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  1. CPL General

    I've coached boys soccer in the Vancouver area for more than decade. I never once heard this. On the contrary, we had many soccer/hockey and soccer/football players on my teams.
  2. Marcel De Jong

    Another great game for de Jong at LB for the Whitecaps in their playoff game vs San Jose. Dangerous in attack, and thorough defensively. This guy has been such an underrated player.
  3. Octavio Zambrano

    In the interview, he references "the U-20s going to Mexico". Is that the next official tournament and anyone know when that is?
  4. Zorhan Bassong

    Didn't we just tell ourselves that on Cristante and Tomori?
  5. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Well Parker and Nerwinski came out of college as fairly advanced prospects. And remember Robbo resisted starting Nerwinski over the dreadful Sheanon Williams until just recently (another of his baffling judgement calls). I just think a young player like Davies would benefit from the technical training, and the fierce competition, of the top teams. His touch, his control, and his shot all need work and I'm not convinced he gets that top notch training here.
  6. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Hate to say this but really hopes he gets sold or loaned to a good European team soon. Robbo does not appear to have any ability to develop young talent. Davies needs a team that knows how to make the most of a raw young talent.
  7. Canadians playing in France

    Great thread! If we pick up even 2 or 3 top prospects from France that would be a huge bonus. Brault-Guillard is quietly one of our top prospects.
  8. Michael Petrasso

    Whitecaps added an American college player named Jake Nerwinski who has been excellent this season. So they won't be looking for a RB for the foreseeable future.
  9. Sam Adekugbe

    In that run that led to his injury, you could see what he brings: a natural, smooth attacker from the left back position unlike anyone else we have. He has a world of potential but somehow needs to find a way to stay healthy.
  10. Will Johnson is now so irrelevant to the Canadian team that I don't think we should bother commenting on him anymore.
  11. Anthony Jackson-Hamel

  12. Anthony Jackson-Hamel

    This guy just keeps impressing. He manages to score somehow, he's a calm finisher, can make a beauty pass and holds up the play nicely. That's a pretty good package.
  13. De Jong was meh. He's been better recently for club and country. Kaye was good especially given he had to go in quickly to a position he doesn't normally play.
  14. Octavio Zambrano

    Don't see Akindele fitting into their style of play. They play a 4-1-4-1 and he's neither a strong striker nor a speedy winger. So i don't know where he fits.
  15. Alphonso Davies

    I was at this game. There is a tremendous buzz throughout the stadium when he enters - a sense of potential excitement, a sense that something special can happen any time he's on the field. Part of it is the fact that he is still a 16-year-old novelty. But part of it is also the sense that he can take a game over on a moments' notice like he did last night when he muscled off the Seattle defender, calmly turned in the 18, and laid beautiful, pinpoint pass back to our striker for the tying goal. Strength, speed, finesse, power, vision - all in a 5 second moment.