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  1. You're not wrong on any of this. I didn't mean to say that PFC should have chosen Victoria over Langford, because as you mention, Stew Young basically laid out the red carpet. As far as I can glean, the island simply wouldn't have had a team at all if it wasn't for him. My point is that playing in the burbs is a serious handicap to attendance, but one that can be overcome. It needs to be acknowledged so that it can be dealt with. Pretending that it's not an issue would be very dangerous. I think they have the right people in place to take this on, BNJ especially. Of course, I am doing my personal best to get everyone I can out to the stadium! Anecdotally, the stadium location is the single major hurdle for people in my demographic (~30ish).
  2. Likely very, very different. All across North America, the lessons of putting stadiums in suburbs have really begun to sink in. There is a tangible, even measurable effect on ticket sales for being away from population centres (an mls comissioned study found that their teams lost ~260 fans per match for each mile outside the urban core). This isn't even to mention the demographic effects. The Fire are looking to buy out their lease in the suburbs to move back downtown (paywall), in part because they're losing out on the millennial market, (the largest growth area for soccer fandom in NA sports). Langford is fast growing and relatively affordable, but so much of that growth is single-family detached homes. They don't have the density or vivacity that a downtown area provides. It can work in Langford, but anyone who tells you that it's no big deal being in the burbs in incorrect.
  3. As best as I can tell, the supporters stand is four sections wide. Each section is 25 'bums' across and ten rows deep. Each section holding 250 people, so 1000 altogether. I think it's less a case of pessimism about it filling and more the fact that there's only so much space between the pitch and the bowling alley.
  4. Expect a pretty big player signing tomorrow...
  5. We'll be supporting both teams, as much as that's possible. It'll be up to individuals to choose who they do and don't support obviously, but the Lake Side Buoys officially support both. As far as rebranding, we've got a new version of the logo that we are using for all PFC related support, as you can see on a few of our frash new flags that just came in:
  6. Why on earth wouldn't we have you?! The more the merrier! (Is there is old drama that I'm too new to know about?)
  7. Shoot, I was hoping they would say Hojabrpour out loud so I could learn how to pronounce it...
  8. I'll bite. I'm so starved for news that I will cling to any rumour at all as if it were gospel at the moment.
  9. I'm confused if the V sections are GA or not... the wording on the post-purchase message has me in doubt: "Tickets will be sent out a week before the game by email. This allows you to add people to your order, and all the tickets will be seated together."
  10. True enough, that was an exaggeration. I just mean that I hope we can see some continuity in the long term.
  11. Good problem to have I guess, both crests are sharp!
  12. You're probably right. I'm just jealous of euro clubs that have used the same crest for 100 years mostly.
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