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  1. ^ I would kill for that level of communication from the CPL.
  2. The AHL has had some pretty bad names. The Kentucky Thoroughblades was pretty bad, and their logo was amazingly bad: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kentucky_Thoroughblades The Bridgeport Sound Tigers seemed okay to me at first, when I assumed they were from Bridgeport Sound... But they're from Bridgeport, and the team's nickname is the Sound Tigers. What is a Sound Tiger? My most hated from the Big Five leagues, though, is Utah Jazz. There is literally nothing jazzy about Utah.
  3. Italy on the Brink -- Russia 2018 WCQ

    Italy didn't enter the first World Cup (there was no qualification), and failed to qualify in 1958. They were in a group with Portugal and Northern Ireland, and NI is the team that won! I think Brazil is the only team to have attended 20/20 WCs so far.
  4. The Lunch Thread

    I had a burger for lunch, and now I'm full & sleepy.
  5. grande

  6. The Lunch Thread

    If it's good sushi, sushi 100%. Otherwise, vegan chilli sounds good on a cold day like today.
  7. CPL General

    "Come watch two teams from two leagues, neither of which exist in your city" didn't turn out too well for Benfica v Rangers
  8. Voyageurs' Cup 2017

    It would've been nice if they had added the Challenge Cup winner for an easy eight teams.
  9. Yeah, I'd be curious to know how ticket sales were going.
  10. I think the only overlap there is the stadium used.
  11. Duane Rollins Fantasy League

    I kinda forgot about this... Let's see how Binbrook is doing... 0 wins? -46 GD? That sounds about right.
  12. I think they got the prices way wrong. I'm a big soccer fan (although not of these two teams in particular), and I'm basically a lock for getting CPL tickets, but this was an instant "no" for me. I know four people that were also excited by the announcement but won't pay those prices.
  13. What would you want CPL club names to be like?

    I would cheer for a team named "Please No FC."
  14. There's two Welsh teams as well, both in League 1. There's also rumours of teams joining from New York & Boston. If they do, I wonder if we'll eventually see a North American league set up. I still can't believe how effectively Rugby League was able to become the most popular code in the Toronto area...
  15. CPL General

    I was really hoping we'd get a flood of info after the initial official announcement, but we're still basically where we were months ago...