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  1. Only one choice really Beau's of Vancleek Hill, they do special beers, of course choice of flavour etc needs to be done by ???
  2. Dan Schulman, is ruining Paypal as a buisiness, he is the new CEO from a background at American Express etc. he thinks he is turning it into a credit card/banking company not a payment system, dumb guy ...
  3. Follow the Pan-Ams that is the future of women's soccer in Canada... You might need to change your nick sooner then later....
  4. Heard the documentary today on the current....a good chant song was sung near the end of the broadcast, hopefully it will be heard in stadia during WWC. Folks should watch CBC national tonite for more.
  5. The junior Capo program in Ottawa is getting stronger and stronger...think it is up to about six or seven junior capo's who have led chants, it would be great next year to see more Junior Capo's....
  6. Brennan fan... Does the SC Missasauga Rattlers have a league they play in ? Okay Okay .. next National team game I am in Terana, we can arrange that you get a CAPO Case.... oh wait what a Marketing idea for Moosehead... CAPO cases in all pro soccer cities. With a poster of the local CAPO in full flight.
  7. So you think all the Capo's should love each others teams ... ? I think the strongest SG groups led by strong Capo's who help make the stadium atmosphere deserve recognition, as to megaphones ... unless you recruit Ben Hepner now he is out of job... how do you reach the top rows in a 10k stadium ?
  8. Now that we have five pro teams and numerous SG's, the question arises who will be the best CAPO this season ? I propose we the Voyageurs work out a set of criteria and ponder making an annual award to the best CAPO, prizes... perhaps we can get a loud hailer company to donate a top of the line megaphone, or we can just get a case of beer for the CAPO. It might end up being a vote by media since they get to travel to various stadia and hear the SG's and get a sense of the effect of the CAPO to get not only the SG's up and chanting but the rest of the stadium? Thoughts ?
  9. What we need is .... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceinture_fl%C3%A9ch%C3%A9e Cinture de flesche.. in Red and White, to wear to National Games. When in 1798, the corpse of a drowned voyageur was found along the St. Lawrence River, in Verchères, Labadie wrote in his personal diary that the voyageur was wearing "…une jolie cinture à flesche"[
  10. BuSaPuNk welcome, you will enjoy the site now your country cherry is ..... punked. So are RPB really Rockabilly sensitive ? Just joshing, I am into sertao nordestino, which probably has a rockabilly genre .... that i have not bee exposed to yet.
  11. time for thread for World cup Brasil...
  12. Hey I got scarf not a Tee shirt... damn mail lottery... ok I will wait till my size is made available.
  13. An option for those in Ottawa ... Cafe Caco http://cafecaco.tripod.com/index.html 77A Montreal Road, In Vanier, just over the bridge on the north side, accross from the Bingo Hall. The owner will always put on a TV ( big screen ) for the match you want, even if they have Euro one on, they have enough screens to cover any request really, and yes you can watch a novella too. Steak sandwich is five bucks, so you can get food anytime and beer/wine etc. at popular prices.
  14. Sandbagging, good on you ... did you hold the bag or shovel the sand ?
  15. Invest your money in the bank and you will have a better chance to increase your testostorone, i.e. you will be more attractive with a big bank account.
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