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  1. What happened to Saleh? Realized Brennan has no idea what he's doing?
  2. I like the "slick web site" comment. It's too bad they didn't do more research into CSB as a financial model rather than assume billionaires and consortiums are bankrolling the league. Given that we've borrowed this from MLS, they could do the same.
  3. I'm not sure why, but I expected a lot more out of this Dominican camp. I thought there would be trialists for those clubs that haven't signed their foreign quota; and that the clubs would play a few friendlies each against clubs from the Dominican League. Maybe all this did happen behind closed doors, but I don't understand the secrecy. Based on Instagram and Twitter it seemed like more of a marketing trip to get lots of photos in the sun. Did Pacific FC even play a match? Seems like a bit of a waste of limited resources in the end.
  4. Air Canada is shit tho. Much prefer Westjet.
  5. Love the VW sponsorship. Looks professional, more so if we didn't have to share with HFX.
  6. What is "One" and why are they sponsoring "Two" clubs?
  7. Only 5 more league goals to pass Whoregreaves on the all-time list.
  8. I would imagine there will be some higher pedigree international trialists show up in the DR.
  9. I wonder why they are trialing foreign players if their foreign spots are maxed. I guess Ameobi will be Canadian soon?
  10. Perhaps an early strategy of the league is to bleed goals? Fans like goals, especially casuals.
  11. No thanks. MLS rules are a large part of the reason I find the league impossible to support. Just raise the cap appropriately. If they can afford Haber, Issey and DeJong, you should be able to afford MLS Canadians. Keep the CPL as transparent and club based as possible.
  12. I assume the PLSQ would stock much of Laval.
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