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  1. Impact offseason 2017-18

    As for Ciman I feel it to be another pussy foot move by the Impact. They seem to do that pretty well in screwing with their fans and the treatment of their players. Hence why I said on another discussion that Saputo has to stop this crap and get pros not bros in the FO. Their Human Resources skills are atrocious. As for Lolo I really feel bad for him on the outside the game standpoint. However his play on the field was subpar at times. He was reliable at times but not consistent and was guilty of some plays and was never quick to point out his flaws but always yelled at others when they messed up. I believe Ciman does have good qualities but he was hampered w injury and having to play w jabrone like Boldor and inexperienced Fischer. Lovitz wasn't great either. I felt this year, just the same for Mancosu, he would've bounced back. He would've had a better season w the WC around the corner and Rémi Garde at the helm and I was looking forward to that. Guess Impact not into giving anymore chances and all for low blows and cold hearts. We will see if the Impact are capable of defending crosses in the box.
  2. Impact offseason 2017-18

    Pretty sure he recovered quickly from his hangover after getting this news.
  3. Impact offseason 2017-18

    http://www.tvasports.ca/2017/12/10/limpact-devoile-sa-liste-de-joueurs-proteges the Impact have released their list of 11 protected players for the upcoming LAFC player draft. Protected: GK Evan Bush, defenders Victor Cabrera, Laurent Ciman, Chris Duvall, Kyle Fisher, Daniel Lovitz and Ambroise Oyongo (protect rights, left for Montpellier), and midfielders Blerim Dzemaili, Marco Donadel, Ignacio Piatti et Samuel Piette. Not Protected: Deian Boldor, Matteo Mancosu, Nick DePuy, Wandrille Lefèvre, Dominic Oduro and Michael Salazar.
  4. You can't really blame them. Tonight's final was pretty poor quality and entertainment. In fact I found the whole playoffs this year to be a bore and lackluster with just the quality of div 2 of one of the major Euro leagues. the only thing fun about last years playoffs was TFC vs IMFC. That was intense.
  5. Chad. Honestly I think Joey is not very serious on winning and taking it to the next level. Just look at the stadium. It's a bunch of high school bleachers. Getting a gk that played already in the CCL and was ineligible to play vs America in the final was stupid. Relying on Div2 Christian Nicht vs America in the final at home after coming off a draw where you had an away goal at Azteca, the chance to win a continental cup, and play Real Madrid was really really stupid. Plus look works in the front office! If they were such amazing directors why not send them to Bologna to run that team? Italians would think they're a joke. They're seriously underqualified. I'm sorry, as an impact fan myself I really find they are amateurs that don't take it seriously. If Joey was serious he'd put the money where his mouth is and hire competent people to run the club and not open it up to nepotism you'd find at your local depanneur. The one big move was when they got Drogba, that created a great buzz. Unfortunately they didn't use him to his potential w the team and staff they had in 2016. The hiring of Garde is a step in the right direction but falling asleep at the office for the off-season on x2 occasions doesn't inspire fan base confidence. We will see how serious they are come Jan 1st.
  6. Impact offseason 2017-18

    Not sure why either. Seems they really do have a love affair with the country. I think that market has already been exploited, and I agree, they should look to other places to diversify and find hidden gems.
  7. Confirmed: FC Edmonton whitdraws from NASL

    I don't get why people are still talking about the friendly game vs Curaçao in Montreal. It was a friendly! Against freakin Curaçao! Big deal. Lots of football countries that have hosted us had way worse attendance or even Zero attendance. If we are saying there's not much love for the CSA in Montreal well that's a no brainer, it's not Montreal pre-1980s. Did the CSA honestly think they can take a hiatus, put in a couple of Impact players (Piette wasn't an Impact player yet) and throw up a few online ads on their site en français to convince Montréalers? The only people that go on their site and watch their streams are us. And as for Canadian soccer fans there aren't many there and if there are Soccer players/viewers in Quebec I bet they're 1 not dishing out the prices of tickets to see Curaçao and 2 they would rather support Italy, Portugal, Greece, Morroco, Argentina, Brazil, France etc, etc before cheering on or going to see Canada unless it was against an opponent of one of those countries which they'd likely cheer for that team. I seriously doubt that you'd get 6,000 at Commonwealth for the exact same match and context. In 2008 they apparently drew 14,000 vs Sven's Mexico, and even though we were eliminated, it's still a WCQ, still Mexico w Rafa Marquez and co and Canada w Tomasz Radzinski and Ali G and they even had homeboy Lars Hirschfeld! I doubt it was 14,000. I was there, looked more like 10,000 (and we should've won that game). As for FCE it's pretty sad but I don't blame the Faths. How long can you go on losing cash until you say stop. Edmonton only supports the Oilers and Esks.
  8. Impact offseason 2017-18

    I think you'll need to add Blerim Dzemaili to the "Limbo" list. Seems like him and the Euro 2016 fan of the tournament, wife Erjona Sulejmani, are on the splits. According to media Blerim is considering to stay at Bologna. Meh... if she's a crazy vindictive woman he's probably better off going far away from her as possible, making Montreal a safe haven. More to follow on this. Blerim says he won't allow her to use his last name. Good luck w that dude. I wonder if this has something to do w the book she's coming out with revealing all the dirty on the soccer world and how most players prefer to masturbate rather than have sex before big games ay caramba https://www.101greatgoals.com/news/blerim-dzemaili-erjona-sulejmani-ugly-split-euro-2016s-top-fan/
  9. Ballou Tabla

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not wishing him or others to fail or not push themselves higher however from a playing point of view and I think this is what OZ is saying is that players like Cristante and Tabla would have more opportunities to play and be influential for X amount of years vs the unknown which could be never or a few meaningful games you can count on one hand and never get called again. How many did Teal get called for since committing to Merica? Exactly.
  10. Impact offseason 2017-18

    Funny I thought the arrival of Garde have the opposite effect and a life line for his career considering the French connection. Guess we will have to see.
  11. Ballou Tabla

    And now, just like Canada, they are out.
  12. Ballou Tabla

    Agree. At his present trajectory why would they bother. About Cristante he wasn't even in the squad for the match against Sweden. Oh well that was his choice.
  13. Impact 2017 Season.

    I suppose NDS has no excuse to sit on his butt this off season.
  14. Canada Fails for Same Reason as USA Did

    Listening to TSN 690 radio Tony Marinaro spoke with former Impact player Grant Needham before the derby between Toronto and Montreal. If you skip through to the 2/3 mark they talk about the US not making Russia 2018, and how with 4 spots in CONCACAF, that they should've made it. They further talk about how Canada should make it but the system in our country is failing the development of soccer. They discuss how volunteers with no soccer background are making important decisions and that it is politically driven where those sitting easy collecting big bucks and perks give favours in exchange for votes. Have a listen 2/3 through. http://www.tsn.ca/radio/montreal-690/needham-i-would-try-anything-versus-tfc-1.883804
  15. Impact 2017 Season.

    Well that had to be one of the most bizarre first halfs in TFC IMFC history. I think Mancosu was cursed by somebody. You'd have to think so considering all the chances he missed tonight and his lackluster season. Romero showed some promise. Hope he comes back strong next season.