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  1. I thought Al Gore invented the Internet
  2. Anybody remember Elaine Sun, who did such good work promoting the women's team and running the website gobigred.ca. I was cybercruising the other day and saw she is now a Team Leader with Canada Basketball, well deserved.
  3. Here's my oldie Vs story, I've almost never had cable TV, by choice, or extreme frugality I would pay for Internet, as to me, it is a multipurpose tool (Kodi anyone?). Anyway I listened (and nearly had cardiac arrest) to the 2000 Gold Cup tournament and win over Internet radio. Heady days!
  4. I've posted this in the past so as to curtail any revisionism but in the unlikeliest of scenarios Rad accepted more callups and showed more loyalty when he had the most to lose (when he was in the EPL) with Everton and Fulham.
  5. Vs were around before Net54, start with the University of Alberta website.
  6. I remember seeing the UofA site but does anybody remember the site at Canoe.ca SlamSports. |If I recall correctly and there a good chance I'm wrong both this site and the CSA message board were both killed by trolls. Please correct me if I`m wrong.
  7. From a screen capture (Canadian Soccer Web) from November 27 1999 - some of the links still work. Voyageurs Soccer Talk - Earliest available posts from Net54 October 1 2000. Posts aren't working but you get the gist of what was going on back then and who was around. I'll keep digging, those posts must be available somehow. Edit: Posts are available, except for page one, it's working very weird now Might as well keep adding to the history while I'm here This is the link where the Moaca began to change from the start it was given by CdnSupporter at BigSoccer, to my wantin
  8. The Luis Rancagua Net54 Memorial blog. I took my name from him and finally posted (after lurking for years until I figured I had enough knowledge to post) My name is actually a misspelling from the old NY Yankees manager and the infamous senator Joe McCarthy. Grizzly February 5, 2004 Re Wyn Belotte "Maybe he should join the team where Brad Parker and Joey Torchia are playing. Don't know what team that might be but maybe Luis can fill us in :-)"
  9. Funny you mentioned those names because those are the ones that popped out to me as well. Rad was not in the EPL and was still at Anderlecht (which was a big deal then) and the infamous Brad Parker. I had the Brad Parker curse where anyone who refused a callup seemed to suffer some sort of misfortune, unfortunately that seemed to die with the Ho, and God bless Davies for hopefully now making it a moot point. I looked at the list and that was not the one where I thought we should come up with a new Moaca. I think I derived that from BigSoccer and CdnSupporter? I wonder if I can find th
  10. If you want a blast from the past go here I seem to recall there were these two mystery guys that played in Scotland who seemed to get a lot of airplay for some unknown reason: Russel Huggon, Emilio Botiglieri
  11. My first memories of the Vs was when I saw their presence at the UofA website. Somehow I was the last guy to have the keys to the Net54 website. I just tried to go there to see if it still worked but it looks like it's been taken over by tapatalk. I wonder if Net54 links posted here still work or do you have to use the wayback machine.
  12. August 15, 2000 This is it soccer fans, the beginning of a long journey which we hope will have a beautiful ending! In April of 1996, what was long overdue finally came through! It was the start of the Voyageurs Supporters Club, Canada's own fan club at last! Inspired by the rapid growth of soccer in Canada and after years of poor support for Canada both in terms of numbers and quality of fans, the Voyageurs were formed. From the first day, we set our goal to change the atmosphere of Canadian stadiums gradually. We set our goal to gradually make sure that when Canada plays
  13. Hate, hate, hate sigs. This site has always been about the written word. Anything that distracts from that, bites.
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