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  1. According to Wikipedia: Most goals in a debut 2 – Art Hughes, Dale Mitchell, Nick Papadakis, Tom Kouzmanis We can add another game to that list!
  2. If they keep up this scoring rate, final score will be 13-0.
  3. I was hoping to see it on Sportsinteraction, but no such luck.
  4. grande

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Sorry, wasn't asking you specifically. I was responding regarding the Wolfpack and asking the forum, in general, about the Fury, as I wasn't sure what kind of deal they had.
  5. grande

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Every Wolfpack game is on either CBC or GameTV; I've been able to watch every one; Can I watch every Fury game? (Actually, now that I'm thinking of it, I think they only broadcast the Wolfpack's league games, not the Challenge Cup, which is the RL version of the FA Cup)
  6. Just gotta say, I've seen the Forge FC tent up at probably half a dozen different events lately. They are doing so much outreach in the city, and it's great to see.
  7. grande

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I have to say, it feels like a failure of the league to me. It was CPL's and CSA's job to sell the Fury on the league and, clearly, they were unable to. This has, more than anything, shaken my belief of what the CPL will be; I was sure it would be better by all measures to the USL, but if our one and only USL team isn't willing to jump ship well... where does that leave us? I'm not panicking yet, but if the salary cap really is $500k, what's the point?
  8. grande

    CPL General

    I'm disappointed Ottawa's not in, but then I remembered I took this bet so... Silver lining?
  9. I always laugh when I hear people say "new immigrants just move here and create their own communities; They don't assimilate!" as if that's a new thing. It's always happened that way. Every major city has an Italian neighbourhood, a Portuguese area, the Vietnamese section, Chinatown, a street that's full of English ex-pats, etc... The people that move here as adults (generally) don't assimilate well, but their kids always do.
  10. So, if my math is correct, a win vs USVI will give us 2.55 points (rounded up to 3, I assume). And this is only if the Importance value for a LoN qualifying match is the same as a LoN group stage match.
  11. grande

    CPL General

    A friend of mine suggested having a hard-cap, but Canada-eligible players only count for half against that cap (eg, if you're paying a Canadian $50,000, he only counts as $25,000 towards the salary cap). Kind of a neat idea for encouraging Canada-heavy rosters.
  12. We're coming for that Number 1 spot, Valour FC.
  13. grande

    CPL General

    I was hoping for at least one SC, but no such luck...
  14. I might be on my own on this, but I'd like to see the PDL teams involved. WSA Winnipeg vs Valour FC in an all-Peg derby? That'd be great to see! Foothills vs Cavalry? Games like these have a potential for great atmosphere.
  15. grande

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    Oh, btw, I got membership #9. Single digits!