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  1. Just an FYI, Guti is arriving at 1pm tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get the chance to see some clips of him in training over the next few days. Really curious to see if Hart sees him as a no.10 or someone that's going to be be a left-sided attacker. Think Kodai may be a little better than they realised, so it gives them a bit more flexibility with how they set things up in an attacking sense.
  2. Yeah, that's the one. Think he's been there all week.
  3. Made it over to training this afternoon. Couple of notes: 10 v 10 game, 3/4 length pitch. Finished 1-0, Garcia the goalscorer. Definite emphasis on simplicity. Hart seemed to get frustrated several times when players over complicated the basics. Kodai Iida, first half in particular, was very, very good. Playing as more of a no.6 which was surprising. Like the look of Simmons & Rampersad as a midfield two (my friend, who has been over every day this week, said they're the only two that have played together every single day, which tells you a lot) Peter Schaale and Andre Bona both put in very strong, commanding performances. Scott Firth, at only 17, is an incredibly composed and calm player. There were two unknown trialists taking part. One is a 17 year old from the Impact academy. I believe his surname is Marshall. The other was a center-back whose name I didn't catch. I'll do a full write-up on the blog (http://www.fromaways.com) over the next week 👍
  4. He might still get signed, but as far as I know he hasn't been offered a contract as of now. From what I've seen of him, he's a really, really good goalscorer, but doesn't offer too much else. Maybe that's why there are question marks. Saying that, a friend of mine went to watch training today and said he thinks he saw Yuma hanging around. He wasn't involved on the pitch though.
  5. FWIW: As far as I know, Bona & Schaale* aside, only Sam Karklins has been offered a contract from the camp trialists. Would expect this means they're making one or two more signings from elsewhere. Still look really light in attacking positions, particularly on the wing, so wouldn't be surprised they're after players who fit that sort of profile. * Was under the impression he'd signed but apparently it hasn't been completely confirmed yet.
  6. Paul Craig's Wiki page says he's a Wanderers player, for whatever it's worth. Says he signed on Feb 28th: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Craig_(soccer)
  7. No idea, sorry! Only know the Schaale & Bona stuff because one of the trialists was told he wasn't being offered a contract because the two of them were signed and the club felt that was enough defenders. (Edit: they're also both in some of the player's social media posts from the squad trip to watch the basketball tonight) Apparently there's something in the Chronicle about there being another 5 who've been kept on for a longer trial. Craig, Gaudet, Kennedy, Karklins plus one other.
  8. Nothing official yet, but they've both signed some kind of contract, be it U Sports or otherwise. From speaking to a couple of people, I think they see De Carolis as more of a back-up LB. Might be reading between the lines a bit too much there though.
  9. No, no official announcement, but they've both signed contracts (would imagine a U Sports developmental contract, but not certain). Not sure which of the other trialists have been kept on.
  10. Schaale & Bona have both signed contracts now. Imagine that'll be it from a defensive POV. Hocine, Schaale, Bona, De Carolis, N'sa, Sukunda, Langwa, John (if that's where they use him). Happy with that?
  11. Trialists were there Monday & Tuesday. Mixed game on Monday, Tralists v Signed Players on Tuesday (signings won 3-2). They've been told they'll hear if they've earnt a contract or not this week (might have been told already) after the coaches have reviewed all the tapes.
  12. Couple of things with this: Hocine is the only out and out CB we have, so I'll be shocked if he isn't a starter. Elton John as part of a back-four is unlikely, given his height (5'7-5'9 depending on the website). He could perhaps work well in a back three though, where he'd be less exposed. Further forward, I'd be surprised if Ouattara starts. I think a Simmons-John pairing is much more likely. Or Simmons-Rampersad. Speaking of Rampersad, every clip, full-match or written report I've found involving him, he's always been played centrally. Usually quite deep, too. He's box-to-box so has the engine to start as a double pivot and then get up and down. Certainly have never seen him playing as a right winger. Doesn't really have the physical profile of that role.
  13. The video quality is awful, but here's a full-match from 2013 featuring Luis Alberto Perera and Juan Diego Gutierrez, including two goals from the Peruvian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1110&v=Y1HkqSb0HCY
  14. For this who enjoy podcasts, episode 2 of the HFX Wanderers pod some friends and I make has just been uploaded. This one takes an in-depth look at the squad so far. Thanks! https://www.fromaways.com/home/from-aways-podcast-e02-the-squad-the-schedule-and-the-spider-cam
  15. I would almost guarantee it'll be a sell-out, yeah.
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