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  1. rob.notenboom

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    I don’t believe he is but I tweeted him your compliment.
  2. rob.notenboom

    CPL General

    Interestingly, USSF just finalized their approval of sanctioning of the Fury over the last couple days as was reported in the Times-Colonist. And then it was to go to CONCACAF. That’s a pretty slow process. You’d think they’d want to move it along a little bit for all involved.
  3. rob.notenboom

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    I suspect CPL Transfers has links to L1O. The vast majority of their rumours come from there.
  4. rob.notenboom

    CPL General

    In an interview on the CanPL app, Jeff Paulus confirmed that his squad will be 22 or 23 players. FYI.
  5. rob.notenboom

    At least the Whitecaps and Impact could join CPL

    Wow. This is shaping up to be a real clash of the titans.
  6. rob.notenboom

    CPL new teams speculation

    Is that confirmed yet? I can’t recall. Not trying to say they aren’t necessarily legit, just that I’m unaware of more than one transfer rumour that they said before it was confirmed. Seems to be an Ontario account as virtually all their rumours have L1O connections (unless they’re blindingly obvious like Carducci). I guess we will see if more of these other rumours come true. As for Laval, Alex Bunbury has been telling anyone he can that he wants to put a team there. In October when I was at the trials in Vaughan it sounded like he was trying to drum up financial backing. If he did and if he’s got a line on a location, it’s certainly possible that it’s going forward. That’s a pretty quick piece of work but good on him if he got it done.
  7. rob.notenboom

    CPL new teams speculation

    Besides Justin Springer, what else have they broke?
  8. rob.notenboom

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I’ve heard a significantly lower number from a solid source, but I was curious to confirm it. Tough to get this kind of information.
  9. rob.notenboom

    CPL General

  10. rob.notenboom

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Anyone have a solid figure on what the Fury’s season ticket total was for 2018?
  11. rob.notenboom

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I think it’s fairly telling that right after the ‘Fury to stay in USL’ announcement, there were several talking points being repeated by a number of people with connections to the Fury org. One was that the Fury were building something. A second was that they would have to decimate their roster to join CanPL. A third was that they would have to cut their wage bill significantly. A fourth was that the CanPL level would be L1O at best. A fifth was that the league would be billeting players and not providing them with housing. The first two were effectively debunked by the Fury releasing 60% of their roster and only retaining 20% for certain with the other 20% to be potentially re-signed after negotiations. The various loan agreements kind of muddy the waters here, but that’s certainly not keeping in line with the concern over pulling apart the roster. There isn’t enough publicly available information to evaluate the third one. Yet. But it might be answered when we get a clearer picture of the fourth. If CanPL ends up having a level above L1O, and if CanPL teams on paper would be similar to and competitive with Ottawa, then either Ottawa is significantly overspending, they are poor at roster building, or the disparity between wage bills is not nearly as great as was suggested (or a combination of the above three). As for the fifth, that remains to be seen but that allegation does not match anything I’ve been told about the situation by representatives from the clubs. But as always, seeing is believing.
  12. rob.notenboom

    CPL TV Contract

    For some of the season, not all. Like everything else in their temporary stadium, I suspect they have a plan. Their plans for porting the first stadium to the second are rather impressive.
  13. rob.notenboom

    CPL TV Contract

    I figured they did but I couldn’t recall all the details. From a recent interview I was told that the clubs are expecting the specifications that they need to meet for broadcast purposes but haven’t yet received them from the league. But they know they’re coming so even if Pacific and Wanderers don’t have any broadcast setup it sounds like they know that they will need to and that they will be in the process of sorting it.
  14. rob.notenboom

    CPL TV Contract

    They own an HD production truck for sure. Not sure about other equipment they would need.
  15. rob.notenboom

    CPL TV Contract

    York Lions Stadium is fully equipped to broadcast apparently because it had to be to satisfy the requirements for the Pan Am Games.