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  1. Davies? What game were you watching? He was poor. I hope Bayern weren't watching that game, lol.
  2. Teibert played really well, IMO. Osorio was pretty good as well.
  3. Davies has played really poor/sloppy. And since we've been running through him, it's made us look very sloppy on the whole.
  4. I guess I mean ... I don't know. Just Giivinco's constant whining and then giving the refs that smart ass thumbs up annoys me to no end. I was always the "sportsman like player." I had one moment of weakness in a volleyball game and booted the ball off the wall to myself at the end of a game. Aside from that, I can't think of anything. Talking to the refs is fine. Being upset is fine. Flopping and then whining and then being a smartass is not. Oh and I also hate how Giovinco dives, stays on the ground while his team has to play a man short for a few moments. Just qualities I dislike.
  5. He missed 11 chances in 2 matches in my Football Manager game. Pretty realistic.
  6. So I'm a Wolves fan. Never watched much MLS. Been starting to watch lately though. No one is replacing Wolves, and I always just assumed I would be a Toronto FC fan. They're closest to me. I bought a ball cap a few years back. But I still never really watched. Only Canada and English soccer with the odd Spanish and German games. Anyway, since I've been watching, I've grown an extreme dislike for Giovinco. He's always whining. His dives are disgustingly ridiculous. It's made me not want to cheer for Toronto, even though I really like Osorio. Does Vancouver or Montreal play a cleaner style? Or should I just keep my ballcap and support Toronto?
  7. I agree. A heart and soul player. And he's a ball winner. You want to play for him because you know he's giving 200%. I'm confident enough to say facts. I didn't really think I bashed him too hard. I made two jokes. One about him hating Canada (clearly he doesn't, he's got a ton of caps and friendlies). And the other about Liam doing more than him.. which was just talking about how great Liam was tonight. Larin is a good player who hasn't figured it out yet in international play. He's not going to have the same quality of club players surrounding him at the international level, so he needs to be a guy who goes above and beyond, especially when the opponent is not great.
  8. Not from me. They're great players for our current quality. I would take neither on my club team, but it doesn't get much better in Canada.
  9. How about none of us post on this forum in a game day thread again then? Last I looked, all my posts weren't about Larin (until since someone got butthurt by my comments). I was praising the great play of Piette and Millar. Praised how strong Edgar looked since he was rusty. Sorry though. From now on nothing but positivity. FLORO AND HART WERE THE GREATEST COACHES OF ALL-TIME. I WISH THEY WERE STOLL HERE. <3
  10. Whooooosh. Over your head, my friend. As for Larin? I've just stated facts. I like Larin, hope he can find himself for our program eventually. Its no secret he looks mediocre for us when we play teams of similar or better quality. It's no secret (like many forwards) that his effort level after a turnover is low. Its no secret that most know Larin is capable of more. Maybe people just overrated what he can bring. Maybe he's a guy who needs all the right pieces in place to be great. Or maybe he just needs to play on an empty pitch in international play and he may hit the net.
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