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  1. Gold Cup is supposed to have a game or two in central America as well right? So they can seed US and whoever else as "hosts" but keep the hex/NL rankings for the remaining seeding. One can hope...
  2. Yeah, not sure the hiring decisions of USSF are anything to be emulating over the last few years. "even they fired him" suggests they actually knew what they were doing
  3. It's not just here. With social media being so pervasive, watching delayed games just isn't as feasible or enjoyable as it used to be
  4. And Calgary this year. Really, I'm just bumping the thread to see if Artoo makes the CanPL an 'A' or 'B' league
  5. I'd like to see London or (less likely) Windsor in there. The drive to Hamilton or York isn't really feasible for more than a few diehards. As local politicians love to point out, Ontario doesn't stop at the Grand River or in Oxford County
  6. xcalibre

    CPL Season Schedule

    Could see it start slowly with just the CanPL winner allowed in (much to our frustration). Or a CanPL pre-season/league cup which is effectively qualifying for that year's V-Cup.
  7. PCSL (used to?) sends a team to the BC Cup. So any pathway to the V-Cup might eventually come through winning that and then the Challenge Cup, that is if V-Cup ever lets in the national amateur champion. PCSL teams usually winter in a local men's league like VMSL, VISL, FVSL. The closest FM analogy would be Brazil's state leagues which run as a "secondary division" with their own separate pro/rel structure. Obviously the winter schedule makes it a no-go for including them in a Canadian database, much like trying to include the USSDA in the US. Great work mate.
  8. He'd have needed a Ghanaian passport, not sure how prone they are to speeding up that process for footballers. Thankfully a moot point now
  9. Oh come on, Herdman isn't a graphic designer, and you just know the CSA is banking on his name/face recognition from 2015 as they try to make the men's team a household name too. I didn't watch the video (at work) but from reading Herdman's interview, I actually like that kind of transparency. For so long we wondered what kind of scouting and reaching out to players the CSA did, but deep down we know they weren't actually doing anything... now we have a coach who's on canucksabroad, in regular contact with prospects, and keeps us updated. WTF am I doing, defending the CSA and Herdman?? That 8-0 must have done something to me...
  10. England sent a somewhat experimental squad to those US matches IIRC (Kieran Richardson scored a free kick!)
  11. It's not like high school, the tryouts won't form the entire roster. Some teams may not pick a single player from them.
  12. I'm sure I read that Surrey will actually be bigger than Vancouver by 2030. Placing a team there makes a lot of sense for the long term. If we end up with pro/rel to a "CanPL 2", I could see multiple teams across the Lower Mainland, including the tri-cities (PoCo/Co/PoMo?)
  13. xcalibre

    CPL General

    The thing is, putting artificial constraints on owners means they'll invest elsewhere. Look at all the North American millionaires investing in European teams, despite FFP... clearly they see it as a more worthwhile expenditure than the closed system in the US and Canada, even if they'll be outspended themselves by even richer people. Not that Frank Stronach would be necessarily investing in TFC if it was open, but if a team wants to spend money, it seems silly to say no. On a side note, I'd love to see Brazilian-style "state leagues" as preseason where TFC, Ottawa, and a CanPL/OL1 team or two play a round-robin Ontario championship instead of the usual trip to Arizona or Florida or wherever.
  14. in fantasy land if CanPL was good enough to attract interest from border teams in places like Bellingham (played in the PCSL), Detroit (owners who may outgrow NPSL), Saint Pierre y Miquelon (maybe kidding on that one), would most people be against it full-stop? Think Vegas in the CFL for that weird season. I can't imagine they'd agree to a minimum quota of Canadians on their roster so will likely be a non-starter.
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