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  1. WheatsheafSK

    Quillan Roberts

    Come back to Toronto. They need another goalkeeper. Besides, might finally settle the eternal debate of Bono vs. Roberts - or just add more fuel.
  2. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I would hate to think where we would be without the 3 MLS teams and their academies. Likely we would still have a team half-full of unattached players and question marks on where the future players are coming from. CMNT has a big mountain to climb to get to the WC and having three professional teams was never going to be a quick fix from where we were starting. Also - it has only been 2 WC since we had three teams in the MLS. Whitecaps and Impact were not in the MLS for the 2010 WC - let alone for the qualifying round. Also also - not hilarious. CPL existence and Canada's participation in 2026 are unrelated from a competitive qualifying perspective. CPL players will not be helping Canada qualify for 2026 (assuming Canada is handed a spot). Perhaps some CPL players could help CMNT qualify for 2022, but we are unlikely to see any real impact by the CPL on CMNT qualifying before the 2030 round. So - again this puts us in line with the current MLS to WC example.
  3. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I never said you were an Ottawa hater, but I can see how that would be inferred. I don't mean to pick on you, but you are just so damn quotable! Often one of your comments has helped me to make a broader point. So I should thank you for that. I very much appreciate your comments on the forum, but we are on opposite sides on this one. To your second point, I do feel obliged to point out that this particular back and forth was due to you saying "that some team in Ottawa would help the CPL" and since it did not look like the Fury would play ball then is should be some other team moving in. My point was that one can't expect a new team to be created with a snap of the fingers and expect it to succeed. Ottawa has along list of failed sports franchises. A failed Ottawa franchise is no help to a new league. I respectfully disagree with you and argue that point was not obtuse.
  4. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Actually - a dispute resolution mechanism is only binding if the parties agree or if mandated by law. A dispute resolution mechanism could include mediation - which is non-binding, or parties could agree to non-binding arbitration, binding conciliation, binding arbitration... A dispute resolution mechanism could also be created by way of legislation. In fact some court statutes require parties to attend mediation first.
  5. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    He is likely referring to the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada which is established under Physical Activity and Sports Act. Of course this being Canada, there may be a dispute resolution mechanism at the provincial level. I have limited experience with SDRCC so I am not sure if you would appeal to the Court of Arbitration in Switzerland. Certainly, as a federal tribunal you could judicially review any decision by the SDRCC. Just to be clear, I am not familiar enough with CONCACAF rules to know whether a challenge in the domestic jurisdiction is permitted or if you have to go to the Court of Sports Arbitration. I am simply mentioning what federal legislation would be applicable since you asked.
  6. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    You are right. Killing a team that supports Canadian soccer players, and just giving a franchise to the city so that there is one in Ottawa and then see it die in a year would be the best move for CanPL and Canadian soccer. The point I keep making is that all the Fury haters on here make it sound like it is so easy to create a successful team in Ottawa. It is not. I am firm believer that killing the Fury is no way to help the CanPL.
  7. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Yes because Ottawa FC playing at Terry Fox was a real boom for the CSL. Point is - just throwing a team into Ottawa does not equate to success. OSEG may not be perfect, but they have been a strong supporter of soccer in this city.
  8. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    You realize this contradicts your earlier assertion that this was all CONCACAF fault and no blame should be apportioned elsewhere? Besides CSA sanctioned Fury to play in USL in 2019.
  9. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    At the time of Ottawa's move to the USL it was mentioned that the team had to pay $2M expansion fee, and that this was better than the losses they would have suffered staying in the NASL.
  10. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I think your geography is off. Buffalo is for when TorontoFC is forced to relocate. For the Fury it would be to Syracus or Canton - maybe Lake Placid.
  11. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    You are absolutely right. Fury never took a successful amateur club and raised the bar. They never play local players. They never reached out to all development soccer teams across the region. They never gave away free tickets to youth players to every single game. They never created a family friendly atmosphere to foster a connection with the team at a young age. The Fury never made there players accessible to fans and to young players. The Fury never made themselves part of the community. If only these incompetent twits running OSEG who know nothing about grassroots development had followed the example of any other club then they would have been successful. By the way - that is sarcasm. Ottawa has a long history of sport failures and finicky fans (Senators are example 1). After two failed franchises in the CFL, OSEG has made RedBlacks a success. The 67s OHL team has great grassroots support in a town that only focuses on the Senators. OSEG built a professional soccer team where there no history of professional soccer and took that team to the NASL championship game. To say anyone can do better is like saying anyone can win LottoMax - some do, vast majority don't. This is pie in the sky thinking similar to Ansem's Ottawa will just let anyone into TDPlace despite the OSEG contract - it ignores reality. You may not the Fury, but they have done a great job with what they have, and it is not simply for anyone to walk in a replace them.
  12. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Concacaf is not killing a team just because it hates soccer. CONCACAF is making this decision because of CanPL - presumably to force the Fury to join. The two are linked that why Fury fans are pissed at the CanPL.
  13. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Why do I get up in the morning and take a piss? Because I have to. Because it will hurt if I don't. CONCACAF is not making this decision just to kill a team. This does matter to CanPL.
  14. WheatsheafSK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I know exactly what he is saying. I am just pointing out the hypocrisy of the argument. We need a Canadian league - oh but some teams are too precious to touch. Why set to create the strongest league? Obviously many CanPL boosters here and some gleeful for the demise of the Fury - but why only target the Fury? This is a league that has to start strong. I still remember the CSL (the real one) and its success or lack there of. Instead, people hear accept the argument that three teams are golden eggs and cannot be touched, but it is okay to screw over another team that has supported Canadian soccer.