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  1. Look I don't want to dispute that Sinclair is a draw but there's a pretty necessary correlation does not equal causation warning here.
  2. carolynduthie

    2018 Voyageurs #CanWNT Player of the Year

    1. Sinclair 2. Lawrence 3. Fleming
  3. As Neil Davidson reported, Canada is planning to use every international break until the WWC - https://nationalpost.com/pmn/sports-pmn/canada-to-learn-womens-world-cup-first-round-foes-at-saturdays-draw-in-paris. "There are four FIFA international breaks before the tournament and Heiner-Moller plans to use all of them, including a return to the Algarve Cup in Portugal." The Algarve Cup is four games, and if they use the other three breaks that'd be a minimum of seven games, a maximum of ten. It's hard to know if they'll manage to schedule two friendlies for all three of the breaks, especially the one in January, given that it is in less than a month, but they do tend to schedule to play the same team a second time in a closed door friendly if they can only manage the one.
  4. The best four third place finishers.
  5. Whoops, must've been looking at F instead of E, thanks for catching that. I agree, England in the 16 would be tough.
  6. This bracket is wrong - FIFA changed it around yesterday when it was pointed out to them that it's not balanced (4/6 group winners are on the bottom half). Winner of Group E gets runner up of Group D, runner up from Group E gets runner up from Group F, so we only play the US if we both finish 2nd in our respective groups - it's fixed on the Wikipedia article now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_FIFA_Women's_World_Cup
  7. It's on purpose, the pots are done by ranking.
  8. carolynduthie

    Kadeisha Buchanan

    This is just based on her instagram but she does appear to have been injured for the past while.
  9. You can't formally commit (sign a National Letter of Intent) until November of the year before you're planning to enter, and coaches can't start calling you to formally recruituntil September 1st of your Junior year of high school (I'm sure there is a formal document somewhere for what that means for Canada, but I imagine grade 11 most places), but verbal commitments are completely non-binding and so there's nothing to stop a kid from verbally committing to a school when they're well younger than that, for example:
  10. She'd been to a couple of Canada youth talent ID camps, as recently as 2017 - wonder what prompted the switch to Mexico, if it was triggered by not making a Canada roster or just a preference of playing for Mexico.
  11. They've televised all of the group games; both semis are scheduled to be shown on TSN3 and TSN 5, and the third place game and final on TSN 3.
  12. I don't know about around the country, but I was at the U18 club nationals in Surrey and CSA people were there scouting.
  13. carolynduthie

    CONCACAF WCQ -Texas Tournament - Oct 4th-17th

    Costa Rica lost to Jamaica today so there's maybe an argument for having more than four teams here.
  14. carolynduthie

    CONCACAF WCQ -Texas Tournament - Oct 4th-17th

    No, they can't just go in and set up a camera, but it's been known for weeks that Fox Sports would be televising everything, the whole tournament (or at least streaming online, I think some of the non-US games they were originally planning on televising were bumped for baseball playoffs), so obviously someone had been able to acquire rights to these games before yesterday.
  15. carolynduthie

    Jessie Fleming

    No it happens to the USWNT players in college too don't worry.