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  1. More on his performance https://mobile.twitter.com/__RobH__/status/1045440967887605760
  2. Is this the Romainian kid playing for the impacts u-18 team I’ve been hearing whispers about?
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/GlassCityFC/status/1023609980782501888
  4. You shouldn’t be useing your phone in class bud
  5. ManU, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool to name a few. However, I could definitely see City acquireing him to replace either Sterling or Sane on the wings
  6. Totally, loveing the enthusiasm tho
  7. There’s been quite a few newbie posters since yesterday's announcement.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/KAAGent/status/997820069123121152 made the 18 again for tomorrow’s game against Club Brugge
  9. This would also be a really good opportunity to call up Noah Verhoeven. He’s been doing great so far this season on loan at Fresno and has earned rave reviews for his technical skills and forward play.
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