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  1. “We’ve got a very big player coming in,” Paulus teased. “It’s a done deal. It’s a massive signing for the club. He’s a top player.” The unnamed central defender will arrive in Edmonton on Wednesday, according to Paulus. “He just adds this massive, physical presence. He would have been the biggest player on the field today.”
  2. According to Clanachan 18 cities are in discussions with the CPL, some more advanced than others. He also said "Toronto is a massive city, there could be many teams in Toronto" as well as "The water's warm" on potential clubs in Montreal and Vancouver. The goal is 14-16 clubs by 2026, and pro/rel after the 14-16 club first tier. Reaching the goal should be fairly easy if there actually are 18 markets with concrete interest.
  3. KW519

    CPL General

    Not an arguement man it happens all the time. Players are also told to kick other players all the time...I've had African, South American, and North American managers all show different times and ways to let our opponent know they're too close. All I was saying is a player going to ground easy is asking to be kicked more. Pure talent will get you kicked, then you add frustration from an opponent that feels you play for fouls, he's now more motivated to get top value for his investment. "Physical attacks" are part of the game, just as diving is part of the game. Both coached in different parts of the world. Pick your poison
  4. KW519

    CPL General

    Yes, we're all in favour of attractive possession based football, and we can all agree the players need to be protected, but sometimes these players that go down easy are asking for it. If you know a player is going to dive on most contact, why wouldn't you get a proper disguised kick to the ankles in? Why not let him feel your studs on his foot top if he's gonna try to cheat you? At least he thinks twice before dribbling at you next time. One's a thug, one's a con man pick your poison
  5. KW519

    CPL General

    That's reassuring knowing a true fan of the sport is running the show, and his comments come from years of being involved in the game.
  6. England is 25 with players U21 not counting. 20-23 total is questionable to put it friendly, and way too thin imo. 3 players injured on a 20 man roster and you don't even have enough to name a full 18
  7. KW519

    CPL General

    Does this Clanachan have any background in football?
  8. KW519

    CPL General

    These clubs are starting from scratch any injection of money would be big. Players would certainly get a piece of any prize though.
  9. Another start for David Edgar vs. Solihull Moors
  10. KW519

    CPL General

    The cap will certainly limit clubs from spending money they earn on improved player quality, but something like 100k made available towards a trasfer fee in a league where most clubs are built on free agent signings would be a big advantage imo. I'd also be happy to see a club use prize money to help launch an academy. Obviously wouldn't immediately help a club become "a big club", but would be an important piece in developing a sustainable club
  11. KW519

    CPL General

    I know it's early, but does anyone know if the CPL plans to give the winning club/finalists prize money? Even something like 100k would be a decent boost for a new club, and would help towards creating some separation in the league. I'm not one for parity, I would like to see 1 or 2 clubs established as big clubs in the Canadian game, and rewarding winning clubs is a easy way to help that along.
  12. My top 5 : 1. Edmonton away 2. Valour away 3. Cavalry home 4. Valour home 5. Halifax home
  13. Forge kits are boring...by far the worst imo
  14. KW519

    CPL General

    Maybe he means he hasn't been to Sudbury in 40 years
  15. Didn't mean to draw attention away from a good point you're making. Jozy probably tripled his wages moving back to North America, will probably have to be something similar for Larin to budge
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