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  1. Northvansteve

    Calin Calaidjoglu

    I know nothing about Moldova but they finished behind Liechtenstein in World Cup qualifying. That can't be good...
  2. Northvansteve

    Vasco Fry

    Signed by Whitecaps Residency: https://www.whitecapsfc.com/players/vasco-fry Dual Peruvian-Canadian citizenship. Class of 2000. Midfielder. Has played for Peru's U-17 team. Scored a very nice goal for Whitecaps Residency on the weekend.
  3. Somewhere, Benito Floro is shaking his head
  4. Has Carl Robinson taken over the Impact?
  5. Northvansteve

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    I was impressed with Markarian when he played for the Whitecaps residency. Strong centre mid / centre defense -type. Interesting to see how much he has developed.
  6. Northvansteve

    Doneil Henry

    Totally agree with this. Was going to say something like this as well but this is far more articulate than anything i can write.
  7. Northvansteve

    Class of 2005

    Montreal Impact and Toronto FC each sending U13 teams to the 2018 U-13 Champions League (I didn't know there was such a thing!): https://www.concacaf.com/en/champions-league-under-13s-boys/article/final-rosters-announced-for-the-2018-scotiabank-concacaf-under-13-champions-league Here are the rosters, for future reference: MONTREAL IMPACT (CAN) Player name Common Name Date of Birth Position Nationality VEZINA, JORDAN THOMAS JORDAN VEZINA 13.05.2005 Goalkeeper Canada CHARTOUNI, ELAY ELAY CHARTOUNI 22.03.2005 Defender Canada SAINT- PHARD, JED'N KADR JED'N SAINT-PHARD 17.01.2005 Defender Canada FAUSTINI, DAVID DAVID FAUSTINI 19.03.2005 Defender Canada BIELLO, ALESSANDRO SIMONE ALESSANDRO BIELLO 07.04.2006 Midfielder Canada BRASSARD, MATTEO SACHA MATTEO BRASSARD 06.04.2005 Midfielder Canada RODRIGUE, ADAM ADAM RODRIGUE 13.07.2005 Forward Canada YAHIMI, LYES AGHILES LYES YAHIMI 25.01.2005 Midfielder Canada JEAN LEGER, CHRISTOPHER CHRISTOPHER JEAN LEGER 02.05.2005 Forward Canada TADJOURI, MOHAMED- EMENE MOHAMED TADJOURI 20.06.2005 Midfielder Canada GATTO, MASSIMO MASSIMO GATTO 21.07.2005 Forward Canada OUZOUNIS, ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRO OUZOUNIS 20.05.2005 Goalkeeper Canada LAHDIRI, FODIL FODIL LAHDIRI 05.11.2005 Defender Canada JEDDID, OMAR SIDIK OMAR SIDIK JEDDID 21.06.2005 Midfielder Canada SOUSA, GUILHERME GOMES GUILHERME SOUSA 13.01.2005 Defender Canada PACIUS, MARVENS MARVENS PACIUS 10.09.2005 Forward Canada TORONTO FC (CAN) Player name Common Name Date of Birth Position Nationality ALLISON, NICHOLAS NICHOLAS ALLISON 19.05.2005 Goalkeeper Canada ARGHITTU, PIERCARLO PIERCARLO ARGHITTU 03.05.2005 Forward Canada CIMERMANCIC, MARKUS MARKUS CIMERMANCIC 01.10.2004 Midfielder Canada DE PIERO, ERIC ERIC DE PIERO 24.03.2005 Goalkeeper Canada DUNCAN, MIRAN MIRAN DUNCAN 11.10.2004 Forward Canada GORDON, JON MICHAEL JON-MICHAEL GORDON 11.02.2005 Defender Canada GORDON, JOSHUA JOSHUA GORDON 24.06.2005 Defender Canada JURICIC, LUKA LUKA JURICIC 23.08.2005 Midfielder Canada KANG, ETHAN ETHAN KANG 30.04.2005 Midfielder Canada LYNCH BAILEY, KYRESE KYRESE LYNCH-BAILEY 10.02.2005 Forward Canada MAWOKO, KUNDAI KUNDAI MAWOKO 11.02.2005 Defender Canada MITCHELL, PARISS PARISS MITCHELL 26.01.2005 Defender Canada NETO, LUCAS LUCAS NETO 27.01.2005 Midfielder Canada OLGUIN, LUCAS LUCAS OLGUIN 26.09.2005 Midfielder Canada PANTALEO, ADAMO ADAMO PANTALEO 10.01.2005 Forward Canada PEARLMAN, ADAM ADAM PEARLMAN 05.04.2005 Defender South Africa
  8. Northvansteve

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Davies. David. Cavallini. Osorio. Hoilett. Geez, when are we getting some games in!!!????
  9. Northvansteve

    Russell Teibert

    This looks about right to me. I think Froese gets in there somewhere when he's healthy (prob after Teibert at the moment).
  10. Northvansteve

    Doneil Henry

    Only saw the game on TV but I did see one of the Caps from the bench go right to him after the whistle blew.
  11. Northvansteve

    Russell Teibert

  12. Northvansteve

    Doneil Henry

    I felt really bad about this goal last night. Doneil has been very very good for the Caps. Seeing his confidence grow every game, it was heart-breaking to see him make that mistake.
  13. Northvansteve

    Russell Teibert

    Glad to see him getting some more playing time. He is what he is: a steady workhouse, positionally sound, smart, and can ping the ball around nicely. What he isn't is fast, or particularly good around the opponents' 18.
  14. Northvansteve

    Emile Legault

    Whitecaps have said they have already had talks with Pacific FC and the Cavalry about doing exactly this. Expect to potentially see guys like Michael Baldisimo, Theo Bair and Thomas Hasal loaned to CPL.
  15. Northvansteve

    Emile Legault

    This is great! RB of the future for CanMNT?