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  1. Northvansteve

    Georges Mukumbilwa

    Up and coming RB for the Whitecaps. Class of 1999. Very fast and athletic. Player to watch. https://www.whitecapsfc.com/youth/eliteteams/residency/georges-mukumbilwa
  2. Northvansteve

    Noah Verhoeven

    Signed by Pacific FC. A little surprised that the Whitecaps let him go. One of the young players to watch in CPL this season.
  3. Northvansteve

    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    I also wonder how much having a Gold Cup tournament is a factor in Canadian players coming to play here at MLS level. These are starters who will get a lot of profile from their CanMNT appearances.
  4. Northvansteve

    Derek Cornelius

    They drafted a college CB in a later round in the draft. More of a depth guy than anything. So at the moment, Henry and Cornelius are 1-2 on the depth chart. They will surely bring in one or two more CBs.
  5. Northvansteve

    Kosovar Sadiki

    I had been impressed with him in the games I've seen. Obviously, he hasn't been able to translate those flashes of ability into success at the club level. And I would guess that doing this opens doors for him in Albania? But wouldn't CPL be a better option for him? That's over now, though. Too bad.
  6. Northvansteve

    General Discussion on CMNT

    I just don't get the total lack of investment in the youth teams. Even 2 or 3 years ago we were holding camps for all these age groups and even ID camps for U15s across the country. Now: nothing. Silence. We show up for the qualifications with the best from the MLS academies and that's it! I don't get it.
  7. Northvansteve

    General Discussion on CMNT

    The US has a training camp for its U-20, U-19 and U-17 teams: https://www.uslchampionship.com/news_article/show/982132 Why isn't Canada Soccer organizing something similar?
  8. Northvansteve

    Scott Arfield

    Why is this even a debate? Arfield is critical to our success. He and Osorio are very powerful in the middle of the field. With them, we have the ability to win the ball, create chances from the middle of the field and play with aggressiveness. You could make the case that's he our best player right now.
  9. Northvansteve

    Nations League - St Kitts Viewing Parties

    A belated thank you to the Toronto group who welcomed me to join their viewing party. Great group! Thanks to them, I can now impress my Vancouver friends with my knowledge of dodgy, backalley Toronto bars!
  10. Northvansteve

    Nations League - St Kitts Viewing Parties

    I'm flying from Vancouver into Toronto just before game time. Is the Toronto location confirmed? Are Vancouverites allowed there?
  11. Northvansteve

    CONCACAF U-20 Championship (November 2018)

    Another benefit of holding more (or any) pre-tournament camps is identifying the right mix of players. When Baldisimo went out, there was no one to step into his role. With more games under our belt, we should have been able to identify another player or two who could play that position.
  12. Northvansteve

    CONCACAF U-20 Championship (November 2018)

    My take is that this was a team full of potential complementary pieces, but no difference-makers. And you need difference-makers to, well, make a difference. No Davies, Millar, David or Tabla to take over a game and beat the likes of Panama. No difference-makers to take control of a game and brush aside the minnows. Instead, just a lot of complementary pieces who will win some, will lose some, and will always be dependent on circumstances either way. Saw some potential in a number of players: Okello, Bair, Peruzza, Reid, Bayiha, Choiniere, Baldisimo, Dunn. One or two of them will likely emerge as quality starters for their club teams eventually.
  13. Northvansteve

    CONCACAF U-20 Championship (November 2018)

    Is it just my false memory or didn't we used to have way more camps and friendlies with the youth teams than we do now? Seems like they cobble together a team just before a tournament and hope that they gel in a one-week training camp. Am I wrong about this?
  14. Northvansteve

    CONCACAF U-20 Championship (November 2018)

    So I watched the first half of this game and...ugh... Midfield was a horror show. Okello was completely ineffective - which is too bad because he has been very good overall. Verhoeven ran everywhere and accomplished nothing - he didn't show much effectiveness with his passing or attacking decisions. Fazili let his opponent run past him which led to the first goal. Hernandez made a series of pointless runs which resulted in nothing. The defense was equally a horror show. The only guy on the field who made any good impressions was Theo Bair - who worked his tail off the whole time. The youth failures are getting very very tiresome.