahead of the US during that period and sometimes the 2 countries were >40 places apart. If anyone has ideas, how big was the gap between Canada and the US during the "wilderness years" for both countries?
  7. PhillyJawn-guy

    Ottawa CPL Club

    If the Fury wants to be condescending toward the CPL, just banish them from the league and CSA sanctioning. They can just fuck off in their failing US-based league and sink with American soccer Titanic while Canada rises again.
  8. Canadians are better at soccer than Americans, and have better knowledge and understanding due to higher foreign-born population and being better informed about the outside world. Canada was better than the US pre-1990's and qualified for the WC when the US can't even beat Caribbean teams. So after 3 decades, why is Canada still attached to US leagues, academies, and such? Examples: 3 teams in MLS, TFC joining USSDA, Ottawa and TFC II staying in USL, Calgary Foothills and a few others in PDL, etc. If Canada is serious about improving, isn't it ironic to continue to be attached to a failed system and a dysfunctional and clueless governing body found in the USSF? Or if Canada wants to be in tune with the soccer world, it doesn't make sense to stay in a fake league that goes against accepted soccer norms, eh?
  9. PhillyJawn-guy

    At least the Whitecaps and Impact could join CPL

    Just to let you know I am a converted fan of Canadian soccer and CARE DEEPLY and I have TOO MUCH RESPECT to let Canadian soccer be dragged down to USA's dysfunctional fed and fake gimmicky league. O Canadian soccer, I'll stand on guard for thee against the USSF and MLS.
  10. I'm really really sorry for trolling or beating a dead moose, but I have a thought: The Impact and Whitecaps existed long before MLS was founded and were independent clubs before selling their souls to be a McFranchise of a gimmicky Mickey Mouse league. So it could be possible to sell their franchise rights to US investors and then pull out of MLS with some re-branding and maybe slightly change the names and become real clubs again. Do Canadians want a commissioner who's a bumbling idiot say things like this: Why should Dumbass Garber tell Whitecaps what to do with the money? This is all due to stupid single entity that the Caps can't act like an independent club and make their own decisions!!! IS THIS A PROPER SOCCER LEAGUE?????? TALK TO ME/US!
  11. PhillyJawn-guy

    Why is the CSA not being tougher on the 3 MLS teams?

    Canadians shouldn't let Garber who's a soccer noob tell you how to run a club (Caps SHOULD be a real club, and leave MLS for CPL): What other executive of a soccer league in the world says things like this or think he can actually control others' businesses? I have at least 50 reasons Canada should GTFO of MLS but if I started listing them I'd be what you call "trolling." So I'll let others speak such as Dumbass Garber.
  12. PhillyJawn-guy

    Why is the CSA not being tougher on the 3 MLS teams?

    OK, I'll cool down my trolling. But are you and others really OK with Canada having one foot in US soccer and continue to participate in US leagues rather than being independent?
  13. PhillyJawn-guy

    Why is the CSA not being tougher on the 3 MLS teams?

    Warm take: as soon as Canada gets out of MLS there will be fewer embarrassing losses to Honduras, El Salvador, St. Kitts & Nevis, Guadeloupe, etc. And once CPL becomes strong enough Canada will own Mexico and dominate them so much the Mexicans will attempt to play hockey to upstage the Canadians!
  14. PhillyJawn-guy

    Why is the CSA not being tougher on the 3 MLS teams?

    OK, I'll make a deal guys. When Canadians COMPLETELY abandon MLS, I'll stop talking. I called for a total boycott in the US of the MLS Cup and they banned me, so I'm assuming Canadians are more soccer-savvy.
  15. PhillyJawn-guy

    Why is the CSA not being tougher on the 3 MLS teams?

    The thing is for a country of 35 million and soccer is 3rd or 4th in popularity, does Canada really need 2 D1 leagues co-existing? One complaint was the 3 MLS teams have done a piss-poor job developing Canadians and giving playing time (even though Canadian MLS teams > US ones) so what's the point in keeping them there? About CPL "getting its legs" it would help to have well established clubs with a lot of money to give the league a boost, right? I'm not saying act right now, but the CSA should give warnings and set a timeline.