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  1. Looking forward to watching MAK and Atuesta on Wednesday. The Caps need to use three guys to do the similar graft work which LA gets from these two, with neither one being on a cap crushing salary (at least as far as I know). Obviously, I'm making an overly simplistic comparison without considering other important factors in play here, but regardless it shows what you can do when get the right complementary personnel in place. I hope MAK keeps it rolling!
  2. I remember reading about that, too.
  3. I'm pretty sure he was a striker for Holger's 2002 Gold Cup team that won the third place match over South Korea. I think he was our top scorer at that tourney (I'll check wiki)
  4. Good on OZ to take the chance and since then, the young man has gone onwards and upwards from there. Personally, much sooner than later, both Kaye and Piette should become the regular engine room of our midfield.
  5. There was some pretty poor defending by LA that gave the Caps their two big first half chances which were missed (in the first case, egregiously) and then some pretty poor Caps defensive plays that ended up becoming two (and really, should have been three) goals. Unfortunately, once the subs were all made it resulted seemingly in a 4-1-5 formation which relied more on one-man-show efforts (Reyna, Ventuo) than coordinated attacking play.
  6. They need a Diego Chara type of player as that midfield signing: strong technically, big range, hard rock. Unless MDS opts to go away from his preferred 4-3-3, I doubt we'll see Reyna in a centrally based role. He's only signed up for this season, so the onus is on him to prove he can fit the role the coach has chosen for him. If not, it's "next man up" next season. Though I also agree that he's been at his best here in that central location, I also remember Dolan mentioning that he plays the wing for Peru, so I don't know what's different in his duties there as opposed to here.
  7. Things have indeed changed in a big hurry. I mean, at the end of last season we had people here suggesting that Bekker should be in the mix based on his USL season. Heck, I remember when Bekker got his first senior caps without having played a minute as a pro. It's great to see some legitimate competition for spots in midfield and up front.
  8. I would be very surprised if the club didn't go out and seriously upgrade the Teibert/Felipe/Rose spot in this three man midfield during this summer transfer window. The one thing at which Felipe excels is drawing fouls while in possession. I'd be curious to know he ranks with other midfielders in that statistic.
  9. I was hoping Henry would get this kind of notice. Massive props!
  10. I thought Henry had some huge blocks last night, especially late against Rudiaz. There's always an air of desperation with his clearances but he did the job The biggest thing for him going forward is to trust the guys around him to do their jobs and so he can concentrate on his. He's playing down the left CB channel and thus he has to use his weaker left foot more, so no one should expect him to become Ruud Krol with his forward passing. But as long as he keeps making the right decisions, like in the second half last night backing off on dangerous contact in the box near the by-line instead of diving in and inviting a penalty call, he'll be fine. You don't need the spectacular, highlight reel play all the time (though he had a few last night), just the right play at the right time.
  11. The biggest positive I got out of this match, and the start of the season in general, is that the team is meeting my one key expectation: they look tough to beat and are committed to the cause. If you are tough to beat and keep battling to the end, anything can happen, as with those great chances by Ardaiz and In-beom in stoppage time. Henry rightly earned a ton props for his key blocks, even though it always looks like last ditch defending. Godoy, to me, has been really good out there but without the air of desperation. The keeper has exceeded my expectations with his presence and handling in the box, though I thought he had a couple of hiccups last night: one area which still needs work is his distribution with his feet. Bangoura is a mixed bag of really good or really poor: one moment, he looks like he can make something of out a minimal situation, but then a very short while later makes a really bad decision or play. Venuto might be the Brazilian version of Mezquida: looks far better in cameo sub appearances than as a starter. As mentioned, Montero is becoming more of a concern because with this current attacking supporting cast he's not making anything happen, lacking the split seconds he used to have to poach or create for a teammate. Hopefully Adnan will continue to impress. With luck, the club can make something happen to keep him here longer term so that eliminates one major headache spot.
  12. BearcatSA

    TFC 2019 Season

    Any info about Van der Weil's situation?
  13. You might be, in the words of George Carlin, too hip for the room with that reference. Or maybe not. Regardless, I had a good chuckle with that one.
  14. He's a young prospect with promise. How much time he, Norman Jr., and a once healthy Baldisimo see this year remains to be seen. Vees Cup?
  15. Don't forget about Patrice Bernier, who also toiled hard in Europe yet was often considered an unheralded, "just another guy" in our NT set up but deservedly earned massive props for his play in MLS with the Impact.
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