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  1. Joe MacCarthy

    The Singing Nun Suor Cristina

    Siervas showing their talent for hooks again with another catchy tune
  2. Please, do not compare that apologetic idiot to a cool guy like Mr Dressup
  3. Joe MacCarthy


    Are you saying bring him back?
  4. Joe MacCarthy


    In half the games that we played? Our goal start at least a 50-50 chance not a miracle upset.
  5. That's why I think it won't happen, too much unfamiliarity. I don't even think that they'll do well because if that's true some of the things I find dear will have been implemented long before I thought possible. Frankly I don't even see them doing well, it's just too big a swing from Trudeau's craziness over too short a time. I don't think Trudeau has dropped that much support that disenchanted Libs will vote any type of Conservative government. Wish it would be true, but alas...
  6. Joe MacCarthy


    Totally agree with that and did during the Pellerud era. But that plateaued as we realized we could not reach the next level and beat the top teams in the world with that approach. I always say, you have to do what's effective be it pretty or not.
  7. Joe MacCarthy


    That he did, but it wasn't sustainable as a permanent solution. I was probably one of his staunchest defenders at the time, when people criticized his direct approach, which was based on statistics regarding chances at goal and such. He worked with what he had, as he didn't have the upcoming depth like we do now. I got it then, I get it now, but these CSA haters (and that's what they are because they've been posting the same crap for over a decade), keep spouting a narrative that a return to "the good old days" is what is warranted when we have a stumble. I think Rhian has all the qualities needed in a coach, except one, experience. I remember my first year teaching, thinking if I can get through this year, next year I'll have my lesson plans already prepared and I can concentrate on what the hell I'm doing. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and will always condemn the lunacy of the CSA Legion of Doom who post their usual nonsense. I'm not including you Vic, just responding
  8. The right vote will be somewhat split but I think the apologist would still win anyway. Even though there should be, there isn't enough animosity yet amongst the general populace toward Le Grand Snowflake
  9. He'll get in again and we'll be truly f'ed. He still has enough support and Scheer is too nice a guy to do what has to be done. Nigel Farage has a good video on the EU similar to the unelected, useless elites like the UN.
  10. Joe MacCarthy


    Yes ,we must harken back to those halcyon days of St Even and la Morace. One thing I have ascertained is that the CSA does test for mental competence. Otherwise how can we explain Robert and Ref's decade long campaign of bitterness over not getting a CSA job.
  11. Joe MacCarthy


    Fact #4 - Why did you start a new thread when there already was one within eyeshot about 4 inches down
  12. Joe MacCarthy

    Herdman new head coach

  13. Agree with much of that. I was going to post something about Portelance during the game but it came across as unkind and I really didn't want to do that against a teenager. She seemed behind the others in the games I saw, although she seemed to get marginally better in the second half which may have kept me from posting. I don't think we were outmatched but I definitely give the Mexicans credit for their team defending, it was outstanding. For Canada, I think we have a pretty solid keeper there, one to keep an eye on.
  14. http://cricfree.org/soccer/mexico-u17-w-canada-u17-w-cfd7c458?l=2393347302 Just close the "ads"