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  1. Back in 2015 there was a very convenient sheet of drywall sitting on the floor and leaned up against the wall. Behind it was a sketchy looking electrical outlet where I could hide my phone to charge. I wonder if the sheet of drywall is still there. It had a couple of inches of dust on it then so it wouldn't surprise me.
  2. Or alternatively, we could convince Jeff that he could use his Vs passport as his official passport. Shouldn’t be hard. I really like the passport and stamp idea. Might turn into a great collectors item.
  3. I might have sent you the original vector years ago but I’m not sure. I’ll have to have a good look around for that vector. Hopefully it’s not lost.
  4. Not the greatest picture quality, but I used to have a vector of that somewhere.
  5. Yes, you won’t catch me slagging the capos. They are always putting in hard work (not to mention missing the game to do so), so none of this is negative on them. I just think a change might be worthwhile much like you’ve indicated.
  6. Totally agree with choir practice. Give people the opportunity to invent things and try them out, even if it’s the day before.
  7. I’m certain I don’t have the answer to what is good for players. But I’m terms of atmosphere, inclusion, and enjoyment I think I have a bit of an idea. There seems to be two distinct approaches 1) Capo led - The obvious benefits are coordination and potential to be the loudest for the longest. But there are clear drawbacks as well. First the chants tend to be disconnected from the game. If there’s a particular play that could use a response (singing a players name after a good play) it’s a regular thing that the opportunity is missed. Finally, chants can get a bit ‘vanilla’ as games go o
  8. What about quarterly? If its $1/month or $3/quarter that would be: $3 - $0.35 - $0.09 = $2.56 (85% kept) Or every four months: $4 - $0.35 - $0.12 = $3.53 (88% kept) Or an average of $2/month is not over the top either imho. Every three months at $2/month: $6 - $0.35 - $0.17 = $5.48 (91% kept)
  9. I believe Reza was in attendance at the Canada vs China game at the WWC in Edmonton in 2015. He was pointed out to me. I’d intended to go say hi and thank him but never got the chance. It must have been pretty cool at least to be able to stand back and watch something still going that he was so instrumental in creating almost 20 years before.
  10. Was this the U20 Women’s World Cup 1/4 Final Canada vs Germany?
  11. Care to add one to my CanMNT total? Was in Toronto for the Dominica game.
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