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  1. 0-0 draw vs NYCFC. A good 1 pt on the road, could’ve been a shocking 3 pts had Diallo hit the target in the final minutes. Red card on Urruti in the 70th. Liked the energy of Jackson in the 80th the small field made him look really good and also showed his skill over Orgi. I hate watching games from Yankee Stadium it just looks so tight and confined that these players are having to play weighted small passes making the game lackluster, and choppy. I feel bad for NYC fans. They’re getting gypted.
  2. I’m worried they make the same mistake like last year. Pay way too much for a player cause they’re in a tough bind and then that player turns out lousy and overpaid a la Camacho.
  3. 10 years ago. The last Brown from Panama that played for IMFC. 2019 is version 2.0? 😛
  4. Montreal acquired an international roster spot from FC Cincinnati at a cost of $150,000. Are they lining up for something soon? Any names?
  5. Hassoun is retired and now commentating for TVASports. The Frenchman with Senegalese roots. Very kind, well spoken and humble. Camara in his prime made quick runs up the wings with his long strides, with great dribbles, passes, crosses and also great headers which resulted in some important goals not to forget his timely tackles (not just slide tackle all the time a la Ciman). He had skill and he would’ve been a good fit for Canada if it weren’t for the concussion issues. What a shame.
  6. Victor I’ve always defended him. The man from West Argentina. Product of River Plate. Nice quiet guy. He has talent and skill. He can get us out at times of sticky situations and clear the ball. Makes good tackles most times that saves Bush’s bush from burning. But when he makes a mistake it’s cause he doesn’t keep it simple and over does it just like yesterday when they scored the 6th goal. He dribbled as if he was Messi but it resulted as dribbling like a Mess (probably cause by then, 0-5, he was frustrated and feeling pissed off nobody was giving a shit). He also needs to work in marking better. Sometimes I see goals result from him being a step behind. When Victor messes up it’s costly, what can you say he’s a CB, if a CB screws up there’s usually consequences. He’s still young and has potential but yeah if I were to compare the two and say who would be CB for Canada tomorrow solely based on yesterday’s performance of course I’d go w Henry who I must say has improved. Henry used to make stupid moves too which got Canada burned. Also he couldn’t dribble worth a damn down the line and turn it over constantly. My friend on the far left invited my wife and I to chill with the Latino crew. Good time. Good peeps.
  7. I second this message. Wow. Very impressive. The man is a horse that runs through opponents at top speed. Fun to watch. Very good pickup by VW.
  8. Yeah Henry played a good game. He was quite solid and saved Crépeau’s crêpes a couple of times.
  9. Yeah i was reading the comments on RDS and TVASports. And he considers himself a pro? That’s f*cking amateur. I agree he should get fined. That’s like a breach of contract. You’re a player who’s ultimately paid to play and make yourself unavailable for game day.
  10. Are you serious? He actually lost his passport? Saved himself an ass whooping.
  11. 7-1 eh. Reminds me of a similar score in football history.
  12. FFS another Camacho bs. 5-0 Cabrera freakin dribbles the ball in his own box and gets picked off. Dumb! 6-0 WELCOME TO BLUE HELL (tifo) IS RIGHT! 7-0! Worse MTL defeat in MLS history and ties biggest win in MLS history. Congrats Les Boys. Glad to have witnessed it. BTW first game with those black uniforms. Hope it’s not cursed. Taider! 1-7 😒 Children’s Mercy Stadium. No kidding MTL asking for mercy getting schooled.
  13. Shome invisible. Camacho is not good, overpaid, and should let him go. Still is No Piatti No Party. Montreal needs a third DP. Seriously what will they do when Nacho leaves permanently at the end of the season?
  14. Meh he didn’t do F all. Like a ghost and not have any “impact” on the field. Impact getting spanked 4-0
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