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  1. kmouseyc

    Victoria CPL

    thanks El Presidente! @Jason Armond
  2. Can't wait to see Thomas the master take on his prodigy Tommy wheeldon and Nik Ledgerwood
  3. That is awesome! wish more of us could be as generous! Support Local Football!
  4. Also just wanted to say that I am neither an Euro snob or a mls snob. I am one of the so called lovers of Canadian soccer out there rain or shine coaching refereeing, bringing oranges, equipment. Volunteering to help the local clubs run smoothly. Fund-raising!
  5. I never said you were not allowed to express your views and never intended to offend. You have obviously given a lot of thought to this and are well versed in the history of football. Hats off and respect for your knowledge. Just want to change the conversation to how can we help to create the circumstances for Canada to have a successful pathway for coaches, referees,fans, and players. So the level of soccer begins to improve and we can at least be considered one of the top 3 teams in concacaf. I accept a lot of what you have said as definite risks. Yes the interest looks very questionable but at least some one is trying. And until they wrong me or do something that I can not accept I will hope for the best! Cheers and take care of yourself @Robert. You never walk alone!
  6. Ok @Robert we get it you are pessimistic! We all have gone over and over all the valid points you have brought up, but again either put your money where your mouth is and start this rogue FA that will start the revolution and create a proper football set up to get Canada to the top of the world stage. Meanwhile the rest of us will continue to try and do what ever we can to help support local football to succeed! With that said I am not saying that the CSA is by any means a well oiled machine. So until you have offered me a job at $1million per year coaching in your new FA. I think this thread is done!
  7. Tchani moved to Chicago for Tam. Does that open up a spot for Arfield?
  8. I think 350k is still ok for a guy like Parker he is a domestic, athletic, good age and experience mix, but if the Caps don't want to pay him then another old midfield player who really is not a game changer is not good value. Pay him the money for now and shop him around until a better player can be traded for. The risk is low and the reward will always out weighs the risk even at 350k. Teams are always looking for guys like Parker. seriously ridgewell makes $615 that is overpaying for a jack ass!
  9. Parker is a player that will give you return no matter. whitecaps front office get the deal done! Can not let a Parker go. Pay Him!
  10. $1M per per, per season? Guaranteed? really? WOW! How?
  11. This better just be rumors, we can get way more for Parker.
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