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  1. Northvansteve

    Alphonso Davies

    Still hoping that they next try him at centre mid. His speed is fantastic up and down the wing, but his passing is underrated and the decision-making is getting better. I expect him to land at this position before too long.
  2. Northvansteve

    Doneil Henry

    No idea how you could pin either goal on him. First goal against was result of mids giving ball away and then not tracking back to cover. Second goal was a giveaway by the mids and Doneil caught in the middle. He was very good again today and I look forward to seeing him as a regular starter with Waston.
  3. Northvansteve

    U.S. Virgin Islands vs Canada Sunday September 9th

    I'm sure this has been mentioned elsewhere, but just a reminder that the other countries' can cap-tie with these games too and, therefore, expect to lose a lot more players because of that.
  4. Northvansteve

    Brett Levis

    Don't think this is anything more than Carl Robinson's proclivity for MLS veterans, the fact that as a DP Shea should start in these circumstances, and Robbo has been getting huge heat for moving Davies to LB. Also, with Doneil Henry's first start, Robbo may have wanted a veteran presence there. I think Robbo does actually like Levis.
  5. Northvansteve

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    Possibly David Choiniere, Marcus Godinho, Dario Zanatta, Jake Ruby (injured)
  6. Northvansteve

    Emile Legault

    My bad: i meant promising right-sided fullbacks. If you look at the left side, we have Adekugbe, Boakye, Ruby, Mohsen and Kinumbe.
  7. Northvansteve

    Aidan Daniels

    Been very strong for Canada at Toulon Tournament. Has not had a lot of hype around him while playing for TFCII. Can anyone watching him on a regular basis give us a scouting report? Joins a group of promising central mids that includes Bustos, Uccello, Borges, Shome, Froese, Okello.
  8. Northvansteve

    Emile Legault

    By all accounts has been one of our best players at the Toulon Tournament. Right Back. Class of 2000. Plays for Auxerre in France. Canada Soccer profile: https://canadasoccer.com/?pid=4247&t=profile&amp Good to see another promising fullback in our ranks: Petrasso, Cordova, Chung, Brault-Guillard, Godinho and now Legault.
  9. Northvansteve

    Doneil Henry

    Very solid game for Doneil Henry. Should now be a regular starter for Whitecaps the rest of the season.
  10. Northvansteve

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    Just based on these highlights, the RB (Legault?) kept getting beaten. How was he named Canada's player of the game?
  11. Northvansteve

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    For those of you who were able to see the game, could you confirm this is how they lined in a 4-1-4-1: Pantemis Legault, Dunn, Cornelius, Kinumbe Shome (Norman) Twardek (Bair), Okello, Daniels, Millar David (Verhoeven)
  12. Northvansteve

    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    Wait, when did this happen (see highlighted): Canucks Abroad‏ @Canucks_Abroad 13h13 hours ago Zachary Brault-Guillard, signed recently his first professional contract with @OL, has a bright future & is compared with French Bacari Sagna. The defender holds, Canadian, French & Haitian passport, is since October 2017 part of Haiti's U20 https://www.tuttomercatoweb.com/il-talento-del-giorno/un-talento-al-giorno-brault-guillard-dal-canada-con-furore-1107812 … #CanucksAbroad
  13. Northvansteve

    Year 2000s age group

    Seven players from the class of 2000 making the roster for Canada at the 2018 Toulon Tournament: CANADA 2- FB- Jake Ruby | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency6- M- Matthew Roberts | ENG / Swansea U-189- F- Jonathan David | BEL / KAA Gent II12- CB- Julian Dunn | CAN / Toronto FC 16- M- Noble Okello | CAN / Toronto FC II18- GK- Alessandro Busti | ITA / Juventus Primavera19- FB- Émile Legault | FRA / AJ Auxerre
  14. Northvansteve

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    This is the single best reply I've seen on this board in years.
  15. Northvansteve

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    Verhoeven has been a regular starter with USL Fresno all season and has been one of their best players. If he wasn't in the Whitecaps system, he might be a fringe MLS starter already. Very good, creative midfielder.