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    CPL General

    Completely agree. I'm from England and played in leagues from the age of 9 until my late teens. Stopped playing because of how rough and feisty it all got. You'd see some shocking challenges. I don't think the league can only be either a) full contact like hockey or b) full of divers. Should be easy enough to find a good balance.
  2. FromAwaysHFX

    CPL General

    He does know his stuff when it comes to football. Had a beer with him after a Q&A he did in Halifax back in February and had a really good chat with him about the game. Talked about George Best, Rodney Marsh, players from the 70s, 80s, Scottish football etc. He's a big Rangers fan. He also still plays weekly, too. Said he started off as a striker but is moving further and further back as he gets older. I remember feeling a lot more at ease about the league after that chat. He gets it. But yeah, the comment about being 'tough on crime' did feel a bit like pandering. Perhaps that's necessary though to get some skeptics on board.
  3. Completely agree, but the one thing that makes me think otherwise is that for the open training, he had Simmons & Rampersad playing as a midfield pair for the whole week. No other two players did that. Might be reading too much into things there though.
  4. Yeah, for sure on the left side. I had a chat with Guti at the kit launch the other night. He said he'd been playing as a right-winger or as a no.10 in training, so that fits. I see this: 4-2-3-1 Perea Iida - Guti - Garcia Simmons - Rampersad Langwa - Schaale - Hocine - Sukunda/Bona Williams Or this: 5-3-2 w/ wing-backs Pera - Garcia/Lamy Simmons - Guti - Rampersad/John Langwa - Sukunda N'sa - Hocine - Schaale Williams Unsure on Sukunda on the right though as he didn't play RB once during the week's training. I've always written about him as a RB though so hopefully he plays there! They're definitely classed as Canadian while they're still at school. After that, I think it depends on their immigration status. If Bona has been here for a long time then I'd assume he's a permanent resident, so he'd be considered a Canadian even though he's no longer studying. Re. Schaale, he's only going to be with Wanderers until August anyway, then he has to go back to school. On Bona, I'm a bit confused by why he was selected as a U-Sports pick. Hasn't he finished school now? Feels like a waste of a pick if so, as they could've just signed him outright. Tbh, I don't think the U Sports thing has been properly thought through by the league. I know the delay in signing Schaale was completely down to the league, not the club. The league hadn't decided out exactly how it worked, how much they could be paid etc etc. Wasn't the club's fault at all.
  5. Some filthy finishes in that, he looks decent. Good spot!
  6. For those interested, the newest episode of the podcast is up. Includes interviews with Stephen Hart, Zoom, Sukunda, Rampersad and Simmons plus a full review of the open training sessions. Thanks! https://www.fromaways.com/home/from-aways-podcast-e04-camp-coverage-cruel-crows
  7. Just an FYI, Guti is arriving at 1pm tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get the chance to see some clips of him in training over the next few days. Really curious to see if Hart sees him as a no.10 or someone that's going to be be a left-sided attacker. Think Kodai may be a little better than they realised, so it gives them a bit more flexibility with how they set things up in an attacking sense.
  8. Yeah, that's the one. Think he's been there all week.
  9. Made it over to training this afternoon. Couple of notes: 10 v 10 game, 3/4 length pitch. Finished 1-0, Garcia the goalscorer. Definite emphasis on simplicity. Hart seemed to get frustrated several times when players over complicated the basics. Kodai Iida, first half in particular, was very, very good. Playing as more of a no.6 which was surprising. Like the look of Simmons & Rampersad as a midfield two (my friend, who has been over every day this week, said they're the only two that have played together every single day, which tells you a lot) Peter Schaale and Andre Bona both put in very strong, commanding performances. Scott Firth, at only 17, is an incredibly composed and calm player. There were two unknown trialists taking part. One is a 17 year old from the Impact academy. I believe his surname is Marshall. The other was a center-back whose name I didn't catch. I'll do a full write-up on the blog (http://www.fromaways.com) over the next week 👍
  10. He might still get signed, but as far as I know he hasn't been offered a contract as of now. From what I've seen of him, he's a really, really good goalscorer, but doesn't offer too much else. Maybe that's why there are question marks. Saying that, a friend of mine went to watch training today and said he thinks he saw Yuma hanging around. He wasn't involved on the pitch though.
  11. FWIW: As far as I know, Bona & Schaale* aside, only Sam Karklins has been offered a contract from the camp trialists. Would expect this means they're making one or two more signings from elsewhere. Still look really light in attacking positions, particularly on the wing, so wouldn't be surprised they're after players who fit that sort of profile. * Was under the impression he'd signed but apparently it hasn't been completely confirmed yet.
  12. Paul Craig's Wiki page says he's a Wanderers player, for whatever it's worth. Says he signed on Feb 28th: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Craig_(soccer)
  13. No idea, sorry! Only know the Schaale & Bona stuff because one of the trialists was told he wasn't being offered a contract because the two of them were signed and the club felt that was enough defenders. (Edit: they're also both in some of the player's social media posts from the squad trip to watch the basketball tonight) Apparently there's something in the Chronicle about there being another 5 who've been kept on for a longer trial. Craig, Gaudet, Kennedy, Karklins plus one other.
  14. Nothing official yet, but they've both signed some kind of contract, be it U Sports or otherwise. From speaking to a couple of people, I think they see De Carolis as more of a back-up LB. Might be reading between the lines a bit too much there though.
  15. No, no official announcement, but they've both signed contracts (would imagine a U Sports developmental contract, but not certain). Not sure which of the other trialists have been kept on.
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