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  1. Regarding announcers vs stadium noise, during the Vancouver Olympics, you could turn the announcers off on the website, which I didn't realise until late in the games. That's how I watched the gold medal hockey game and it was fantastic. That's the only time I can think of being given that option... Really wish is was more prevalent.
  2. grande

    CPL General

    Hamilton should just blast BA Johnston at every game.
  3. Hey Robert, can you do me a favour? Never post again.
  4. grande

    CPL Season Schedule

    Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of split seasons... But I'm just glad we have a season. I'm looking forward to yelling from the stands, having a beer (or three), and watching Forge win the CONCACAF League
  5. grande

    CPL Season Schedule

    It's official. Spring/Fall season.
  6. grande

    CPL General

    https://old.reddit.com/r/CanadianPL/comments/auof1z/the_canadian_premier_league_has_recently/ Looks like CPL has copyrighted Al Classico and 905 Derby.
  7. Did Henry play anywhere in 2018? Seems like his last game with Sigma as in 2017.
  8. grande

    CPL General

    Wow, that's horseshit that only three teams will be eligible.
  9. In case you don't want to watch the video: Round 1 (May 15/22) 1. Vaughan vs Halifax 2. Cavalry vs Pacific FC 3. AS Blainville vs York 9 Round 2 (June 5/12) 4. W3 vs FC Edmonton 5. W2 vs Forge 6. W1 vs Valour Round 3 (July 10/24) 7. W6 vs Fury 8. W4 vs Impact 9. W5 vs Whitecaps Semi-Finals (Aug 7/14) 10. W7 vs TFC 11. W8 vs W9 Finals (Sept 18/25) 12. W10 vs W11 I'm bummed. There won't be a Forge vs TFC game unless they both make it to the finals.
  10. grande

    League Trophy

    Those were all either donated by the GG or (in the case of Vanier) named after the current GG. If we want to follow that, we'd have the Payette Cup (which I'm certainly not opposed to).
  11. 113 is pretty good. You'll be right beside the Battalion in 112.
  12. grande

    CPL General

    https://www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/sports/soccer/article-cpl-commissioner-offers-a-look-at-canadas-new-soccer-league/?__twitter_impression=true It's been ten days since they said the schedule will be out in 7-10 days... Can you tell I'm getting antsy???
  13. grande

    CPL General

    "It does not include playoffs but I don't want to give it away because it does take the schedule and make it very different and special. Not something that's completely unique. It's a format that is used in other parts of the world." I'm very curious about this line in there. I wonder if they're thinking apertura/clausura style thing.
  14. It'll be interesting to see how many of @CplTransfer's rumours are actually true.
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