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  1. I’m happy they at least made a splash getting Urruti, resigning Sagna and making some coin on Silva but they still have some work to do I find. Last winter was horrible. They totally shat the bed and had to sign C team quality to fill the roster. I really hope they got their stuff in order and trying to make some deals.
  2. I don’t feel he’s such a big loss. In fact I kind of expected more from him. When I went to see them play in Seattle I had the chance to meet him and speak with him. It was his first game. At the time (April) he didn’t look too enthused to be there, just the body language I was seeing looked like he was dissatisfied. Again this sentiment might have changed during the season but him leaving didn’t come as a surprise.
  3. Looks like it’s official. Adios Silva.
  4. Happy New Year to all Montreal Impact supporters around the world. I took the time to make a special video on the re-signing of Bacary Sagna. Have a look and enjoy!
  5. According to TVA Sports Alejandro Silva may be on his way out to Olimpia, a Paraguayen outfit he played for a few seasons. According to TVA Sports this would be a record transfer for the Impact. Silva was signed last season on a 3 year contract who’s play after a slow start progressed half way through the season scoring 5 goals and assisting on 11.
  6. According to this website Bacary Sagna will be back next season signing a one year deal! Yay! One of my favorites. https://www.footballfancast.com/mls/revealed-former-arsenal-man-city-star-bacary-sagna-pens-new-contract-with-montreal-impact
  7. And Joey has the marbles to play victim and say he’s bleeding money. 1.4 in 2020? That’s very close to double his current salary. Really!? He has even stepped on the pitch.
  8. To answer the question I believe it could take at least half a century if not more. Probably won’t be alive to see that. Granted we have yet to see a ball kicked but given the pedigree and the good ol’ Canadian spirit I suspect we will see in a decade a CPL team make it to Round of 16. That said how is it going to work now? 1x spot allocated for Canadian Championship and another 1x spot for CPL champ?
  9. Bye Mr Richard Legendre. I found he did great stuff for the club and definitely had the government connections. Was also a good mouth piece to disseminate Joeys message to the public. Maybe the most competent of all the execs on the second floor. Thank you for your service.
  10. Meh. Impact are not the Expos. They are inept at developing talent.
  11. Moldy9

    Impact 2018

    That was a sad end to the season but a brave turn around considering the nightmare of a start, in part to new faces and adjustments however mostly due to the office inability to sign quality players which has always been their weakness. Was worse than 2017 when they made a rush for Dzemaili to make the voyage over early. Let’s hope this winter transfer window they unload some dead wood and sign some better players As for yesterday’s game Garde has made some questionable tactical moves and yesterday was no exception. The turning point was taking out Amarikwa for the younger Choiniere. He might have potential but I don’t think bringing in a kid that doesn’t have much experience was a smart move. Also the lack of changes once 0-1 down. That’s when he should’ve put Mancosu despite his poor form you need to win that game and attack.
  12. Moldy9

    Impact 2018

    I don’t get it. How can he be losing 11million almost every year? That’s not even close to breaking even. What kind of business is this? 2 million in city taxes but ok where’s the other 9 million? After watching Patrick Leduc on RDS apparently Saputo lost $15million in 2015 with Drogba and the Champions League! WTH?People were buying season tickets and selling out the stadium back then. How’s that possible? Show the books then. Where and how are they losing so much money? Is the brass getting paid too much? By the way how does it work you have the 7th highest team salary in the league but are 13th or so overall in the standings??? That doesn’t make sense either. Maybe the low Canadian dollar? This tells me they are overpaying for players and not evaluating them properly! They don’t even have a junior team and use the Fury. How do they explain their poor business plan?
  13. Moldy9

    Impact 2018

    He explains their malaise in signing players in the off season resulted in their overspending on last minute deals (spending big for Camacho -meh and Silva, Fanni good signings). If they had competent people on the committee and not Braz and NDS this would save them money and would have a trickle down effect. Not only would they sign the players they need not having to resort to second and third rate choices but also better results which would make the team more competitive and thus have an effect at the box office. Like my wife loves to say you go cheap you get cheap. You spend more for quality, you get quality. Not only that they don’t even have a marketing team. Joey needs to invest to make money. Cutting on marketing and other avenues will result in a lower end product.
  14. Lol. Chris Tucker. “Bye Felicia”
  15. https://twitter.com/CanadaSoccerEN/status/1044619365839245312?s=20 Can't get enough of this clip. Christmas came early.
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