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  1. I might be on my own on this, but I'd like to see the PDL teams involved. WSA Winnipeg vs Valour FC in an all-Peg derby? That'd be great to see! Foothills vs Cavalry? Games like these have a potential for great atmosphere.
  2. grande

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    Oh, btw, I got membership #9. Single digits!
  3. grande

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    Looking at the logo again this morning, I think the thing that bothers me is the team is mostly going with "Forge FC," but the logo is an H for Hamilton. Like, they're kind of mixing the names a bit... BUT, I like the name, I like the colours, and even if all that was shit, I don't care, I've got a hometown soccer team to support again. I'm so pumped up.
  4. grande

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    Yep, I knew that. Typo, I guess. Thanks!
  5. grande

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    I'm going to be there tomorrow. Not a huge fan of that logo. Why is the H in two places? It kind of looks like "FJ" with the "extreme" serifs. I'm okay with the name Forge. Not thrilled, but better than Founders or Steelers.
  6. grande

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    I probably won't be there tonight (if I can make it, I'll be really late). Hope it goes well, and I'm looking forward to next Thursday!
  7. grande

    Stance on Qatar 2022

    1930: Uruguay wins the World Cup. 1934: Uruguay refuses to attend the World Cup in protest.
  8. grande

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    I don't know if I'd agree with that... The last three seasons of the AHL had an average attendance of 4913, while the first three OHL seasons averaged 4069. That's a drop of 17%; certainly nothing to sneeze at.
  9. I didn't notice the lines when I was there, but when I watched highlights after the fact, they were pretty evident on TV, I thought. Still, as long as the paint's not there, I think it's fine.
  10. grande

    CPL General

    My plan is to complain about the Founders name until it's announced, at which point I will tell everyone that FOUNDERS IS THE BEST NAME POSSIBLE AND ALL OTHER NAMES ARE GARBAGE.
  11. grande

    World Cup Groups and rankings

    I just did my picks for my work pool and I think the only real difference I have is Iceland going through in the #2 place in Group D. Great minds think alike
  12. grande

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

  13. grande

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    So?! How was it?
  14. grande

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    Wish I could be there tonight, but I have prior plans! If they fall through, though, I know where I'll be!