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  1. BringBackTheBlizzard

    A change in attitude from TFC management about CPL

    ...which begs the question why did Ottawa steer clear and why is TFC not using TFC II to keep Lamport under their thumb in soccer terms? Actions speak louder than words sometimes. If CanPL are pursuing a relatively low budget approach and are not going to be spending silly amounts of money on player salaries, it's like having an ECHL team close by. A minor irritant on ticket sales that is potentially helpful for the sport in development pathway terms rather than the WHA style existential threat that some people on here crave.
  2. BringBackTheBlizzard

    CPL new teams speculation

    ...meanwhile Columbus has apparently just been saved as the league appears keen to keep existing cities on board even if it means losing out a bit where expansion is concerned. If Columbus had gone there would be more reason for concern that the league will become a carbon copy of the NFL on the concept of relocation making all of the lower revenue markets vulnerable. The 2026 joint World Cup hosting is coming over the horizon with the promise of boom years for the sport in North America in the aftermath. Montreal is almost certainly going to be one of the cities hosting games and that makes this the ideal time for the Saputo family to try to get a better deal for themselves given municipal money is about to be spent related to that. Just as this was the ideal time for the Fath brothers to do the same in Edmonton a few months back with much associated drama about FCE folding permanently.
  3. BringBackTheBlizzard

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    We'll see what happens soon enough. I'd be very surprised if that happens in the supporters section to any significant extent with young adults, but more than 2 definitely does happen when families are getting involved. A lot depends on the demographics of who is buying the memberships and the type of tickets they are going to be interested in. With TFC the interest in the supporters section was huge and additional sections had to be allocated as being zones where standing is tolerated. Any time I watch an Ottawa Fury webstream the supporters section behind the goal has about 20 people in it max and the vast majority of the crowd are sitting sedately in the more expensive sections. The former scenario would probably be where the rule of thumb came from given I think it was Paul Beirne that mentioned it. Halifax has very different demographics from Toronto and far fewer people that grew up dreaming of being an ultra on the curva behind the goal, so I wouldn't completely discount what you are saying here as a possibility. Not so sure it extends to York 9, but time will tell.
  4. BringBackTheBlizzard

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    From what I remember they were hoping for 2000 memberships eventually, which fits with 4000 season tickets as two per member has been mentioned as a rule of thumb on that. If the 500k thing on player salaries was accurate and means a general scaling back of budgets from what was anticipated a year ago when 6000 to 8000 was being talked about a lot on crowds, five out of seven should be in good shape to be at or near break even as things are shaping up at the moment. They'll need at least eight doing that eventually to be stable, but that would be a very good start that would encourage rather than discourage expansion
  5. BringBackTheBlizzard

    Crew to Austin?

    The passion for the Crew seems so have grown big time over the last decade, which is good to see. Was there to see TFC in the 2007 season and the home support was scarily low. The rivalry with TFC after the massive support that traveled down the following year seemed to galvanize the fan group culture there a bit. If even the Crew can be saved after being the league's basket case financially for many years I don't think we need to worry too much about the Impact despite what is being posted elsewhere on here. Garber and co clearly didn't like the optics of what an outright relocation would do to fan culture.
  6. BringBackTheBlizzard

    about those open tryouts......

    Plays for East Stirlingshire in the Lowland League (regional fifth tier) if he's who I think he is.
  7. BringBackTheBlizzard

    about those open tryouts......

    Anyone know if the Drew Ramsay listed by RocketRobin is from Scotland?
  8. BringBackTheBlizzard

    Liga MX president: U.S., Mexico, Canada could form joint league

    There's no way FIFA will allow a complete merger, but maybe they could do something like interleague play in baseball and keep MLS and LigaMX separate but have each team play a certain number of games against an opponent from the other league, followed by separate playoffs and a "world series" (called after a long defunct New York newspaper apparently) type game between the two champions. That way they can get Chivas and America into LA for regular season games and start getting the 35 million Mexican American community into MLS stadiums.
  9. BringBackTheBlizzard

    Liga MX president: U.S., Mexico, Canada could form joint league

    There would probably need to be some pro/rel involved to keep the numbers manageable, so that makes me wonder if the main driving force for this would be LigaMX rather than MLS.
  10. BringBackTheBlizzard

    Liga MX president: U.S., Mexico, Canada could form joint league

    Doubt FIFA would allow it, but that would be interesting to watch unfold.
  11. BringBackTheBlizzard

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Hopefully the Wanderers team has the longevity that the CSL team inspired beer has had in the Hamilton area over 30 years on (amazingly as it's almost as bad as Laker and that's saying something).
  12. BringBackTheBlizzard

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    Think it's 7000 from what's been on here previously.
  13. BringBackTheBlizzard

    CPL General

    The 14 kit thing points to a seven team launch but guess we basically knew that already even if they were still talking up the possibility of teams from elsewhere last time.