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  1. A penalty, yes. An unlucky one but one nonetheless. His arm was certainly in an unnatural position.
  2. Given that we drew USA and Cuba in the Nations League, I think that makes it less likely we'll be in Group D, and almost certainly not "drawn" alongside Cuba in my opinion.
  3. As opposed to the unimportant WCQ matches that we played there? I enjoy the discussion, and the fun talk of games in Iqaluit, and Newfoundland, etc, but I would be shocked to see a game anywhere that isn't Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal. Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax: I just don't see this happening any time soon for games of these magnitude. Perhaps the Cuba game, but even that I'd be shocked.
  4. MLS loses the first leg of each quarter-final tie. Say what you will about DP's, and player development, the only way to change this long term is money. The salary cap may be great for parity, but it's a barrier for them in this tournament. And whether they like it or not, the CCL is the measuring stick for MLS. Their teams are routinely swept aside by Liga MX clubs, and often enough by others too. Oh well, the fun of watching a Canadian team compete continentally will make up for the inevitability of MLS capitulating in the CCL.
  5. RJB

    MLS Shortening Season

    Yes, but this suggestion with a group stage makes it even more advantageous to do well in the league.
  6. RJB

    MLS Shortening Season

    Grant Wahl has written about a solution to the playoffs. I always thought this would be a great solution: https://www.si.com/soccer/2017/10/31/mls-playoff-format-fix-solution
  7. I'd like to see some more North American teams having to go through the CONCACAF League. That champions from Costa Rica need to go via the CONCACAF League, but MLS sends 4 teams directly is unfair in my opinion. Unfair too that Mexico gets 4. It'd be nice to see at least one of the clubs from each of those countries have to go this route. As for this, well, perhaps they should qualify via the league they play in??? I think it's total BS that a club that is owned by MLS gets a Canadian Champions League spot. I've never been a fan of this, but have tolerated it because who else could Canada send? But now we have our own league, I think there's no excuse for allowing an American club to take our spot.
  8. RJB

    CPL General

    I'm intrigued by this view, and do see that as something that should be honoured if this is true. But in 2007 it wasn't across leagues, and so there is one precedent that this isn't quite necessary. I get that 2007 was a bit of an anomaly, and perhaps the exception that proves rule, but it is worth mentioning. My judgement on this issue is clouded by MLS. It was sold to us as the solution to our problems, and what we've learned is that while it is a very high level, it is an American business, for American soccer. As the only gig in town, it makes great sense. But now we have a (hopefully) viable alternative that is the very thing the Voyageurs Cup wants to be (despite its intention being what Unnamed Trialist says above which I believe to be true) and that is a National Champion. I don't agree that giving the Champions League spot to CPL denigrates the competition.
  9. RJB

    CPL General

    https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46988859 This is a BBC article about CPL. In it, they mention two things (Sorry friends, I'm not prepared to comb through 363 pages of this thread...), both in the same paragraph: "The CPL will have a traditional league structure - with teams playing each other home and away over a season that runs from late April to October. Unusually for North American sport, there will be no play-offs." Surely they will play each other 4 times for at least a 24 game schedule, no? And the bit about the playoffs is good news to me, and settles the poll at the start of this thread perhaps.
  10. As much as it's great to have three MLS teams participate in our national cup, I think that given we now have a national league we should expect our Champions League berth to be given to the CPL winner. The argument as to whether we should have two berths may have merit over time, but for now we should expect to send a Canadian club from a Canadian league. Is anyone aware of any potential changes on this issue?
  11. Alphonso Davies, doesn't make it off the bench as Bayern beat Hoffenheim. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46928221
  12. Interesting to hear coach Herdman on TSN 1040 yesterday, essentially laying claim to the entire women's program, right from the individual talent, to Rhian Wilkinson as head coach of the U17s. He referenced how they worked hard to build "the whole bloody thing." He also said that coaching men is exactly the same as coaching women; that an elite athlete is an elite athlete. And also, that the win in St. Kitts was a good win, and that if a "boxscore" fan thinks otherwise, then they should become a real fan to know that that is a very tough place to play, and that it was a good result for us. This is a serious question, that hopefully won't matter, but what are we judging Herdman on? Do we expect qualification out of the Gold Cup groups? Or do we expect nothing, and are looking to 2026?
  13. I think that's the point: Either they are our equal and that's pathetic, or they're our equal and that's fine.
  14. It very much sounds like you are putting St Kitts on par with us.
  15. Being an official non-profit is something that I have wanted for some time, and proud and delighted that this has happened. Many congratulations to socceronly, and any other members who have been a part of this. You know, I've been around this board for some time, many highs lows. I'm not familiar with official structuring of a Board, but I'd be disappointed to see influential members of the Voyageurs who have been long term leaders and have carried this organization be excluded from our leadership. Socceronly is the clear example in this case, but there have been so many others over the years. Whatever is to come next, we need those people to continue to lead. Very well done, and Congratulations!
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