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  1. grande

    CPL General

    "It does not include playoffs but I don't want to give it away because it does take the schedule and make it very different and special. Not something that's completely unique. It's a format that is used in other parts of the world." I'm very curious about this line in there. I wonder if they're thinking apertura/clausura style thing.
  2. grande

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    It'll be interesting to see how many of @CplTransfer's rumours are actually true.
  3. This is a great pickup... but I'm wondering when we get our first non-Sigma signing...
  4. That doesn't even guarantee the Greens a spot in the debates... I expect we'll see Scheer (and maybe Trudeau) say that since they have won no seats, they shouldn't be allowed to attend.
  5. grande

    CPL League Future Format and Table Structure

    Agreed with Kent on this. V-Cup: CONCACAF Champions League CPL Winner: CONCACAF League
  6. I am officially a season ticket holder
  7. grande

    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

    GOAL!!! GOAL!!! GOAL!!!
  8. grande

    Toronto Wolfpack

    Looks like they'll be playing London.
  9. According to Wikipedia: Most goals in a debut 2 – Art Hughes, Dale Mitchell, Nick Papadakis, Tom Kouzmanis We can add another game to that list!
  10. If they keep up this scoring rate, final score will be 13-0.
  11. I was hoping to see it on Sportsinteraction, but no such luck.
  12. grande

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Sorry, wasn't asking you specifically. I was responding regarding the Wolfpack and asking the forum, in general, about the Fury, as I wasn't sure what kind of deal they had.
  13. grande

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Every Wolfpack game is on either CBC or GameTV; I've been able to watch every one; Can I watch every Fury game? (Actually, now that I'm thinking of it, I think they only broadcast the Wolfpack's league games, not the Challenge Cup, which is the RL version of the FA Cup)