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  1. Best: Forge FC, 18 W, 0 D, 0 L Worst: Pacific FC, 0 W, 0 D, 18 L
  2. ^ I posted this in the Opening Game thread, but thought I should re-post it here as well!
  3. If folks are looking for something to do the night before, feel free to swing by my bar! https://www.facebook.com/events/800361787010706/ We're at 431 Barton Street East, and have 14 taps of (mostly) Ontario craft beer. If you're wearing CPL gear, you can get $5 pints of Helles Lager from Wellington. Not a craft beer fan? We have some classic cocktails & our Macrobrew of the Month as well! (It seems like the Barton Street Battalion may be doing an event this night as well; I've cleared it with them & Jamie before posting this)
  4. Yeah, we'd love to have you! One of the brewers in town has been keen to do a thing. I'll see if we can get a discount on something.
  5. I'm surprised Halifax has so many votes, as I'm not really a fan of either of them. I'm a sucker for green, so I like both of York 9's. Forge's are both... fine. Not great. But could be worse. I really like Cavalry's home jersey, but I really hate their away jersey.
  6. It's called Mosaic, on Barton St. Hopefully doing a Battalion meetup there at some point, but we're a bit small, unfortunately!
  7. grande

    CPL General

    407 Derby: Awful. 905 Derby: Even worse. Good interview otherwise.
  8. The only league-wide merch I can remember seeing is CFL shirts back in the cringey "our balls are bigger" days...
  9. Regarding announcers vs stadium noise, during the Vancouver Olympics, you could turn the announcers off on the website, which I didn't realise until late in the games. That's how I watched the gold medal hockey game and it was fantastic. That's the only time I can think of being given that option... Really wish is was more prevalent.
  10. grande

    CPL General

    Hamilton should just blast BA Johnston at every game.
  11. Hey Robert, can you do me a favour? Never post again.
  12. grande

    CPL Season Schedule

    Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of split seasons... But I'm just glad we have a season. I'm looking forward to yelling from the stands, having a beer (or three), and watching Forge win the CONCACAF League
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